Musings of a Museum Fanatic: April 2013


Look Ma! I'm wearing a scarf! {Giveaway}

Between so many style blogging ladies, my friends and Bethany rocking out the scarf look for probably years now I've been attempting to rock it too.  I would try on long ones, short ones, knitted ones, and cotton ones.  They would just not work for me.  I would tie it weird or it was too thick and made my face look huge.  

Finally I found not one but two scarves that actually made me look cute!  Thanks to Loft & New York & Co. I am now the proud owner of two thin infinity scarves.  I broke out the blue, black & white striped one from Loft today.  
I attempted to take photos outside but since our balcony is on the west side the sun didn't cooperate.  I also had no hubby at home to train in the fine art of outfit photography ... we did try once and it was not good haha.  I think someone should have their hubby write a how to!  

I can't wait to figure out a cute outfit for my other scarf!  

I'm hanging out this month on Allie of Tales of a Twenty Something's wall and it's time for her monthly giveaway.  So check out all the other fabulous ladies who contributed to it and be sure to enter!

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Happy Birthday Dad! {Free Ad Space}

Happy Birthday Dad!!!
I love my dad so much!  He's the best dad.  Always there when you need him whether it's just to talk with me on gchat for a couple of hours cause I'm alone at work (in the creepy basement!) or when he drives an hour to get you when something goes wrong with your car. 

I have so much to say about my dad but I will save that for another post since it is his birthday and I should be hanging out with him! So instead of more about my dad in print here are some fun photos of us : )  Look how young I am!

In honor of my dad cause he's awesome I'm doing a free ad space blitz!  For the next two weeks let's say (who knows maybe I'll let it go longer!)  use HappyBdayDad to get any of my spaces for FREE!  Use it as many times (choose a larger quantity  as you like cause it's unlimited!  I know I'm not a big fish yet but I would LOVE to get to know more bloggers, grow with people and just interact more blog to blog.  Hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday!


I'm kind of a big deal: Pinterest Edition

I like to think I'm a big deal in real life but alas I'm only a medium deal but lately it seems as though I'm becoming somewhat of a big deal on Pinterest!  

I'm not exactly sure how it happened but some of my pins are getting liked and re-pinned like crazy!  It's actually quite interesting what people like and re-pin.  Without further ado here are my most pinned pins.  Please feel free to re-pin and please check out my other boards!
Source: via Betsy on Pinterest

3 Likes 25 repins

53 likes 105 repins

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109 likes 1 comment 196 repins

87 likes 280 repins

Source: via Betsy on Pinterest

104 likes 198 repins

I get at least two re-pins for the last two each day it's crazy!  Now if only I can translate my big deal status into real life : )


Weekend Update a Day Late : )

I know I'm a day late but hopefully not a dollar short.  : )

Last night we were being so productive at our house that I completely forgot to post.  I pulled about a dozen clothing items and a dozen pieces of jewelry pulled out of my closet and ready to leave our condo!  Also packed up another box to go into storage yesssss!  Those were the biggies we accomplished a lot of smaller things too. 

Now for the fun stuff ... talking about my birthday weekend!!!!

The weekend really started off Thursday night when the hubby gave me my birthday gifts.  He started off by giving me a new pair of ear plugs for shows.  That was sooo great (lots of sarcasm there) I told him the other one better be good!  OH it so was : )  My amazing hubby got me the Coach purse I've been drooling over for probably the past 8 weeks!!
Source: via Betsy on Pinterest

It's this purse but in black.  Love it!!! Used it all weekend.

Friday night my parents, Lou, Bethany and I went to member's night at the Field Museum!  Like always it was a blast.  The best part was showing Lou & Bethany everything since they had not been before.  This was actually the first time Bethany had ever even been in the Field Museum?!!?  I know right, we will be going back and I will be showing her everything!

