Musings of a Museum Fanatic: June 2013


Say What Facebook?

A couple weeks ago someone posted a fabulous topic ... things people people say on Facebook.  We were totally emailing about her post and now for the life of me I can't remember who cause I want to give her credit for bringing the crazy to light first.  I think it should really be a link up cause I'm sure we all have those couple of people right?  I figure since it's Friday and one really shouldn't think on Fridays, it's bad for your complexion you know, I better give you some really amusing ones!

"I seriously just want to take a shower right now so nobody can see me cry."
So you post it on Facebook so everyone knows you're crying?

"I'm starting a revolution against bathroom attendants. We've lived under their oppressive regime for too long. I know how to get my own paper towels. SPARTICUS!"
I actually kind of agree with this one but am still amused by the rant : )
"Any chicks wanna come over and make out?.......or we can make out."
This one from one of my high school crushes ... me me!  Oh wait just kidding Kevin!

"throwback #paige #prom #freshie #dress #throw#back"
You're 15, prom happened a week ago and you're using hashtags incorrectly.  Not allowed to use Facebook anymore.

Happy Friday everyone!


The Weekend of Tour de Franzia

This past weekend was jam packed with 'Stache fun and boxed wine.  We started off the weekend seeing 'Stache at Social 25.  Like usual things started out nice and there was plenty of room but probably 1,000 people in the bar later we wanted to punch someone.  All in all it was a great night though.  We took some fun photos,  we gave Tara's little brother a great new nickname that he thoroughly enjoyed : ) and we danced  ... a lot.

Saturday Stephanie hosted the first ever Tour De Franzia!  It was one crazy day!  Somehow I only ended up with one photo off my camera from the day.  For more crazy photos check out Stephanie's post.  There was lots of drinking games, mini bike riding and too much boxed wine.  Everyone should also be very proud of me I didn't get toasted but I held my own reigning as President for three rounds, getting tickets for drinking four out of the six wines and rode the bike back up to Stephanie's apartment. 

 This was when Stephanie and I were up in her apartment being creepers.  

All in all fabulous times!



Ice Cream!

I LOVE ice cream.  It is one of the only things that I can always be in the mood for and could eat anytime of the year.  I'm the person who will eat it for breakfast (did that last week shhh don't tell Kevin!) and when it's below freezing in the Chicago weather I'm game to head to DG for a yummy Reese's Blizzard.

Naturally when Kevin and I started to work on our registries one of my first additions was an ice cream maker.  One year later and a still stuffed freezer later we still haven't used it!  Since both of us are good kids and read the directions we know that the part of the maker you freeze must freeze upright.  I'm assuming that's so the stuff freezes evenly so it will make ice cream evenly ... or something like that.  We have an issue of too much in our freezer.  I can be a bit of a hoarder, if it's a fabulous price yes I will buy twice as much then freeze it cause I know we'll eat it eventually so because of this we have no room in our freezer.

We have been actively eating from our freezer stash so in the meantime I'm trying to figure out what two ice cream recipes I should make.  Yup it's on the 101 list!!  I love ice cream waaaaay too much to actually narrow it down to two or even three recipes off my Ice Cream Board to choose from : )

Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chunk Frozen Yogurt
Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chunk Frozen Yogurt
Plus for this recipe it's super super easy!

Double Dark Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream


Nutella & Cookie Ice Cream
Can't go wrong with anything that includes Nutella right?

Happy Birthday Cake Batter Ice Cream

Which two should I make for my 101 list task??  I can't decide!! I also realized I have tons of other ice cream recipes that really should be made.  


Tunes on Tuesday: Chelsea Dagger


Just in case you're not a hockey fan the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup!!  Last night Chicago went craaaazy.  You should really check out Taylor from the Daily Tay's post today, it looks like she was right in the thick of the craziness.  I'm not here to chat about the craziness of last night, we're chatting about one of my favorite parts of the Blackhawks ... Chelsea Dagger by the Fratellies

Chelsea Dagger plays every time the Hawks score and it now a staple in every Chicago bar playlist and party mix.  I know I've said this before but any song that incites flailing arms and jumping from the first cords is amazing in my book.

