Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Old Navy Summer Love


Old Navy Summer Love

Like usual this morning I woke up to find a crap ton of email from various stores and restaurants I frequent or don't and am waiting for a good deal from.  Usually I what happens is I see the subject and it's about what ever new thing they're promoting so it goes straight into the trash (working on my inbox zero 101 task!)  but sometimes like today there is an email that makes me excited.

That one was thanks to Old Navy.  Today starts their Stuff n' Save promotion.  I love that promotion!  It's one of my favorites for three reasons ...

1. Extra 40% off for card holders the day before it starts for the public
2. Re-usuable bags (they were giving crap ones for a bit but seem to be going back to nicer ones)
3. I have reward money!

Ok so three isn't something that happens every time Stuff n' Save comes around I'll admit it but the fact that I have at least $20 to spend makes me very excited.  So naturally what did I do?  Headed strait to the website to work on my plan of attack.

Old Navy Summer Love

Old Navy Summer Love by betsy-giles featuring old navy shoes

Obviously we can all tell what colors I like!  I'm always on the lookout for cute dresses and it was hard to include just one!  This summer it seems that everyone has fabulous dresses.  If only my salary was a little more fabulous to get said dresses.

How can you not be totally into adult Jelly Shoes too.  It's going to be super hard not get those guys, I have a couple pairs of sandals already.  The 90's child in me really really wants those though.  Besides the Beatles tee pictured they have a bunch of cute vintage Beatles & Mickey tees right now.  I've been good for a long time about not buying tees like that (how adult of me right?) but I think vintage ones with the right accessorizing can be cute.

Now that I've got my list ready it's time to shop!

What's your favorite item to get at Old Navy?


  1. i'm more of a Gap girl, but i think i shall check out this sale :)

  2. I usually don't have great luck shopping at Old Navy, but I found a few things there this past weekend, including that same teal dress in that print and in a pink one. It fits so nicely!

  3. I can't do the adult jelly, my feet are too sweaty! I bought a pair of jeans and two cardigans with the stuff & save sale.