***WARNING some photos are a tad graphic****

A look at some of what's going on in exhibits

Stanley Field Hall during Member's night

My lunch friend John from exhibits showing kids something

Working on preparing a bird for the collections

 Beetles eating an iguana.  These beetles are the coolest thing, they will eat everything except bone so they are the cleanest way of getting a skeleton.  There are large beetles that do the same thing in a special room but it wasn't open that night : (  

Preparing a skeleton

Dinosaur roaming around Stanley Field Hall

 April birthday babies with Sue

Bethany and Mom outside the Field Museum

View of the Field Museum from the car.  This was the least blurry of the photos I shot. 

There was so much more than what you saw from my photos it really is the coolest thing.  Check out the Field Museum's Flickr Page (you can see the photo of my family with a really old Gar.  Also check out the Field Museum Library's Flickr shows you more of the images I worked with!!

Saturday was great as well.  I ended up back in the city to have dinner with Stephanie and Tara.  We went out to dinner at Shine Restaurant in Lincoln Park and I was able to check off one of my 101!!!  I ate sushi. 
I stole this photo from Stephanie.  Me having my first piece!  I had a Honey Roll which is white tuna, cucumber, and sesame honey sauce rolled in tempura crunch.  It was yummy!  I shouldn't have done the noodles and the sushi that was waaaaaay too much haha.  Tara and I split crab rangoons too, next time we need to split more ha.  

We then headed to Lincoln Station and chilled out.  We played what I think Stephanie referred to as bar crack, one of those end of bar gaming stations.  We played photo matching games for hours I think.  It's their goal to put a friend of their's name as the high scores in every single machine in the city.  I guess there is an excel spread sheet and everything ... they're hardcore.  Since Tara is heading back to Iowa this summer I was being tested for possible replacement status ... I think I passed : )

Sunday was a travel home and hang out day.  I went over to Kevin's parents for a little bit to see his brother and his wife who were in town to celebrate their anniversary.  Kevin ended up getting home later that evening.  Unfortunately for Kevin I had brought back a little too much Hawkeye with me and Kevin had a bit of a reaction after our cuddle session. Oops!  He's ok and he still thinks Hawkeye is adorable.  

So all in all it was a great but really tiring birthday weekend.  Thanks for all the birthday wishes!  Don't forget to enter my giveaway from Friday either!!!


It's My Birthday!!!!! {giveaway}

Happy Birthday to MEEEEE!
My first birthday going with the hubs 2009
So far today has been a pretty good birthday. Since the husband is out of town I got to park in the garage which was awesome yesterday with the rain and all. The drive to work I had a killer run of music right in a row, little AC/DC, Locked Out of Heaven, some 80's. A colleague brought in some doughnuts for my birthday.

So far today I'm definitely winning. We shall see how the drive to Lisle looks though with the massive flooding nearby my parents. Tonight my parents, Louie & Bethany and I are going into the Field Museum for their members night. It's like when you were in elementary school and on parent teacher night you would open up your desk and your parents got to see everything you were working on. It's pretty awesome. I'm definitely going to make sure I try and get some good photos for you! I might even attempt to use my Instagram!
Birthday 2010 .. we started out at like 12 of us and this was what was left at 3am.  Terry is not thrilled to still be up at 3 ha.
In the mean time check out my guest post over at One Haole Girl more Chicago loving.  Tarole is so sweet and I always love seeing her face pop up in my feeds, her smile is so warm : )  I've got a giveaway going on as part of my guest post too.  As we say in the Windy City ... Enter early, enter often ; )  


The Party Don't Start Til I Walk In (Birthday Take One)

Today is the first day I'm linking up with Stephanie of Bourbon & Glitter and Chelsee of Southern Beauty Guide for their "Party Don't Start Till I Walk In" link up!

This comes at the perfect time, right in the middle of my two weekend birthday shenanigans.  It was torture not   sharing the photos from this past weekend with your right away.  So now we DUMP!  Photo dump!

My cousin-in-law who just turned 21.  

Yes I realize three in a row from my left side.  I might be a righty but I take photos with my left ... plus with the way my bangs go I look better from the left : )

Yup I'm a baller with a point and shoot!

I've decided in the future I'm definitely going to steal Stephanie's Secret Shame photos idea.  I have sooooo many ... many of which are of Stephanie MWAHAHAHA!  That was an evil laugh by the way, in case you weren't sure.  