Even the most un-sports type person can't help but get caught up in the pounding energy of the kick bass and the bass guitar.  Plus can you even find an easier chorus to yell out?  Nope!!  You haven't seen anything until a bar jam packed with a thousand plus people erupts in synchronized arm pumping and jumping.  I can only imagine that everyone celebrating in the streets last night was singing this too.

In the mean time you really need to check out this article I found on the CNN sports page of Duncan Keith's baby in the Stanley Cup.  SOOO cute!



5 for 5

What a weekend!  I hope you guys had a fabulous weekend as well, keep tuned to my Thursday link-up for more on that ; )  While the weekend was good I started off my week in not so great fashion.  I woke up at 8:05 and while some days that might be good but when you're supposed to start work at 8am that's not a good time to be waking up.  Luckily I'm good under pressure!

This week I've decided to pull myself together blog wise and to help me out I'm linking up again with Jessica from Fantastically Average.  I know it's been a long time since I linked up for this one but I felt that since for a number of weeks I just wasn't putting any effort into it I needed to stop for a bit.

1.  Write one museum post ... I know I've been totally slacking on being cultural at all.  When I write those posts I like to sit down and research.  I don't want to give you any bad information or leave anything exciting out so it really takes me a while to write them.

2.  Write one review post ... I have a bunch of fun new items that I've been using but just haven't sat down and wrote anything about them!

3.  Contact at least 5 other blogs about swapping ad space ... this one is fairly up front.  Also if anyone would like to swap let me know!!!

4.  Finish up form & send it out for my sponsors ... I have been a terrible host as of late, I've been sort of working on being a better host but I need to really get my act together.  Plus it would stink to miss out on really getting to know the ladies on my sidebar and making even better new friends.

5.  Contact 3 people about hosting a Pampered Chef show ... since life has been crazy I haven't been keeping up with it that much which is sad both because I really enjoy it and because then I'm not making any money from my business.

These are my goals for this week so please feel free to drive me crazy reminding me to get my goals done!

What are your goals for this week?


101 List: DIY

Continuing my conversation about numbers but turning to a much more pleasant set of numbers ... my 101 in 1001 list!!  The past couple of months I've been a complete slacker on getting things accomplished.  I've come to realize that I'm going to need to do some serious planning and getting things like my DIY items and recipes picked out in advance so I don't have any excuses.  

Today I've decided on six different DIY projects I will accomplish in the next year, one every other month for a year.  My plan is to make out a list of all the items I will need for the projects, stalk Michaels, Hobby Lobby & Jo-ann sales and then purchase everything so I'm all nice and organized and ready to craft!  I think that was a stroke of genius if I do say so myself ... and I do! : )

I know right? Crazy huge undertaking but I really really want a sofe console table. I also figure between Kevin, my dad and his dad I can get this accomplished with a little aid. Although I am pretty stellar with a hammer and screw driver. This one would be first so I don't have all that wood hanging around

I need something so bad to house my bracelets. I have a large jewelry case but when you have bigger bracelets and odd shapes they don't always fit. Right now most of them are spread all over our dresser. It annoys me a lot!

As we all know I love me some Gamma Phi! Finding adult ways to incorporate sorority stuff is a bit difficult and one must be creative. I would do this one with maybe a smaller canvas so it's not so huge and gaudy.

Both Kevin and I are terrible about just leaving junk and smaller trash in our cars! This would be perfect.

For this one I think I would do a set of candle holders, different sizes, and possibly do a bit of a different pattern.

I have been working on getting rid of our old crappy magnets for a while now. If these go well I would definitely do something like this for other for gifts!
Materials list started!!  Feeling good : )


Happy Birthday Kevin!!!!

This is going to be short and sweet today and I'll be back tomorrow with more.  I'm currently running around our condo like a nut case getting ready for Kevin to come home and his parents to come over for dinner.   We switched around the plans to having dinner here instead.  Kevin has been kinda down about his birthday so I'm trying to do a couple last minute cute things for him!


Also a super Happy Father's day to my two dad's!!
 Father Daughter dance with my dad at our wedding

My father in law Bill wearing the sombrero.  That picture is really tooooo good not to share right? haha.

