Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Weekend Update & 5 for 5


Weekend Update & 5 for 5

So I'm going to cheat and start my weekend on Thursday, since I didn't really talk about our Valentine's day.  It was our first Valentine's Day as a married couple, since we are currently in an under/unemployed state I decided we should hang out at home and cook a nice dinner with each other.  

I had gotten earlier in the month (when it was a really good price of course) a couple of lobster tails.  I was thinking they're frozen so we'll save them for a special night.  So there we were Thursday evening and I pulled the now thawed tails from the package and flipped them over to discover that the white under part of the shell was still intact.  

That was unexpected for both of us and it took us a little bit to figure out what exactly we were supposed to do.  Thank goodness for my trusty Pampered Chef Professional Shears those bad boys cut right through that shell.  Dinner was saved!  We went fancy too and did strawberries with the champagne (strawberries still not in season yet though yuck!) and broke out the cloth napkins!

The rest of the weekend was a bit tamer, at least for me.  Friday the guys had a show at one of the Tilted Kilt locations in the area.  We ended up going early and having dinner with his parents before the show.  I was actually pretty happy with our food, I was figuring a place like this was resting on their shtick but the food was noms.  I'd eat there again.  

Show itself ended up being kinda lousy, not much promotion by them and cover probably scared people off.  Which was unfortunate since for bands they actually had a nice area with a nice stage.  

Saturday and Sunday were about the same.  We were just working on random things around the condo and running errands.  Kevin needed new shoes and a couple things for interviews.  Since he has two this week!  One is a 2nd interview from last week and the other is a new place.  So by tomorrow he will have had five interviews in a two week span!  He is actually at one while I type so send positive thoughts his way!!! 


This week
1. 15 job apps
2. Send out the other two PC hosting emails
3. Send out 5 customer care emails
4. Get one item on my 101 list crossed off
5. Write up two review posts & schedule them for the correct time.

Last week
1.  Send in 20 job applications (I know it's kind of a high bar since I'm in Mondays mode but I need to get my butt moving with my job stuff)
I sent in 13!
2.  Send out three emails about hosting Pampered Chef shows
Sent out 1
3.  Make one appointment to go meet with a professional contact 
Wrote the email, still re-writing
4.  Workout three times this week
Worked out twice
5.  Add 6 items to my closet app every night
I think I added maybe 6 the whole week ...


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