Musings of a Museum Fanatic: May 2013


Pinterest: Kevin Style

I started a new board just for pins relating to Kevin/marriage.  Thought I'd share the only five I've got ... sorta five for Friday style haha.  Looking back at these pins they really tell you a lot about our relationship and my sense of humor!

100 ways to make your marriage rock.  This is a great blog post with some fabulous ideas.  Most of them are pretty simple.  It's a good one for if you're still dating too!

This is very true of me.  I don't usually get outwardly angry I get very very quiet.  I'm like a two year old ... quiet=something is wrong.

I want to get this card for my husband for our anniversary. What can I say? I'm sentimental 


Favorite Party Story

Memorial Day we went over to my parents and they had some family friends over.  While everyone was just hanging out everyone started telling old school stories.  One of the couples, Sue & Bill, used to be my parents back door neighbors the first time we lived in the neighborhood.  When we get together with them the old stories aka Betsy as a youngin' come out.  

I'm so cute!  I still have that guy but he's like a greyish pink now ha

Today you get to hear one of my favorite stories to hear at get togethers although I don't remember this taking place at all.  Not going to lie it's not as good as when Sue tells it since she does voices and all but I will try and do it justice!

When I was in Kindergarten I used to spend one morning (I was in PM Kindergarten) hanging out with my dad at church.  At that time he worked at our church as a Director of Christian Education.  So I was in the church office hanging out with Sue (the backdoor neighbor) who was the church secretary at the time.  So picture me sitting on the desk of the secretary just hanging out and flipping my Barbie doll back and forth. 

"Hey Sue"
"Yes Betsy"  
"You wanna know something?"
"Pastor B is a jerk"

Now let me let you in on a little something.  Pastor B and his wife were standing on the other side of the office and he is my dad's boss.  So yeah when I was in Kindergarten I called my dad's boss a jerk but that's not all!  

Pastor B: " Hi Betsy"
"Now who told you that? Did you daddy say that?"
"Well who said that then?"
"I did" 

Sue and Mrs. B were of course rightly so cracking up during this entire exchange.  What my parents have decided is that since Louie was in junior high at this time he was going around saying things like people are jerks and such so of course since I always do everything my brother does I wanted to say that.

Everyone was dying we were laughing so hard Monday, not quite as good as Sue tells it but still is making me laugh as I type it now : )



Cara Box Reveal: Getting Regional!

This is the third month I've participated in and linking up with Kaitlyn for her Cara Box exchange!! I really enjoyed this month's topic "Let's Get Regional!"  If you've been around my blog for any amount of time you know I love my city, Chicago!  I was super excited to find some fun Chicago items for Alyssa.  Although I will admit it ended up being a bit difficult when you're like hot dogs and deep dish pizza are so Chicago .... well how do I get that into a Cara Box haha.  

I got my box from the lovely Courtney who is from Northern California.  She used to live in orange groves so went with a citrus/orange theme!
Check out her lovely wrap job.  I wish I could get that fancy!

This guy came with me to work the next day and I've received so many compliments on it!  I was actually on the hunt for a cup like this so it came at the perfect time. 

I'm so excited to break into the little booze mixers!  I can also never have enough cute dish towels and pot holders.  The pot holder is the perfect size for me to use when we eat in the living room to hold my bowls with too. Love it all!

Thanks Miss Courtney!   


Grilling & Help Whip Cancer Pink with the Pampered Chef

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Mine was very good although I did end up with windburn and found out that the photos are on three different cameras so I will have to get back to you on those.  Instead I thought I'd get you ahead of the game with the summer and Father's Day!

I've been slowly messing around with Polyvore and came to realize some Pampered Chef products are on there!!  Here are some of my (and Kevin's) favorites for grilling this summer.  

Pampered Chef Grilling Favorites

Kevin is totally obsessed with his flexible turner.  I think he likes it because of the larger size and it's thinner so it's easier to get underneath the food without cutting into it with a thicker turner.

