Musings of a Museum Fanatic: September 2012


The Field Museum

Field Museum in Chicago by Musings of a Museum Fanatic

For our first museum visit I want to take you to The Field Museum!  

The Field Museum by Musings of a Museum Fanatic

The Field has always been one of my two favorite museums in the Chicago area. Which is awesome since I've been an intern/volunteer there for almost three years now. I'm hoping if I'm able to hold out long enough I'll actually get a job there. The photo above is actually the view I see when I come in the days I'm there. It is so awesome to walk past that view!  I love it every time. 

This is a photo of Stanley Field Hall.  I took this one the first winter I was there waaaaay back in 2009. The photo doesn't do it justice cause it looks so neat with the lights up for Christmas.  

This past Friday Saige and I did a whirlwind tour of the Field. I made sure she saw the Must Sees! Two of my absolute favorite Must See things to see are the Tsavo Lions, the man-eaters, and Ancient Egypt.  

Evolving Planet is also a Must See. The project I started off working on was cataloging the digital artwork that was made for that exhibit! When you go through and see the images of the animals on the label copy those are what I worked on. I was given a box of CD's with terrible numbering systems (yes there were two different types on the CD's) and told to have at it.  

My fourth Must See at the Field would have to be all of the different stuffed animal dioramas. I know that type of exhibit is so old school (1920's old school!) but there are so many and they are so large you can find something new every time you walk by them. Just this past week I saw a little nest in one diorama I had never seen before!

Now to give you a sneak peak of upstairs!  

Here is part of the main library area, I work here in the afternoon. This photo is from last year. I chose, pulled and installed the photos in that large case there. The large display in the middle of the case is actually still up in the library!  

I would highly recommend if you're ever in Chicago head to the Field. You can't go wrong just getting a basic admission ($15 for adults) there is so much to see without having to pay the extra for the special exhibits ($22 admission & one special exhibit). Out of the big museums you get the most bang for your buck at the Field without having to above the basic admission. Be sure to check out all the different free days and City Pass for great deals.    
Husband and I (we had our second date at the Field)


Tired ...

This past weekend was craziness!  It feels like every weekend since I got married back in May has flown by at rocket speed.  Not because terrible things have been happening but because there has been so much going on.

I mentioned way back on Friday that I was getting together with my HA ladies.  This is what we call ourselves since our Masters is in Historical Administration ... HA ... get it?  I know we're super clever right?  Also Historical Administration is just a fancy way of saying Museum Studies but I personally think either one sounds pretty cool.

So the weekend with the HA ladies was fabulous, we hit up two museums, there was shopping and good food. I should really introduce them too. Here is the most recent picture of us at my wedding.  That's me in the white dress.  Lauren (to my left), Saige (the tall one of the group) and Tamara (the teeny tiny blonde in the front). Saige was in town visiting us!

Saige and I met up Friday and I took her to my favorite museum (I'm also a little biased!) in the city ... The Field Museum! I have so much to share about our visit to the Field, as we in the biz call it : )  but I think I'll have to wait and devote my entire next post to that. I have some neat photos I'll have to locate to share with you.

Following the Field we heading up to dinner with the other ladies at Bad Apple.  They had a ton of interesting beer choices (I'm not a beer person) and crazy burger combos.  I was feeling a bit off so I didn't try anything too crazy and had their bbq pork which was delicious.

Next day we headed to south Chicago to visit the Oriental Institute in Hyde Park.  Lauren and I both were interns there at the same time.  By the way I'm warning you now I have been an intern at, worked on contract at and volunteered at a huge amount of Chicago institutions so I have a lot to tell you!  More to come on the Oriental Institute later this week!

Saturday night I met up with my husband and everyone at his show.  Check it out at Stephanie's Blog ... her photos turned out better than mine, especially since I'm pretty sure I broke my husband's camera! I am now off to chase my transportation home (yay for public transportation) and to find those pictures for you : )



So I've been thinking about starting up a blog for a while now.  I did a little guest spot on my good friend Stephanie's blog a couple weeks ago ( and got a lot of people saying I should start up my own.  Deciding that giving into this kind of peer pressure is always a good thing here I am!

I guess with my first post I should explain my whole museum thing : )  I LOVE MUSEUMS!  I've always enjoyed going to museums and learning about history.  Have been saying this for years and am still convinced I'm probably born in the wrong time period.  History is so awesome that I majored in it at Valparaiso University, along with too many minors to count.  Actually only three French, Classical Civilization and Modern European Studies.  See a theme right?

Even though I've always loved museums and history it didn't really occur to me that I could actually make a career out of that until just before I graduated.  Who knew there were actually people who make things run and take care of things at museums!?  Craziness.  So since then I've been working my butt off (unfortunately not literally though) trying to make it in the museum world.  One goal that I have for myself is to try and visit all the museums, historical societies and anything remotely like that in the Chicagoland area, naturally taking photos along the way!  Between my contract positions and internships I have a good number already conquered.  

This weekend a friend from my masters program (info to come on that later but needless to say I'm sure you can guess what it is!) is coming in to visit myself and the other ladies from the program who live in the area.  There is definitely museum visiting going down this weekend.  I'll be sure to update you on those.  I do have a life outside of 100 year old walls so don't worry!