Musings of a Museum Fanatic: March 2013


One of the best days of my life & Giveaway

Six years ago March 31st was one of the best days of my life.  Nope it wasn't my wedding, a big birthday or the day I met Kevin.  It was my brother's wedding!  I know I've mentioned a few times how much I love my sister in law Bethany but I love my big brother too!  He is the best big brother, always there if I need him, always offering advice on important things like beer or football, inspiring my love of Star Wars and Valpo Crusaders.  Heck I'm sure I could do a whole post just about my brother ... : )

Their wedding took place during my senior year at Valpo.  I ended up coming home a few times for the various festivities.  The show was at a fabulous tapas restaurant in Naperville, IL, Meson Sabika.  Head to their website the building itself is beautiful and supposedly haunted!  It was a beautiful day.  I actually helped with so much of the day it was such a new experience for me.  Since I was still in college no one I knew until that point was getting married so I got to help my mom make the centerpieces and the favors using vases and beautiful stemware favors (thank you IKEA for pretty glassware for good prices!).  This is a photo of my mom, me, Bethany, her sister Thais & her mom Gwen.

The bachelorette provided more firsts for me.  Instead of doing the typical go out, get drunk and throw penis items all about Bethany opted for a fabulous spa day!  OMG it was fabulous.  Manis/Pedis and massages at the spa.  Now this isn't just any spa this is a high quality one where they provide you robes to walk around in the afternoon, you get munchies and fancy healthy drinks.  I'm not sure I could afford to go back to a place like that again but man it was nice.  It was also the start of my life long massage and pedicure addictions.  
Rehearsal & dinner was pretty uneventful except for the pastor saying Louie & Betsy (eep!) and Bethany's sister bawling her eyes out the entire time.  The day of was amazing.  Bethany went to school to be an event planner and has a flair of being able to pull events, outfits and rooms together.  The theme was browns and pink and polka dots.  It was a great night of delicious food, great family & friends, and tons of dancing.  

Now for a photo dump of some of my favorites!

Now for the giveaway!!


My first throw up a.k.a how I got mono

I thought I would continue Kevin and my story along with my theme this week of being sick (which I still am, doctors tomorrow).  We left off with us just becoming official and Facebook official because as we know it's not really official till it's on Facebook.  The rest of winter break there was more hanging out and dates.  A large amount of hanging out was done at our parentals houses.  Since we were both living at home that's just how it went, although some times it did feel like we were in junior or something!  

During this time we had another one of our firsts ... my first 'Stache show!  I remember being pretty nervous to meet Kevin's friends in the band.  I ended up convincing a good friend of mine that he should come with and drive us, since it was a pretty terrible weather night and in the city plus I had no clue if anyone would actually be there for me to hang out with.  It was great!  I met the other guys in band, hung out with Kevin's parents, met some of the other people who have become good friends.  
Our first photo as a couple
Perfect summary of the night ... be proud I finally got rid of that blazer : )

Right at the end of my break and during one of our last few dates Kevin had found out he was OKed to be able to kiss!  He had been clear for at least several weeks at that point and time.  Since our relationship has been awkward before and since then why would our first kiss be any different right?  We were hanging out at his parents before going out and he just mentions that we could kiss if we wanted now.  Of course I was like ahhh! and all nervous.  You can't just haul back and kiss right then it's expected, gotta make sure it's right.  So we stand up, go to hold hands and walk out, we get awkward and he pulls me to him.  There was some bumping of faces but we get the first kiss done!  

Then next four weeks were great.  I was back working my butt off at grad school and having fun with my HA's.  I didn't feel all that great during the day and evening but by the time late night rolled around I was alright.  One night a group of us ladies decided to just stay in and drink at home.  We ended up breaking out some really yummy Gorgonzola crackers from Trader Joe's to go with our grape (definitely NOT top shelf) vodka and grape Koolaid.  It was a great night we ate, drank and laughed a lot.  When I got back to my nice little convertible apartment all of sudden things start to not look so good.  I'm feeling pretty awful and the room starts to get all spinny. 

So I head to the bathroom.  Now let me inform you of my personal theory ... I've always subscribed to the theory of I'd rather pee a lot than throw up.  This theory has always done me well ... I'm 28 and have only ever thrown up twice!  Sitting on the toilet trying to calm my body down and BLAH!!! You guessed it, purple throw up into the tub, a little on the rug.  Flipped around more into the toilet.  It was lovely.  After maybe five minutes of heaving up what had been yummy food and drink from an hour ago I actually had the presence of mind to clean up the entire mess, wiped the tub, put the rug to soak and made sure the entire toilet was clean.  The first time I throw up and I clean up everything before I go to bed.  Go me!

The next day I was still feeling awful but I could tell it wasn't a normal awful.  My throat was killing me, I felt so worn down, head was in a dense fog, I hot all of a sudden.  Thank goodness for the nurse practitioner!  I went in and he did tests.  I waited a bit and .......  I had mono!!!!  