If you're the type of person (like me!) who just hates picking out things for people and likes it when things are all nice and pulled together this month Pampered Chef has you covered!  Special sets out just in time for Father's Day or again if you're like me to purchase now while the deal is on and save for people's birthdays or anniversaries.

May isn't just about grilling with the Pampered Chef it's one of our most important months ... Help Whip Cancer Month.  Each May The Pampered Chef has different pink items that part of the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society to Help Whip Cancer.  I'm excited to get my hands on the Dots Dish Towels and my own Pink Color Coated Paring Knife ... I'm sure mom will appreciate having her's back! : )

These items won't last long ... in fact only three more days!

I've got a show going on this month and whenever one of my bloggy friends orders with me of course they will be getting a special gift but also to help promote Help Whip Cancer if you order any pink item you will get $5 shipping!!  Shipping could cost you up to $20 (depending on how much you order!) so this is a fabulous deal.

Just shoot me an email or leave me a comment with your info and I will get a hold of you right away!



High fiving cause it's friday!

1.  The week is finally over!  Let's take a moment of silence and just appreciate that : )

2.  I accomplished another item off my 101 list!  My goal to hold an office in my sorority alumnae groups has been started.  One of the ladies emailed me the day before the meeting and asked if I wanted to hold office.  I was thinking something small to start off with.  Got there Wednesday night and oh I'm the only one up for president.  Well why not let's go big or go home right?  So I'm not sure if I should cross it off now or when I actually finish up being president?

3.  Free half gallons of ice cream nom nom.  Will do a review next week. 

4.  Being awesome at work this week.  I busted out a killer self tour brochure in about a day and half.  Along with that I figured out what was going wrong with the numbering system and have started to fix it.  Although it's going to take forever ugh!

5.  Hubby had an interview and it went extremely well.  

It was a good week overall but I am so ready for the weekend.  Have a good Memorial weekend everyone.
 photo H54Fbutton-triangle_zps678b65ba.jpg


Mad Photograpmapher Skills

Linking it up again with my favorite ladies, Stephanie & Chelsee!   I attempted to take some terrible blackmail photos of myself this weekend for you but didn't get very many so I will keep at it the next couple of times and hopefully get more for you! 

I have been slowly improving my photography skills with our point and shoot camera and this weekend I figured out how to use the burst setting to get some killer photos of the guys!  Since they run around, dance and jump all over it's hard to get good shots but obviously there are awesome moments we want to capture for them.  Here are some of my favorites from the weekend.  
That is Ryan's co-worker celebrating his bachelor party.  Ryan dragged him up on stage and with both of them being pretty far gone it was the most ridiculousness ever.  The two of them were tripping over each other trying to sing into the mike. 

Look I got a good photo of Pat!!!!  I actually got quite a few.  Since he is always moving like a madman with the drumsticks it makes it insanely hard to get a good photo.  

Not my best but I need the gratuitous photo of the hubs right? : )

They're floating!!!  


Also need to send a shout out to Miss Tara.  It was her last night in Chicago for a long time.  She graduated law school and is back in Iowa to take the bar.  You need to get on it so you can come back and be a baller J.D!



Banana Cream Layered Dessert

Over the weekend Kevin and I had dinner with my parents and my brother.  Mom tops over a great chicken dinner with this fabulous dessert.  I have a Gamma Phi Beta Alumnae potluck tonight so I decided this would be a great one to bring with.  It was so light and cool, just totally hit the spot. 

I called mom up while I was at the grocery store last night because of course I'm just behind on everything this week, to get the ingredients.  While she was giving them to me she actually confessed that it was a Kraft recipe that she had altered.  Between talking with her and looking at the link she sent me we realized how amazingly versatile this recipe could get.  The original calls for all chocolate but mom did golden Oreos with banana pudding.  You could do peanut butter Oreos or Nutterbutters with chocolate pudding or it just occurred to me mint Oreo with chocolate pudding.  The combinations are ENDLESS!

