Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Five for Five!


Five for Five!

I seem to be really terrible at getting things done by Mondays but when I give myself till Tuesday much more gets done.  So I'm going to link up on Tuesdays but it seems that Jenn & Jessica are taking a little link up vacay so I'm going to link up with myself and try to keep my goals going : )

5 for 5 Old
1. Finish up posts from last week

Boom did it!
2.  Book one Pampered Chef show
Contacted a few people and we have a tentative date set. 
3.  No extra spending for a week
Well kinda ordered stuff from the Pampered Chef Sidewalk sale but I've actually been really good since then.
4.  Pull more photos at my parent's house to scan
After being at their house three times for various events I remembered to grab a box of photos!
5.  Pick out recipes for one of my 101 tasks
Failed on that one

5 for 5 New
1.  Pick out recipes for one of my 101 tasks
2.  Edit and save the scanned photos (take care of all the ones sitting in my email folder)
3.  Allocate all of my Pampered Chef papers that are just lying around to the correct folders
4.  Go through all my make up, toss anything that is really old or if I haven't used it see if Kevin's cousin might like it
5.  Try to get the last bit of materials for my DIY 101 list task (I already got most of them & they're sorted and labeled!!)

What are your goals for the week?

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