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Two Brother's Brewery

I love it when I can seamlessly integrate accomplishing a 101 task with life. This past weekend I was able to cross of "Take Kevin to a brewery tour" off my list while enjoying a fun father's day and Kevin's birthday celebration all in one fun filled afternoon.

Since we were looking for a very specific date and time there were only a couple of choices for brewery tours to choose from, and with the tastes of the beer drinkers in the family Two Brothers Brewery won out. We went to the Tap House location in Warrenville, which is where the brewery still is. They also have the Two Brothers Roundhouse in Aurora as well as an Arizona location now.

The best part of the Two Brothers tour experience is that it's a free tour and you end up getting tickets to try three sample size beers. I did use two of my tickets for my own tasting and gave one to Kevin. It was his birthday after all! So Louie, Kevin and I went on the tour and my Mom, Bethany and Lane chilled out in the nice covered outside patio.

The three of us really enjoyed the tour!

After the tour we joined the table again and enjoyed some drinks and food. The guys were deep into the beer conversations. I ordered the fish tacos and they were fantastic! Definitely need to get those again soon. Bethany and Mom both got the pan roasted cod. It was delicious as well, Bethany was nice enough to let me try a little. The pretzel we got a pre-meal treat was great too. We found out that Two Brother's carries Graham's ice cream and we were sold on dessert too. Everyone got the seasonal blueberry but I opted for the decadent chocolate. So worth it! Lane wasn't too convinced about the blueberry, as you can tell in the video! All in all it was a great afternoon with family.



Summer 2016 Goals

Life According to Steph

​Whoa how is it already just about one week away from our long fourth of July trip to San Antonio?! With how full my calendar is this summer I'm not surprised it's flying by. I was able to get quite a few of my spring goals finished and I'm linking up again with Stephanie and Sara.

1. Pick a date for and have a lobster/low country boil with Kevin's parents.

2. Work on getting the Schmidt family binder up to date for the reunion this year.

3. Work on Kevin's 101 list item... taking the fish off the hook!

4. Work on clearing the clutter in the apartment.

5. Work on a place for everything and everything in its place

6. Use one summer hours day off to scan and digitize personal stuff (gamma phi paper work and personal photos)

7. Decide on a major fest to go to this summer and attempt to go! This summer is pretty packed so here's hoping I can check this one off.

Bring it on summer!!