Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Fest Dresses


Fest Dresses

Linking it up again with some of my favorite ladies!!

Since it's summer in Chicago it's time to break out some fabulous dresses for the festivals.  Here are some of my picks.  I kept them all under $50 since we all know I'm not going to spend more than $50!  Although most of the time I won't even spend close to that.  Raise your hand if you love stalking something for a killer sale price.  Totally raising my hand over here.

Summer Fest Dresses

Old Navy actually has the cross front jersey maxi in a short version as well.  I love the short one I have since it's a solid color I can pair with all sorts of funky and colorful jewelry.  That's also why I love the black and white dresses.  Actually every time I look at the stripped empire dress I really want it but I'm going to be good and resist it, if you're not a black and white person head to and there are a ton of other colors it comes in!!  I want them all! : )

What do you go for in the summer shorts or dresses?



  1. I love all your choices! I was never into black and white, but I just got a black and white striped dress at Old Navy that I'm loving. I'm usually partial to shorts, but I've been getting more into wearing dresses in the summer. They're perfect for a concert or festival since they're so breezy! Thanks so much for following me on Instagram-I'm following you back! Your blog is really cute. I live in Kansas City, but I'm going to Chicago to visit family next weekend. Any cool places to check out downtown? Fun shops?

  2. I really love all of them! I have a similar black and white maternity dress that I LOVE - it has gotten SO warm this week, so dresses are a must!

  3. They're cute, I like them! Buy them :)

  4. Dresses and skirts all the way, I wear them ALL summer.