35 Golden Oreos
6 Tbsp. Butter, melted
1/4 C. sugar
1 (8oz.) package 1/3 fat cream cheese, softened
2 Tbsp. cold skim milk 
1 tub (12 oz.) Cool Whip, thawed
2 (3.9oz.) packages Banana sugar free instant pudding
3 1/4 C. cold skim milk

1. Crush up cookies in Manual Food Processor. You can crush it up finely or I chose to do it a mixture of fine and smaller chunks.  I like the texture of some larger pieces.

2.  Transfer to Mixing Bowl and add butter.  Mix until combined then press into bottom of 9x13 pan.**  Refrigerate until you're ready to add the next layer.

3.  Mix together sugar, cream cheese and 2 Tbsp. cold milk until smooth and combined.

4.  Add Cool Whip to the mixture until combined.  Then spread over the crust.  I needed to put the mixture back in the fridge since my kitchen gets so insanely warm so you might want to do the same!

5.  Combined pudding and 3 1/4 C. cold milk according to package directions.  Then let pudding set for about 5 minutes until it is thick.

6.  Spread pudding over the first two layers then finish off the dish with the remaining Cool Whip.  The refrigerate for at least four hours.          

I will be sure to get a photo of a piece when I enjoy it at tonight's potluck!! Enjoy!


Behind and Unorganized!

It's only Tuesday but I already feel like I'm so behind on the week!  After work yesterday Kevin and I went down to Lisle to talk to our Realtor and we didn't get home until after 9pm.  Since I wasn't able to get anything accomplished or blog yesterday I just feel that I'm two days behind and it's only Tuesday!  

I just know it's going to be one of those playing catch up the entire week weeks (maybe next week too because of Memorial Day weekend ugh!).  This playing catch up the past few days has also made me very aware of how disorganized I am overall.   One would think that since we're getting stuff out of the condo that things would get organized but they're not.  My lovely Container Store buys are still just chilling waiting for me to figure out something to with them.  The kitchen needs some help too.  We've been debating about adding some organizational elements to the cabinets but since we're figuring out about moving it's kinda like what's the point?  

My Pampered Chef business is still all over the place!  I'd love to hear from anyone who works from home (in any capacity) and has a small work space and how they organize it. It's tough being in a smaller one bedroom and running a business. Do you have a set organizational system i.e. magazine holders, binders, etc. or do you still just fly by the seat of your pants?

Blogging is another part that I just can't seem to get any handle on organizational wise. Does anyone else have this issue?  I've seen some pins and other posts about this but nothing super detailed yet.  Are you a print it out and put it in a binder type person or is there some amazing program or app I just haven't found yet.   I've been thinking since I want to take this to the next level I need to get my ducks in a straighter row.  How do you organize all your posts? I've been thinking of starting them in Word then transferring them over when I'm ready to add photos and the rest. Thoughts?

I've decided that since organizing is one of my main duties of my job that I use up all my organizational skills during the day and I don't have any leftover when I get home!

Check out and follow my Twitter for a special ad deal today!



Happy Friday!!

Happy Friday!! 

It feels like lately every week this is my mindset ...

I just want the weekend here so bad!  Although right now I just want the pizza here.  Thank you Papa John's for the special deal tonight ... makes it so much better when the pizza is free : )  Oh and when you win on the topping choice ha!  

After getting lost a bit in Hobart, IN Kevin was finally able to get our new dining set.  Isn't it so pretty?

Now to get the old one out of here!!  This weekend should provide more fabulous blackmail photos so tune in next week!  Don't forget I am going to to try and get at least 3-4 good (or terrible ha) ones of myself for next Thursdays link up.  

Happy Weekend!


Blackmail Photos: Stephanie Edition

As promised I have found more fabulous blackmail photos for you!!!  There will probably be at least parts three and four to this series as well.  There are just THAT many amazing blackmail photos haha.  I've come to realize that there aren't very many of myself, which is the price you pay when you're the photographer.  This weekend my goal is to get at least three great blackmail photos for you!

