Musings of a Museum Fanatic: November 2012


The Nuns

"I'm an Archivist for a group of nuns"

That is the look I always get when I answer someone's question of what I do.  For some people it's the nun's part that throws them but most it's the whole sentence.  If you've been reading for any amount of time you've either read or come to realize that I'm in museum work.  

I realize that nuns are not museums but I do work for them that I went to school for.  To make things easier (yay wikipedia)  I'll just copy and past the definition of archivist for you.  An archivist ("AR-kiv-ist") is a professional who assesses, collects, organizes, preserves, maintains control over, and provides access to information determined to have long-term value.  

That's the short of what I do .... now on to the more interesting part of that sentence.  Yup I work for nuns.  No I am not a nun.  People I don't know get odd at the point and for some reason think I am a nun ... Hello cashier at Maurices would I be in this store buying this top if I was a nun? I'm gonna go with a NO!  I've been working with the nuns for over a year now (yay! for employment still wish it was full time though)

When I say nuns most people get this in their mind. 

These are some of my nuns.

All of them look more like your grandmother than you would think of a stereotypical nun.  This time of year is fun since many of the nuns are keeping the wacky Christmas sweater stores in business.  

In addition to a love of crazy sweaters a lot of sisters also seem to enjoy going to the local casinos.  I know what you're thinking and I thought the exact same thing when I heard them talking about going for the first time.  Further proof that I work for some rebellious nuns, in the 1970's they broke of from another group of nuns after a conflict of beliefs with the group that most sisters were a part of.  I found out recently that splitting a group like that is not done and not allowed.  SO it was pretty revolutionary for them to go through that entire process. 

I don't work with just nuns, there are lay people who work in the center itself.  That brings it's own set of fun issues.  Although I'm sure working anywhere brings it's own fun set of colleagues!  That's just a little bit about my nuns and now you know when someone says "I"m an Archivist for a group of nuns" what that means!

Happy weekend everyone!



It's just one of those days.  My husband didn't realize I was going into work to make up hours so he didn't wake me up at the usual time.  He wakes up first then wakes me up all sweet and we are all cuddly for a few minutes ... I know gag me with a spork right?  We're only 7 months into the marriage I'm sure we'll grow out of it soon haha : )  

I woke up about 10 minutes after I was supposed to head in for work.  Ahhh!  Since I didn't wake up with enough time I didn't get to prep for my afternoon crafting today.  Cannot say more since it involves a certain someone's present : X  So I'll have to do that after lunch it looks like.  

There have also been a few things that have popped up in work and personally that it's the drill sergeant mentality in my head.  GO GO GO!  Right now I'm still feeling that anxious omg what's going on next feeling.    My brain feels like it's herding cats and is going all over the place.  Must caaaaaalm down.  

Yeah that's not helping.  Hopefully it will not continue to be "one of those days"  Although hubby is coming grocery shopping with me tonight which always leads to oh so fun things *note the sarcasm ... I promise I will not kill him in the pasta aisle ... well I'll at least try not to!

It's official totally should have just stayed in bed.  This is probably TMI but I was using the restroom facilities and was leaning to the left to get toilet paper.  Almost fall in the crevice between toilet and wall (meaning I almost just ended up on the floor) while having that mini type heart attach you have when you lean just a little too far back in the chair and didn't think it was back that far.  *Sighs*

Source: via Lukas on Pinterest


I mustache loving lately

If you couldn't tell already I have this thing for mustaches.  What with my husband being in a band named 'Stache and all it kinda comes with the territory.  Lately mustaches have been this it thing.  Not entirely sure why but it's great publicity for the band so who cares!

So I've decided to share today some of my favorite mustache-y things I've been finding all over the interwebs!

Duck Tape who wouldn't love mustache duck tape?  Lately Duck Tape brand has been coming out with some killer designs and colors, so if mustaches aren't your thing they've got you covered.