Happy Monday (is almost over) everyone!


The Evil Poop

If you haven't noticed I've been talking about Kevin a ton lately, well it started out unconsciously but I figure since his birthday is Monday I will chat about him for a few straight days.  I know I've said it before but he really is an amazing husband.  Last week I was gone 4 nights in a row, which we figured out since moving in was the longest we had gone apart.  Not going to lie two nights into it I was being whiney on the phone.  So Kevin decided the next day to do something sweet through texts ... I guess you could consider it sweet ...

**Disclaimer:  I asked him for permission to post word for word and the pictures and he said yes so I'm doing it!**

I should also let you know that about three years ago Kevin bought this fake poop from the $1 section at Target and I haven't been able to get rid of it, the darn thing always tends to make it's way back into the house.


Oh no the evil poop has kidnapped Yoda

I will get the poop

I should shower first 

Clean with spiked hair upgrade. 18x power and defense obtained

The poop is making a run for it

At a secret hotel the evil poop called for backup. Where could Yoda Be? (oh yes I should mention he had a show in Iowa so he not only took my stuffed animal but fake poop with him to Iowa to complete the story)

Super Kevin was hiding under the table

Super Kevin grabs the poop with great anger

Flushed down the toilet

Yoda and Kevin went to watch some TV.  Yoda is safe

Yup that's my hubby.  This entire text conversation is such a perfect description, both through words and the photos, of Kevin haha.  I'd would also bet money that he probably chilled out with Yoda like that for the rest of the night.  


Getting Ready Playlist: Driving Kevin Crazy Version

One thing I've realized lately is I haven't been sharing my love of music as much as I should be.  I am always listening to music, I love so many different types and I really enjoy reading about the history and stories behind music.  So from now on you will definitely be seeing more of that from me!


I always seem to put on the same play list when I'm getting ready to go out for a 'Stache show or out with my girls.  It makes the whole figuring out what to wear and applying make up experience more fun.  Kevin hates it!  He hates it because I always put on as he puts it  "that annoying pop stuff".  Kevin is a metal head so the pop stuff doesn't do anything for him.  It definitely gets me in the groove and ready to have a great night.

I know this one is so cliche but I can't help it I gotta dance!

The pumping beat gets my hips shaking. Although not too much cause I still have to apply my eyeliner!

I think this one is pretty self explanatory : )

I do like to go a little old school too.

'Stache used to play this song and I still am pissed that they don't do it anymore so I really annoy Kevin by playing it before every show. Although he's actually telling me right this minute he likes this song. HA! He is such a liar. He is now dancing in the kitchen. I should probably stop typing and tape this for you ...

Now that we're all pumped up and beautified let's go out get crazy!



Being Better Pinterest Style

Yesterday I talked about how I'd like to be better in my relationship with Kevin.  Here are some thoughts I have about small things I can do to accomplish this. 

We write notes and leave them for the other and something permanent like this would be so neat. Maybe make a couple into magnets and you can leave different notes.

Kevin has been really trying hard to eat more fruits and veggies (jerk has been losing tons of weight barely doing anything too!) We usually don't get very creative with what we do .. plain salad, cut up fruit, or steamed veggies. Going out of both our comfort zones and playing to his grilling strengths would be a ton of fun this summer.

So I asked Kevin what would be like his favorite dish, if he could snap his fingers and it would just appear. His response lobster on top of a burger. Pinterest has everything! That doesn't actually seem that difficult I can make a burger and after Valentine's day I know how to make lobster!

Kevin and I are both Mario Bros. fans. I'm sure he would love a quilt and the cupcakes below!

These are just a few small things I can start out with being better. I made sure to make him a sandwich for dinner since he was running late :)

He very much enjoyed it : ) Although now he's being a brat and not letting me have any ice cream.  I kinda want to give him attitude but maybe I'll get something fun at Target later instead ... 0: )


Advice From Bon

If you don't know who Bonnie from Life of Bon is then you are missing out.  I've hung out on her blog multiple times and each time she's been totally awesome and a super sweetheart.  With that being said way back in April she wrote a post that has been circulating through the back of my mind since.  Whenever I read people's posts especially when they're talking about more serious subjects I imagine that we're actually holding a conversation so that could be why this particular post seemed to really resonate with what was going on in my life lately.  