Without further ado this week's edition of Blackmail photos ... Stephanie!!!

 Starting off not so bad ....

We quickly go downhill ....

This face seems to be one of her signature ones ...


Those are really just the tip of the iceberg mwahaha.  I can't show all my good blackmail material can I?  : )


Awkward Issues

At work I had a lovely awkward moment Monday.  Now I'm sure it wasn't awkward for the assistant director but I felt awkward!  

Let me set the stage for you.  The ladies bathroom is right next to the museum ... literally ... you could have one foot in the museum door and one in the bathroom door they are so close.  Usually I'm not paying much attention when I fly out of the museum into the bathroom cause I'm like I've got to go!  So I started off the situation by almost running into the assistant director as we both reach for the door.  *cue song from Chicago*.  

After an awkward 10 seconds (which seemed liked 10 minutes) of us both being like you first, we both proceed to make our way into the bathroom.  Now this isn't your usual nice work bathroom.  Since we're in the basement, away from light and civilization so this is very much an afterthought bathroom.  The two stalls were probably one that was a little bigger but cut in half.  We head to our respective stalls.

One thing you should know about me is I always feel really self conscious and weird when someone is in the stall next to me.  Let's say we're at the airport, three planes just got in and the ladies room is packed.  No issues with that one since everyone is loud and the stalls are jam packed so not so weird.  Only you in a row of 9 stalls in the Target bathroom and someone goes into the one right next to you ... weird!!!

So here we were sitting on our respective seats probably no more than two feet from each other and I'm just sitting there thinking "OMG I really need to fart".  Yes that's what I said fart!  I try and do those when I'm in the restroom so at least it's not a potential stinky situation.  I'm just considerate like that : )  So there I was just sitting there thinking about how much I had to fart and waiting.  Unfortunately it got to the point where it was weird that I hadn't exited yet so I had to get my act together and come back later. 

So awkward all around!  Have you had any fun awkward situations lately?


I'm Such A Nice Wife

Sunday was Mother's Day.  Yes I know I'm totally stating the obvious I get it, I'm really bad at starting posts.  Sometimes it takes me almost 10 minutes to think of my first couple of sentences.  So that's what you get for now ... Sunday was Mother's Day. We had a great day with both our families.  

Started off the day having lunch at Bavarian Lodge.  It's an amazing German restaurant in my hometown, just two minutes from my parents house.  It's our favorite place to celebrate birthdays and special celebrations.  I didn't snap a shot of my delicious Wiener Schnitzel cause I devoured it as soon at it hit the table.  Seriously it had been so long since I was there I was like a man on death row with his last meal haha.

Now as promised are the fireworks.  Since Kevin had been so busy right before our anniversary he didn't end up getting our cake topper in time from the baker.  Our baker had made a big deal about us making sure we didn't save the topper for the year, you would think someone suggested he spit in his cake he was so offended by the idea of year old cake.  All of it in his very thick Eastern European accent so it was a very comical meeting. Annnnnyways back to last week I picked it up and we decided to bring it Mother's day and share so we weren't stuck eating the whole thing. 

Our pretty cake.  Not exactly like our in style but it was the exact same cake & filling nom nom

Us being so cute and cutting it together

 BAM!  No feeding you nicely this year!!!  I also love how Kevin's grandma isn't even aware of what's going on here.  This was definitely a premeditated caking, I was sure to warn Dad it was coming and boy didn't he do well and get a good photo of it!

He was happy I got most of it in his mouth.  The funniest part was he asked me on the way down to be nice and I was very evasive.  He was then convinced that I was going to cake him but then forgot about it after five minutes ha!  

Our first photo within a photo.  We decided to give the "take one every year of you with last year's photo" pin a try.  I think we did pretty well : )

It just cracks me up every time I look at the picture of us with the cake.  HA!  Kevin is still saying I can't believe you did that.  Well sweetie you should know by now that I will cake you if given the chance.