Musings of a Museum Fanatic: High Five it's only Friday!!!


High Five it's only Friday!!!

I've been confused all day.  Since my last day of work was Tuesday (yay perks of working part time) I've been pretty confused since yesterday.  It feels like I should be going back to work tomorrow.  So I had some super great photos from Black Wednesday night for you guys and I took some Thanksgiving pics to share with a yummy recipe.  Then I left my camera at my parents ... doh!

  Luckily I will get it back this Sunday!  So Monday I'll have some great photos for you : )  Here are the highlights I can give you without the awesome photos haha. 

1.  I am so happy this was NOT how things were for Black Friday.  Woo for the local Walmart & Target peeps having a killer plan and layout.  Gotta love the fact that the longest wait I had was 15 minutes!

2.  One would think being as big a hair metal person as I am I would have seen this before.  I have not.  It is ridiculously awesome and so worth the money!  I would say more but if anyone hasn't seen it I would hate to give it away.  Hopefully the play will be back in the Chicago area again soon.

3.  My family!  Minus dad who was taking the photo obviously.

4.  Someone out there makes super cute not super high heeled wide calf boots!  Cannot wait for those suckers to come in the mail.  I only ordered them two days ago and I'm obsessively checking my email for the one saying they've been shipped.

5. Knowing what one your Christmas presents will be ... had to discuss it with the parents but being an awesome enough wife that you'll let it be a surprise for the hubby.  Cannot wait for the Bamboo Knife Block Set eeeeeee!!!!

Photos from Black Wednesday on Monday I promise!


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  1. What a great gift - the knife set! Plus the bamboo block, super cool!