From our first kiss my new boyfriend had given me mono!


I will be in my blanket

First I have a few housekeeping things.  As you know I've started my new job with the way the schedule and their seemingly quite strict computer policies I think I'm going to start posting in the early evening time.  Linking up and make new friends is one of my favorite things!  Scheduling my posts (I've been doing it for a week now woo me writing ahead!) doesn't really allow me to do that easily.  

If you're moving over to Bloglovin' as your primary reader/follower app please add me along the way.  Also send your link my way cause I would love to follow you as well!  Good chances are I might already be lurking and stalking you ; ) so let me know your Bloglovin' link.  I'm getting better about not just lurking but actually commenting as well, work in progress! 

Finally today I'm actually feeling more normal stick coughing like crazy and whining about being sick to the hubby.  I want my mommy : (  Don't get me wrong Kevin has been amazing and so helpful but not gonna lie it's just not the same as having your mom take care of you like when you were younger and you got sick.  She would tuck me up in like three blankets on the couch, pop in my favorite VHS movie (half the time Disney), rub some VapoRub on my chest and bring me squiggle noodle soup.

This is how I felt this past week, especially having to go to a new job sick. That was the worst! I also just realized that our new couches don't have removable cushions ... fail on my part!

Totally would watch this one all the time. Brave Little Toaster is one of the best kids movies EVER! Blankie is the best character in the movie.

Source: via Betsy on Pinterest

Mom used to read this for me all the time. I can remember laying on the couch with my multiple layers of blanket and her sitting in the rocker with a book. More often than once it was this one :)

Source: via Betsy on Pinterest

Then of course Dad would move me from the couch to bed and re-arrange all my stuffed animals just how I wanted them. They were all in sort of choir type set up along the wall. There were I think at one time about 119? I had them all on my bed and there were about five that were the chosen ones that I actually held onto every night.

Even. Now. I tell Kevin that I move close to him cause I used to sleep so close to the wall but I'm pretty sure this is part of it too. If I'm close to him in the middle of the bed I won't be near the edge! He usually ends up halfway off ha. I always tell him to stand his ground and not roll away ... he just doesn't listen.

Source: via Betsy on Pinterest

Of course even though I was sick I would still be up and wanting to play around. Like many other adults now on Pinterest it was illegal for us to actually leave the bed. Maybe something to do with the whole bogeyman syndrome but this requires putting a hand on the floor so I'm not entirely positive ... probably just cause we lazy!

So I've decided that being sick as a kid was way better and way more fun!  


'Stached up for St. Patty's DIY

I'm probably a week late and a dollar short on this post but better a tad late than never with a DIY post right?  We also plan on using this for other shows and maybe in other colors!

I'm going to show you how to make a cute Stache hairpiece!

Glue Gun 
Hair Clips or Headband
Printed out mustache of your choosing
Straight pins

1.  Find and print out a mustache the size and shape you want!  That was a lot of fun.  There are TONS of different sizes and styles of clip art staches online.

2.  Cut out said mustache and pin it to the felt.  Bend the pins a bit so the felt and stencil aren't bowing

3. Cut around the stencil 

4.  Take your hair clip or headband and figure out how you want to position the stache. 

5.  Cut two small strips of felt and place them over the back of the stache & hairpiece.  

6.  Glue both of the strips using one dot on each end.  I left a little bit of give on them so I could remove the mustache and use it for other colors in the future.**

7.  Wait for glue to dry then rock the Stache!

** The light green felt has a sticky back.  I would actually recommend using that.  It really helped to use it for the little back strips.  It gave you extra hold that helped when positioning the hairpieces & so you don't have to use as much glue.  


Friday Letters

Dear Body ... Please please please get it together.  I know you're down and out but I need you to pull it together and get well. 
Dear Cold -Eeze ... I know you are amazing and kick ass but seriously can you taste a little better?  I miss the kid's Cold-Eeze gum version.  That stuff was great.  You still dominate my colds so I still love you.  
Dear Luden's Throat drops ... You are the best thing ever!  I'm not really sure if you actually do a lot but you taste like yummy candy so I love you.

Dear Ny&Co ... You're killing me!  A dozen new dresses in one week that I feel I must have!?  How cute is this dress?  Don't even get me started on all the tops I'm loving.

Dear Condo ... please get your act together and clean up your mess.  I'm tired of you just tossing your stuff all over the place.

Dear Legs ... like I told the Condo, get your act together and take care of your business aka go shave yourselves. ; )

Dear Kevin ... You are the best husband.  Treating me like a queen since I've been feeling like a truck ran me over and making sure to give me lots of hugs.  You're the sweetest nursemaid. : )


Not good-bye ... just see you later

I am not a fan of good byes in general.  Sometimes you need to say good bye to something or someone because that is what is best for you.  A lot of times those good byes are easy.  Saying good bye to that awful toxic friend that just always drags you down is sometimes as easy as clicking the delete button. Other good byes are much harder.  Saying good bye to chocolate would definitely be up there for me.  I don't know how my mom does it ... she hasn't eaten chocolate in three years!!

