Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Chex Mix Muddy Buddies


Chex Mix Muddy Buddies

**I did not receive these in order to review them**
While getting our weekly groceries I was perusing the snack aisle and came across this bag.  One of my favorite snacks growing up was Puppy Chow!  Made with Crispix not Chex of course.  Since I loved it so much I thought I'd splurge and try a bag plus they were on sale, I mean really who can resist when that happens?  
Things are looking pretty good.  I really like the evenness of the coating.  That was always the one issue with homemade is you always get bunches that don't have any of the coating on them : (  

*Munch Munch Munch*  Overall I'd say they were pretty good.  Definitely not the same as homemade though.  I think we must have added more chocolate and peanut butter to our recipe cause it felt like they needed more of both, it was a tad dry.  The flavor of the Chex somewhat overwhelms too and if there was more coating you would get a more even flavor.

My conclusion is when you need a last minute munch for a party or after a night out this is definitely a good one to grab!



  1. I agree that homemade is better but these can get me through a puppy chow craving. I usually get them and bring them to the movie theater. Perfect snack!

  2. I have never made homemade, but I have found that usually homemade is better!