Her whole post was about being better.  To quote Bonnie:
"Why that's absurd!  That's too easy! That would mean...

When I am a better wife, Greg is a better husband to me.
When I am a better teacher, my kids are better students.
When I am a better friend, my friends are better to me.
When I am a better worker, my principal treats me better.

Surely it can't be that easy!"
Bonnie ~

It does seem that it really is that easy.  Let me give you a little back story about why this post really stuck with me.  I haven't really shared this much with anyone since I didn't want anyone to think less of myself or Kevin.  No no nothing huge is happening!  This first year of our marriage especially the second part has been really hard.  First off the two of us didn't live together before we got married and for most of our time dating we'd only see each other on the weekends.  So because of these facts moving in together has been (and continues to be!) a huge adjustment.  

Because of this major adjustment we have been giving each other totally snippy attitudes.  One of us will do something or forget to not do something and the other will just be a brat about it.  It isn't just one or the other either it really is both of us.  We have been extremely aware of this fact especially the past couple months.  After sniping at each other and then apologizing we just look at each other and ask why are we acting like this?  
The past month both Kevin and I have been really trying extremely hard to be a better wife, better husband and better roommates.  I can definitely identify with Bonnie's example of compromising and suddenly the hubby is your slave ...  haha just kidding ... sorta.  There is a definite difference when I make sure things are taken care of for him for the week or have done all the laundry, Kevin will try and make sure he does more cleaning around the condo or makes dinner and cleans up.  

Things are definitely still a work in progress since no one changes overnight but I can tell lately that both of us are trying not to snap at stupid things and help eachother out more.  Kevin and I are trying to just be better all around.  I think we've started off pretty well: )

Like Bonnie asked "And why is it so hard to be a good person?"



Love me some cooking shows

I got to enjoy one of my favorite things while I was gone this weekend ... cable!  Growing up and even now my parents have never had cable and Kevin is the same way so we haven't seen the need to get it.  Plus it's darn expensive!  One of my favorite things about going to a hotel or someone's house with cable is watching cooking shows.  

I discovered a couple months ago that Hulu has started to get some of my favorite Food Network shows on free viewing!  Here are my top three favorite picks:

Iron Chef:
Iron Chef is probably the most intense competition show.  The whole premise of the show is a professional cook comes into Kitchen Stadium and challenges one of the reigning Iron Chef's, Bobby Flay, Mario Batali, Masaharu Morimoto, Cat Cora, Jose Garces, Michael Symon, Marc Forgione and Geoffrey Zakarian.  I would have to say my favorite Iron Chef overall is Cat Cora.  We got to eat at her restaurant on our honeymoon ... it was amazing!  I really love to watch Morimoto.  He just does the most amazing things, he cooks and plates his dishes in ways I've never seen!

One can't talk about Iron Chef without talking about Alton Brown.  Not gonna lie I'm not a huge fan of his actual cooking show but I really love him as a color commentator.  His commentary will make you laugh more than you're probably supposed to during a cooking show, especially one so intense and he is always bringing up some sort of tidbit that you would never know about the food.   

As I write this I'm actually going through the new posted episodes of Chopped.  This one took me forever to actually start watching, I'm not sure why I thought I was too cool for Chopped but now I'm an addict.  I'm a big fan of seeing the four different chef's do completely different things with the mystery boxes.  It's just fascinating how four chefs sometimes with similar backgrounds will do crazy things.

The mystery boxes themselves are so educational sometimes.  Like today's episode, I had no clue what umeboshi was or how to spell it before but now I know what it is and how I can use it if I'm ever given a mystery box including them, eel and something else!

Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives:
I know this one is almost a cop out since there really isn't much cooking.  I'm always into seeing different places and maybe someday I will get to actually visit some of them.  So for now I enjoy watching Guy Fieri eating his way around the country.  Some of the items that these places serve up are just so crazy.

