Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Get all Pampered up!


Get all Pampered up!

If you've been around me or read my blog at all you'll realize this is a shameless plug.  My mom and I are hosting our own Pampered Chef show this month and I wanted to send out the info to y'all.  Never know who might need to get a last minute Dripless Pourer/Stopper because Uncle Joe is coming in last minute or maybe you realize mom would love the Shimmering Glass Round Platter (which by the way is absolutely gorgeous and the photos don't do it justice!).

If you click on any of the links it should take you to the page as say Celeste Giles is the host, if not head to and enter her name as host.  

Now for my top picks that you should gift the foodie/cook/entertainer/anyone in your family!

I am always such a fan of gift sets.  I love it when places make it a nice little bundle and you don't have to think about what to purchase to go with it.  The Holiday Dots Square Bowl is one of my favorite serving items to use.  It's so classy looking without me having to do much, I like to plop a square of cream cheese on it with the Raspberry Habanero Sauce and people go nuts, it's great. Don't even get me started on the Chocolate Peppermint sauce ... to DIE for. 

For the Christmas season Pampered Chef has FIVE different gift bundles.  If I didn't already have most of the items in each (yay wedding registry!) this would be the one I would get.  The bamboo items are fabulous.  And again look so elegant and fancy without you having to do much.  

I know some people already know about Pamered Chef's Stoneware but if you don't it's amazing.  This guy is a smaller version of the magic Deep Covered Baker.  These guys can do almost anything.  Cook a moist delicious chicken in the microwave? YUP!  Cook you brownies in the microwave? OH YES!  They don't call it the magic pot for nothing.  The Round Covered Baker is a great option if the Deep Covered Baker is out of your price range, you just don't need to make meals that big or it's even great for your side dishes.

Need new cookware this year?  Pampered Chef has you covered with THREE different lines of cookware now.  They all give you different features and techniques you can use.  The white ceramic cookware is new this fall and is great for those who are budget conscious going into the holidays.  The 8" is the smallest piece of the five piece ceramic line.  I love using mine to scramble my eggs in the morning.  

Yes I know I'm completely gift set obsessed.  I do like how most of the Pampered Chef ones aren't all packaged together in one big box so if there is a piece of the set you want, you keep it then gift the part you ordered for you mom to her : )  The Manual Food Processor in AWESOME!  We use that bad boy for everything.  Toss some tomatoes, onions and cilantro, fresh salsa oh yeah!  Mash up avocados  Mmmmhmm!  My favorite is crushing up cookies for poop ball truffles.  If you've ever had and love the Food Chopper you will go gaga for that guy.  Get it separately or in this set.

Now for some funness (making my own words and I don't care)  FREE stuff!!!!
If you place an order of $75 you get a free Stackable Cooling Rack
Just place an order as part of the show and I will give you a FREE product ($5-7 range or less) 
Head to and enter "Celeste Giles" as the host.


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