For the sophisticated friend of yours some mustache wine markers.  I like the idea of these better than the round the stem ones.  I always feel like I'm going to break those or ruin them by washing or something.  

Every time I see this post on Pinterest it cracks me up.  Kevin wouldn't be the one to do this to our kids I would be doing it.  I was totally that kid who made sure to dress up their dog in the little raincoat or sweater ... it was great!

As you saw the other day with the cookies this is the second part of my early Christmas present from Stephanie.  A lovely mustache mold. I'm not sure exactly yet what I should use it for.  I was thinking I could make jello for Christmas but that's a lot of jello for both parent's houses and it would look odd to just take one side to each haha.  Any suggestions?

Free Shipping Apron Mustache Vintage Inspired Mustache Apron FREE SHIPPING 
If I didn't already have 3 aprons I would so be all over this cuteness!  Maybe I can find mustache fabric real cheap and get my mom to make this for me .... hmmm ....

This is almost entirely how Stephanie and I looked this past Black Wednesday.  We got all stached up!  

My new little cousin from Kevin's side. 

Sorry that's not the best photo but ridiculousness none the less. 

You mustache a lovely day!


Week(end) Update!

I got my camera back yesterday woooooooooo!  If you didn't read my Friday post, I accidentally left my camera at my parent's house Thanksgiving so I couldn't share all the Black Wednesday/rest of week fun with you guys yet.  There is so much to share today!

Black Wednesday
I made cookies for Black Wednesday/Thanksgiving
Now is the crazy ridiculousness.  Here are some of the best photos from that night!   

So there are probably at least 10 photos on my camera of Stephanie & Pete posing in this exact spot just different expressions.

Needless to say it was a fun night!!!

Turkey day was a lot of fun this year.  Got to spend it with both sides of the family (Kevin's and mine)

I wanted to share my favorite dish.  Yes I know it's noodles.  This is actually a dish that my mom has made for forever, I guess it's a Texas thing?  What she does Thanksgiving day is boils the neck with pretty finely chopped onions and celery to make a broth.  You can also use a can of broth or make it from bullion.  I'm not sure how long she cooks it for when making broth, probably till the onion & celery is soft. 

If you are using the neck bone remove it, my mom pulls of some of the meat and adds it back to the pot.  Dump skinny egg noodles in, cook till al dente then drain!  It's so simple, delicious and heats up in the microwave so well for left overs.  

I Won!!
I know I've mentioned this new obsession before but I actually won a giveaway!  Way back in October I won some ad space (which I keep forgetting to use!) and a custom embroidery hoop from Alyssa!   It came in the mail early last week and is super cute ... now to just find a spot for it ... 

The Weekend ... for reals now
 Finally!  I had a lot to catch up on didn't I?  This weekend was pretty tame, Friday hubby and I were totally unproductive but we did watch Brave.  Which was very good just like I thought it would be.  Saturday involved a trip to Home Depot with his dad to get ceramic tiles to make a back splash in our kitchen.  Saturday night I put together the cool storage bench thing we got ... yup I did it all myself!  Realized after that I nailed the back on backwards doh!

Sunday was a lot of fun.  Both sets of parents, Kevin and I went downtown for the Christkindlmarket.  This is the 3rd year in a row we've done it together.  It was great fun and not tooooo busy (thank you Bears game).  We got some good ornaments, our hot chocolate in the boot mug, and some yummy goodies ( I still have leftover sugared almonds shhhh don't tell Kevin!)

Whew!  What a long week(end).  I'm beat ... it's the weekend again now right? : )


High Five it's only Friday!!!

I've been confused all day.  Since my last day of work was Tuesday (yay perks of working part time) I've been pretty confused since yesterday.  It feels like I should be going back to work tomorrow.  So I had some super great photos from Black Wednesday night for you guys and I took some Thanksgiving pics to share with a yummy recipe.  Then I left my camera at my parents ... doh!