We should probably start working on the ones in the Chicago area.  You'd be surprised but I've actually only been to one of the places Guy visited, in South Carolina with the family and it was definitely a dive!  Hmmm maybe that's another item I should add to my 101 list or something.  That could be fun to try and go to as many of those places as possible.  Doesn't seem like there are very many out my way in the burbs which is kinda sad : (

What's your favorite cooking show that I need to check out?


St. Louis

Well I made it to St. Louis! Pulled out my computer since I had some time before dinner to write a fabulous post with some fabulous pins and realized I didn't have my computer cord!

So I'm writing on my phone and it might end up being my only post while I'm down here so I can save my battery. I did snap this cool picture for you! I will be enjoying this view till Sunday since our hotel is in spitting distance of the Arch.


Tunes on Tuesday: Fall Out Boy

Since college I've been a big Fall Out Boy fan.  I can remember when I first heard "Sugar We're Going Down" sophomore year of college it was amazing.  Being a huge fan of angsty 90's music this just totally fit right into my wheel house and I was listening to it non-stop.  

Then along came "Dance, Dance' and "This Ain't A Scene It's An Arms Race".  I can't explain it (probably more 90's angst) but I'm totally obsessed with "This Ain't A Scene It's An Arms Race".  I could literally listen to it on repeat for an hour.  

I think that any song that makes your body just feel like it has to move and react without you even realizing it is the best.  This song just does that to me.  You can't not bang your head and pump your fist in the air!

When I heard they were getting back together I was so excited and I do not think that they disappointed at all.  I totally think that "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark" delivers.  Although watching the video just now while writing not a huge fan of it.  I prefer the stereotypical one of the guys rocking out, mouths wide opening singing, and guitars all over the place.  It does sound a bit different than their older music but I actually like the bit of dance feel to the tune.  Who doesn't love the chorus that incites fabulous arm movements?  Yup I'm gonna be the one in the bar doing explosion arm movements cause I'm lightening it up.  

If you haven't heard it listen now!!!

I'm going to go put on some super dark eyeliner and be emo for the rest of the night : )


Business & Foam Fest 5k

Boring stuff first.  I was a little bummed cause I thought no one commented on my posts at the end of the week but it occurred to me this morning that DUH everything is going to my new Museumfanatic email!  I apologize if I haven't gotten to your comment yet since I'm obviously having a blond moment haha.  Also I'm going to be down in St. Louis Wednesday to Sunday for work so I'm not entirely sure how this week is going to go post wise.  I'm going to bring my computer and it looks like I will have a good amount of downtime each day but who knows how things will change so I might be MIA.

Now for the fun part!  I mentioned way back when that Bethany somehow convinced me to participate in Foam Fest 5K.  I still am not sure how she did it but Saturday was the day of reckoning.  If you look at their main page they show this fabulous video of people laughing, running on flat ground, lots of foam and a little bit of mud.  This was false advertising!!!  

The DJ said go and Bethany, Cindy and I started out positive chugging along the path down into the woods. Then all of a sudden we were going down an extremely steep incline and rounding a bend and BAM!  Mud. It was bad too, up past your ankles mud.  We powered through with the group and sustained war wounds.  We were along the edge of the property and by the river so their was barb wire.  Naturally when you're slipping and falling you grab for a fence and Bethany got cut : (  I guess a deer also got caught in the barbed wire and kicked a girl!  I'm hoping that they took care of that after all that crazy happened.
That's me on the left

The first mile involved no foam and down, up, down, up multiple steep hills.  It was nuts!  There were also multiple HUGE mud puddles that came up past your waist.  One we weren't sure we were going to get out of the mud was sucking our feet in so badly!  I did climb up and over the large rope triangle though!  I also did the two story inflatable slide, I'm not afraid of heights but when it's kinda windy and you're at the top you get a little scared!  We also had to off-road it on one of the hills.  We were trying and trying to get up and it wasn't going to happen so we had to cross through the brush to another path, which still was tough!!
Me going down

Bethany on the right

Overall it was a good experience but not at all what I was expecting!  We shall see if I do it again next year haha.

 Looking like we're walking away from a bomb explosion ha
We came away with t-shirts, medals and a tetanus shot!