Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Oh the Places I've been


Oh the Places I've been

I haven't been a ton of places.  Never been east of Nebraska ... only been out of the country twice but I have been some really neat places.  

Got to visit Greenville, SC a few times since my brother and sister in law lived there for about five years. Beautiful place.
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Totally got to stay here during our honeymoon. Was amazing! I'd love to be able to stay at the other deluxe villas ...someday hopefully : )

Now for my international travels. Went on the trip for Paris ended up LOVING London. Now I'm totally obsessed with it haha. Love reading books, anything with a Union Jack or British accent.

Monmartre was really cool. There were all these artists right by Sacre Coeur and I had one do a coal sketch of me. One day I'll get around to framing it and taking a photo of it.

One of the best if not the best parts of my trip to Greece. Seeing the Lion's Gate was insane. I had been learning about it for years in my classics courses and seeing it in person was surreal.

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  1. I've always wanted to visit London & Greece! Definitely on my dream vacations list :)

  2. I love the lodge/ hotel..whatever you stayed at..looking so relaxing and that's my kind of "camping" hahaha. I love Paris (I'm lucky enough to ahve visited twice) and Loved London as well...Greece is on my bucket list