  Luckily I will get it back this Sunday!  So Monday I'll have some great photos for you : )  Here are the highlights I can give you without the awesome photos haha. 

1.  I am so happy this was NOT how things were for Black Friday.  Woo for the local Walmart & Target peeps having a killer plan and layout.  Gotta love the fact that the longest wait I had was 15 minutes!

2.  One would think being as big a hair metal person as I am I would have seen this before.  I have not.  It is ridiculously awesome and so worth the money!  I would say more but if anyone hasn't seen it I would hate to give it away.  Hopefully the play will be back in the Chicago area again soon.

3.  My family!  Minus dad who was taking the photo obviously.

4.  Someone out there makes super cute not super high heeled wide calf boots!  Cannot wait for those suckers to come in the mail.  I only ordered them two days ago and I'm obsessively checking my email for the one saying they've been shipped.

5. Knowing what one your Christmas presents will be ... had to discuss it with the parents but being an awesome enough wife that you'll let it be a surprise for the hubby.  Cannot wait for the Bamboo Knife Block Set eeeeeee!!!!

Photos from Black Wednesday on Monday I promise!



That's so Pinteresting

 Oh Pinterest you never seem to disappoint me.  You're always there with a new hilarious photo, half the time leading to buzzfeed which will suck me in for an hour.  There is always a new yummy looking recipe that I will probably never eat or DIY projects that there is just not enough wall space for.  Thank you Pinterest for just being awesome.  : )  

Source: via Melinda on Pinterest

It's so true. I really enjoy reading the drama. Don't like getting involved in it though, just let me eat my popcorn!

This is my currant DIY project. Shhhhh don't tell the guys!! I'm doing it a little different. I got the flatter round clear ornaments and I think I'll put tissue paper inside to give it a little color. Of course I'll let you know how they come out!

I feel like I could do this one. I've got the half up bump do down but the braid thing is still tough for me. Never have been able to braid my own hair.  Loving this do. 

Of course I couldn't leave out a recipe! Bacon wrapped corn nom nom nom.
Source: via Heather on Pinterest

1. I HATE Uggs. They are the worst! Every time I see some girl wearing them I want to punch her. Furry ones are the total worst. 2. It is either cold enough for uggs or warm enough for a skirt ... it CANNOT be both!

Hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving!!!  Don't get squished by crazy people on Friday either! : )


I love the Weekend!

This weekend was quite a fabulous one.  I spent a better part of the day just hanging out (I don't work Fridays and seem to get quite lazy haha) and trying to figure out what to wear that evening.  It had been a while (try 1.5 months!) since I had actually gone out so I wanted to look super cute.  

In honor of celebrating Stephanie's birthday Friday night (head over to her blog to read more) I decided to choose three random photos that totally describe the night.  
 Jackie, Tara & Stephanie enjoying the vodka gummi bears.  Also I'd like to plug how awesome the Pampered Chef Trifle Bowl was for that but I don't think I can do that officially haha. 

Tara, Stephanie and Pete being completely random.  Also note Pete is rocking out the stripped shirt with the velvet floral pattern

Last but not least Ryan grinding up on his girlfriend Kelli.  I'm pretty sure the photo says it all haha. 

Saturday was very chill as well.  Got more condo stuff done and hung out by myself Saturday night since Kevin had a show.  And I quote my facebook status "Little Taco Bell, Mikes Hard Pink Lemonade, "New Years Eve" followed by "Magic Mike" and making a bunch of cookies to decorate with the Stamatopoulos' & the Giles tomorrow : )"

As you can already tell what I did Sunday.  My sister in law Bethany's sister Thais and her family (got all that?) are in from Florida for the week and we got together to decorate gingerbread houses and cookies.  Great fun was had by all.  
That's my mom helping Zoey and Thais helping Jack

Myself and Bethany working hard on our houses

Mom helping me out

My house, Zoey's, Jack's and Bethany's

Enjoying the mustache cookies I made with the cutters Stephanie gave me for an early Christmas present.