Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Pinterest Randoms


Pinterest Randoms

Oh Pinterest you are so much fun.  Just some random ones for today.  No theme just what I'm liking and laughing at.

It drives me craaaaaazy when people only scrape off that much their car but I always feel like their thinking that haha.

Source: via Ondria on Pinterest
Source: via Betsy on Pinterest

Maybe if my BFF ever stays in one place long enough!

I want this tub soooo bad!

Also I am over 100 followers now yipee!!!! Thank you all for following and reading and commenting!  Today I am going to be working on figuring out rafflecopter and hopefully some sort of little giveaway for you guys.  Hopefully I'll have something figured out by Friday : )


  1. Man that tub is perfect, I want it!

  2. I want that tub and those mugs!

  3. Those "Miss You" mugs ... Love 'em!

  4. I love those mugs!! That first pic was so me the other day when I was running late for work. Oops :)

  5. I love the Sweet Brown defrosting thing. I need to pin that.