Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Pinterest I love you


Pinterest I love you

My computer is still all crazy and today when I came into work I couldn't get on our network or internet.  I think I'm jinxed!  I'm almost afraid to use Kevin's computer when I go home.  Although he has been wanting a new one so he might appreciate the jinx.

I feel like the Humor section on Pinterest this week has just been killing it.  So makes the day go by fast sometimes.  Here are some that definitely apply to me!

Seriously every single time.  I'm not gonna lie still not a big fan of the dark haha

I used to HATE calling people on the phone thank goodness for texting and online ordering!

So very true. LOL
Mom and Bethany have enjoyed calling me Miss Bossy Pants lately.  I think I should show them this pin!

Seriously I still will ... ask Kevin about last week.  

@Kelli Gottschalk

Lol it's entertaining what can I say
And anywhere else I can lurk and follow the drama.  Sorry but not sorry : )

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