My favorite type of good bye is the one that really isn't good bye it's just see you later.  I had one of those this week.  Tuesday was my last day at the Field Museum.  It was really sad for me and felt like it was an end of an era for me.  Way back in October of 2009 I started out working with Nina in the Photo Archives as an intern after months of keeping at her and saying I wanted to work there.  

That's three and a half years!  The only other single thing I've done for that long was undergrad and that I feel is a little different since you're changing classes, living spaces, etc. Tuesday I actually took time to pay attention to everything since it's going to be my last day in quite a while!  I realized that there are so many things I see every time in there that are amazing, unique and part of my every day life that I will miss a lot. 

Waving from the train is something I will miss a lot

The view of Museum Campus from the bus is something I will miss a lot.  

Walking up to this building every time.  

Walking past this little guy when I head up the 290 steps to the third floor.

Heading upstairs from lunch in the elevator (cause 290 stairs is more than enough once a day!) and seeing this awesome sight from the 3rd floor!
Having this view from my desk.  Going to miss looking at the Audubon every week.

Three and a half years.  Wow!  Can't wait to start the next three and a half years at my new place though : )  When you read this I should be about 3 and a half hours into my first day eek!  


What am I doing next ... pinterest version

Sorry I didn't post yesterday!  I thought I would have time in the afternoon but being my last day at the Field there was so much going on  I didn't have time!  Then for the first time since using my new train line it was late, I barely had time to chow down on a quick dinner before my V-blate workshop with the awesome Samantha and Kaitlyn.  I would seriously do another with them it was a great tool.  I got mine as part of my ad space with Samantha (which was also a good experience for me!) but you can do them a la carte with the ladies as well.  Definitely look into if you're looking to improve on your blog. 

Now that my gushing is done on to my next DIY project!  I've decided I'm going to be mean though hee hee.  I'm not going to actually straight up tell what the project is.  My goal is to work on it tonight while the hubby is at band practice and I can commander our table (which doubles as his desk).  

While you're guessing please feel free to suggest which one I do next as well. Since we know by now that I can't make decisions : )

Can't get much easier than gluing paper to Styrofoam right? Maybe I would do a smaller size square

This one seems very labor intensive! Kinda reminds me of crafts you did when you were a kid.

Magnets are my new favorite thing! I made a few through Shutterfly and it was awesome. A great way to add photos to your house and be practical about it too. I'm always all about double uses for things. I think I smell future Christmas and Birthday gifts ...

Source: via Betsy on Pinterest

I would probably attempt this with Modge Podge (my new favorite thing!!!!) and tissue paper. Since I have a ton of both after my first project. Maybe blue and green?

These look so awesome and they're actually something substantial. Not like some coasters that a flimsy.

Source: via Betsy on Pinterest

This one is so simple, I like simple. What a great idea for all the extra invites! You could probably do this with other important things. Maybe one of the twelve marriage certificates they told me I should get and no one has even asked for? : )

Which do you think is my project this week?  What is your vote for my next DIY?  or should I do one totally not on this list?!  I've got plenty more pinned : )


St. Pat's 2013

St. Patrick's Day weekend you definitely did not disappoint.  Let's start off with Friday.  The hubby and I just chilled out ... made a lovely dinner and watched Duck Soup.  It's a Marx brother's movie, a friend of mine in college was huge into the Marx brothers and I'm finally getting around to actually watching one of their movies.  I enjoyed it the husband was just confused at everything ... they're what the Three Stooges based their shtick on so it was definitely enjoyable.  

Saturday was insanity.  I didn't end up getting downtown early so no green river this year, maybe next year I'll cross it off the bucket list.  Uncle Fatty's definitely did not disappoint in the craziness either.  There were two fights outside with the guys banging up against our car (it's ok though), the owner of the place almost got decked by a chick (thankfully the four large bouncers took care of the tiny girl), there was this girl who just wouldn't take no for an answer and kept coming up on stage and when they finally kicked her out she kept trying to get back in.  I probably would have attempted to get in through the main door instead of attempting to go through the bouncers legs but to each their own right?

Now for the fun part ... the photos!!!  I'm sure most of them will speak for themselves.  I do so enjoy being the only sober one sometimes haha.  Also you can see my new hair color!!!




I particularly enjoy this last one of Stephanie and I.  I feel like that photo is a pretty good definition of our friendship most of the time haha.  Also you can kinda see the mustache headband I made!  I made some hair clips too.  I should probably do a blog post on how to do those huh? : )  I'm still recovering from this weekend too ... might not have drank but I'll be darned if getting home at 3:30 doesn't totally mess you up ugh!  Tired!  Catch you tomorrow.