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How to Stay Healthy When You Work a Desk Job

Working at a desk job full-time can be pretty rough on your health. Since most of us are still working from home for extended periods of time I think it's only exasperated the issue. I know I've been guilty of bad health habits when it comes to working at a desk (or dining room table right now) all day. Do you work at a desk?

Working at a desk job is not as easy as it sounds there are a lot of different health issues you should be concerned. Here are 8 ways to keep yourself healthier when you're working at a desk all day. 

Posture is one of those health benefits that I think most of us forget about. It's probably one of the simplest changes we can make to keep healthy. Having good posture can keep your body pain free when you're sitting for so long. If you have bad posture for 8 hours or more a day it can lead to issues in your neck, shoulders and back later in life. I know I've caught myself at the end of the day with neck pain and realized that I was hunched and had my neck stretched most of the day. It was not fun!

Not being active
When I'm in the office I am always having to walk to the archive so I usually get in almost 10,000 steps during the work day. The first few weeks of working from home I realized I wasn't even breaking 3,000 a lot of days. That's not good! our bodies are just not meant to be sitting for that long of time. 

I started implementing some activity a few times an hour. For me I decided I'd get up and walk to another room of the house and do one small thing. So I'm getting more steps in as well as putting away some things or accomplishing something else small.  

Adding stretching to your movement is super beneficial when you're stuck in your chair most of the day. Kevin also works most of his day at his desk and he likes to start his day off with stretching. He says that if he does it in the morning and then a few times throughout the day his back is much better off. Take some time and even if you just do stretching in your chair you'll be thanking yourself for it later. 

Walk & talk
If you're in a call/meeting you should pace while you're talking. I know that with video calls it's not always possible but I bet there are some meetings where you can find time to pace and talk. I'm notorious with my family for putting in my earbuds and doing something around the house while we're talking. Maybe you can't do it during meetings but with all sorts of trainings being virtually maybe that's the time for you to listen and walk. 

Make time for breaks
From everything I've heard about working from home is that lots of people have gotten notoriously bad about making sure they take breaks. So not only have we been stuck in our chairs even more we're not breaking like we should be. Take time for breaks! Besides the fact that I think it's the law in a lot of states it's really beneficial for your health too!

Eat healthy foods
We all know that eating healthy foods is good for us. It's one of those no brainer things but it's definitely easier said than done. I know I'm guilty of it. It used to be the fact that there were always treats in the office but now if you're at home you've got access to your entire kitchen which might include several kinds of ice cream. 

Planning out your meals and snacks can give you flexibility to enjoy what you're eating but help you keep yourself on track. I've always been a good meal planner for my lunches when I went into the office but have slacked off since working from home. I've noticed that I've gotten sloppy about eating enough veggies during the day. 

Designate a work space
This is more for those of us who are working out of our homes right now. It's easy to have your work creep into other areas of your life if you don't have a designated spot. If it starts to creep that's when you've got unhealthy habits like working all the time popping up. Don't let it creep into other areas. I have taken over our little dining room as my work space. Maybe it's just a corner in a second bedroom or your family room. Just make sure that works stays in that spot!

Music makes everything better
Whether you love pop music, rock or country turning on your favorite tunes can make you feel amazing and happy. Figure out what tunes work best to brighten your mood. When your mood is brighter you are healthier. 

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5 Tips to Start Budgeting

Taking on new habits can be tough especially when it's something as important as your finances. Budgeting can be an overwhelming thing to start. We've been budgeting consistently for over a year and I still feel like I'm figure it out! Don't let it overwhelm you to the point where you don't start. Here's 5 tips to get your started on your budgeting journey. 

Write it down
Budgeting doesn't work if it's all in your head. As much as we say we're going to remember and make sure we don't spend a ton this month it's really hard if you don't have it in writing. You don't have to create anything from scratch anymore if you don't want to. We've been using the EveryDollar budgeting app for the past year and it's worked great for us. Maybe you're an old school excel person. Figure out what works best and write down your budget each month.

Make it together
If you have a significant other make sure to sit down and work on the budget together. Budgeting doesn't work if it's just one of you who is ok with it. Make sure you both get on the same page with what you're going to be spending your money on that month. If you just need to worry about yourself all the better, hopefully it's a much faster conversation!

Use the previous month as a starting point
When Kevin and I sit down to make our budget with the new month we always look at the previous month. There are a lot of expenses like housing, internet and Netflix to name a few that are the same charge every month. Since these costs are the same it makes it easier to work on your budget next month. EveryDollar lets you pull over the previous months budget so you have less work to do which is super nice and I appreciate how it helps us cut down on the work.

Always be trimming
Part of the point of a budget is to see where you could be trimming and saving money. So obviously if you're not actively working to trim each month the budget isn't helping with your saving goal. Every month Kevin and I talk through our spending together and we each share our thoughts on how we spent our fun money. We work to see where we can spend less the next month. 

Track all your expenses
This seems pretty obvious but a lot of times people think that budgeting is just the big stuff. The small stuff adds up and it can add up fast. I'll admit in June when the craft stores opened back up there was a lot of great clearance. I went a little nuts and forgot some of the charges in our budget. Luckily I was still way under my fun money budget for the month but it could have been bad if I has spent more and not tracked it.

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