Randomness Post

I know I'm a day late and a dollar short on the weekend.  You'll actually have to wait until Thursday when I link up with Stephanie for her The Party Don't Start Til I Walk In link up.  : )  Sunday I went up to the Premier Outlets in Pleasant Prairie, WI with Rachel.  That's a picture of her from NYE a couple years ago.  I felt that was an appropriate photo since I had been talking about the party link up. 
We totally rocked the outlet mall.  Ended up getting new jeans from Old Navy for the hubby at a great price.  Both Rachel and I went a little nuts at the NY&Co store.  Although I don't feel totally bad about it since I was buying new work pants and I returned twice as much from my online order.  I do not get dress pants.  They are the worst things ever for me, I don't seem to fit in my usual size range they're tight and cling to the wrong places blah!  Maybe someday I will work in a jeans environment again!
We also both got the same cute pair of sandals so when it gets to be sandal weather here (some day ... eventually) we're going to do a little fashion post for you.  Even though we tend to shop at the same stores we have totally different styles.  Also by then maybe I can teach the hubby to take better photos : )
I might have mentioned this before but we're starting to look at new places to live.  Which is amazing for me since I LOVE to wishful real estate.  I can sit there and search for hours just looking at photos.  Just go on and search Naperville or Chicago 1 million+ homes and just tell me you're not hooked! So last night we went and looked at our first condo!  We were super excited about this place.  It's a building that was bought by a developer and upgraded.  This one was actually already purchased and had some amazing upgrades.  

The building does allow dogs so we thought we would go check it out and see.  Kevin actually didn't have very much of a reaction which was great but he could definitely feel it : (  so alas this place will not work for us.  Be sure to head to the listing and check out the other images.  It's a beautiful listing. 
I'm sure I will be sharing more awesome listings ... I should probably share some of the 1 million + listings too : )  Well I'm off to go rip apart the kitchen to try and find something sweet.  I know we've got something that can satisfy the sweet tooth I've got going right now.    


Happy Birthday to my Brother!!

April 13th is my brother's 34th birthday!!

My older brother is the best.  Like most siblings growing up we drove each other nuts.  Well at least I drove him nuts being the younger annoying sibling : )  Boy am I good at that job haha.  

This is my favorite photo of my brother as a baby.  My dad totally still rocks the 70's stache.  Must be where I get that from!  There are also some hilarious photos of my brother in the tub as a baby.  He is not a fan of those.  I almost put those in the wedding slide show but I thought better of it.  

Like any good little sister I copied my brother with so much (and still do according to him).  One of our biggest loves is Star Wars.  When he was younger for an entire summer he would run around in his Darth Vader outfit.  Now if you must know anything about Chicago summers they are hot and humid.  Supposedly the neighbors were always worried he would get too hot and pass out.  I've never actually seen a photo of him dressed up but I'm sure there must be some so I will have to search and find them for you. 

More fun childhood photos.  Yes that is yours truly : )

Since I graduated high school we have grown closer.  I decided to follow in his footsteps again and attend Valparaiso University.  My brother came out and visited a few times.  Even coming in to take me out for my 21st birthday!  Nothing crazy but there was a choice of 100 beers cause that's how we roll.  

 Since then we message back and forth all the time.  Kevin and I have even done double dates with my brother and Bethany.  Well I don't know if you'd consider it a "double date" so much as just hanging out with your brother and sister in law but I'm counting it!  

One of my favorite aspects of my relationship with my brother is his relationship with Kevin.  They will just sit and talk beer, Chicago sports and home improvements for hours.  It's great cause Bethany and I can put them together and go do mysterious lady things.    

It's hard to tell in this photo but they're holding a Valpo gnome.  Bethany had gotten a Tennessee gnome so of course had to make sure the brown and gold was represented.  The Valpo gnome was also way bigger than the Tennessee one!

All in all even though he's always the one who gets away with everything and get's to do everything first my brother is still awesome.  

Love you Lou!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!