Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Pinterest: Animal Edition


Pinterest: Animal Edition

Happy Hump Day!  We're halfway there!  

Had my interview this morning.  I think it went well.  Hopefully!  I've given up getting my hopes up since things obviously haven't been working out but I feel good.  Send good thoughts my way!

Continuing with my love of animals and Pinterest.  This week is dedicated to all other little furry & feathery cuties that I've found. 

Every single Monday ... and some Tuesdays ... this is exactly how I feel

I just love how he kinda looks like a little old wrinkly man.

Being the one who is pretty much always sober I can appreciated the 2nd sentiment haha.

Love it. I will totally be this type of parent. Although I'm guessing Kevin will be more so like this. I can picture him now haha. Maybe a little more Lion King style.

Source: via Andy on Pinterest

I love Penguins! They are some of my favorite animals to see when we go to the zoo.

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

I just kills me that the one goat kicks the same goat friend three times! I also just noticed that the goat stops for a pee break midway through the video haha.

This one is definitely one of my favorite videos. I absolutely love everything about it and especially all the little squeaking noises they make! AHHH so cute!

Hopefully that made your hump day go a little quicker!!

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