Musings of a Museum Fanatic: August 2013


Goals update {Link up}

Well looking back over my goals I had set last month I didn't end up doing as well as I wanted to.  My big push was supposed to be working on my music and photo files.  I ran into some issues about two and a half weeks ago when my computer hard drive kinda just blew up.  Not literally but I was without a computer for most of the month and it was a nightmare getting a new one.

I have gotten a good start on other of my 101 items.  We FINALLY used our ice cream maker for the first time.  When Kevin had bought me a cooking class for Christmas we bought an ice cream mix with the discount after the class.  It was peppermint and delicious.  It came with two packets of the mix but I'm also planning on making one of the awesome pinterest ice cream recipes.  Pretty sure the ice cream maker has change my life haha.

Kevin and I have also made awesome progress cooking one recipe from all my cookbooks.  We've been doing one a week and have gotten through at least four!  I will eventually (when I get my organization act together!) be posting those.  I"m almost a third of the way to completing my task of having Kevin's parents over three times per year for dinner!  Not so much on my parents but it's a work in progress.

So my goals for September
1.  Have my parents over once for dinner
2.  Pay extra payment to student loans
3.  Develop a cleaning system and stick to it for a month
4.  Continue working on scanning photos
5.  Working on cleaning up my music files

I have also decided that Kevin and I really need to work together more on accomplishing not just the goals on my list but everything we need to get done.  Our plan is to really work hard at being more of a team!

What are your plans to accomplish your goals for the next month?


Kevin & His Time Out Tank

I found this pin forever ago and every single time it doesn't fail to crack me up.  If you haven't seen this one before thank goodness you're stopping by today cause you're missing out!

Tank for sale :D

Literally just read the last three lines over and over again. Hilarious.  I think I find it so funny cause I read in one of my friends voices and they are reading the entire ad very seriously without joking. 

Now that you've read it once go back and read it again.  Hee hee.  Neal is murderous scum ... no one likes Neal.  : ) 

Just sit an appreciate the hilarious.  Then go answer my questions from yesterday!


You are My Sunshine

Not gonna lie I love a good survey.  I was one of those people when Myspace was in it's heyday I would fill out the really long ones over 100 questions long.  There is something called the Sunshine Award going around.  Since Stephanie put it out to everyone to answer the questions I decided ... challenge accepted!

1. what's your favorite tv show currently on netflix? 
I went through and watched all of "How I Met Your Mother", "Drop Dead Diva" not too long ago and I've been going through the SNL decades.  I'm pretty sure my favorite years were the 1990's & 2000's.  I miss Chris Kattan he really needs to make a come back.  Am I right people?

2. what color do you look the best in?

3. which Disney princess (the animated kind, not the miley cyrus kind) are you most like?
This a really hard one for me.  We all know how much I love Disney and especially Disney princesses. I definitely have traits like Belle a bookworm and very loyal to friends but I'm also hardworking and go after my dreams like Tiana does.  Also I'm just plan awesome like Sleeping Beauty.  : )

4. favorite cartoon to watch growing up?
Tiny Toons

5. go to drink at a coffee shop?
Hot chocolate in the winter, Double chocolate chip frappuccino in the summer 

6. favorite blog(s) you've found recently that you want to share?
I'm a big fan of Samantha at Hooah & Hiccups.  I think she does a nice variety, not just posts about her son or being a military wife but there are some recipes and always cute outfits.   

7. first store you look at when you have money to spend?
Target, Maurices and Bed, Bath & Beyond oh and Charming Charlie's

8. what's your instagram account? 

9. thing about fall you're most looking forward to?
Wearing boots again.  I really like wearing them now that I know how to style myself better!

10. what's your favorite thing to win in blog giveaways? 
I'm a big fan of the Target giftcard not gonna lie.

Now it's your turn!!  

1.  How are you feeling RIGHT now?
2.  Have you ever been in a castle?
3.  Ever walked into a wall?
4.  Can you hula hoop?
5.  What is your favorite blog to read?
6.  Do you snore?
7.  What's the craziest thing you've done?
8.  If you could have anything in the world, what would you want?
9.  What's your favorite place in the world? 
10.  Favorite Disney movie, cartoon and people?

Leave me a link to your post in the comments cause I want to see your answers!! : )



Today I've felt really weird.

Before I get into that I have to tell you about my morning quickly.  Get in at 8am and I'm sitting down checking my email all of a sudden I hear music.  Not like any song I know creepy music box music.  Let me describe the museum to you there are a crap ton of kinda creepy mannequins and it's almost shaped like a P where there are two main rows/halls with a couple of off-shoots.  So needless to say I'm always kinda freaked out being the first one in to come in each morning and now I hear creepy music!  I freak out and go out to find the museum aide who is nowhere to be found so then I head down the hall to get one of the property guys to come back in with me.  Yup I'm that person!  We proceed to move through the museum and find out that it was the museum aide in the way back corner of the museum with a little wind up mandolin.  Freaked the heck out of me!!!

Ok back to my weird feelings.  Yesterday one of my good friend's Meghan posted how 10 years ago we were moving into Lankenau Hall 4th floor as freshman.  It's so weird to think that it was that long ago.  I can still remember saying goodbye to my parents on the road that went right by the dorm.  Still remember the long walk up to the fourth floor since it took forever to get the elevator.  Each Wednesday would be dinner in our cafeteria (it was only open late that day).  The panini machine was the best.  We eventually figured out we could make quesadillas with the chicken and cheese from the salad bar and it was like we discovered the wheel!

This photo is one of the most iconic photos from my freshman year.  There is also a ridiculously hilarious video that goes along with it but it might have gotten lost in the sands of time and multiple computer failures.  

I think the weirdness I've been feeling the past couple days is almost a melancholy for those days.  Those were some of the best days of my life.  I'm not saying that now is crap but overall those were amazing days.  My best friend and I were inseparable, granted we ended up driving each other nuts ... like really nuts but being a five minute walk away was amazing.  I don't think I've ever been as free as I was then, just acting nuts, having a good time, living life and making ridiculous music videos.  

Ten years later and I feel like I should have my life more together than I did then.  Certain parts are definitely together, like finding another best friend and love but other parts don't seem to be coming together like they should.  Not for lack of trying either it seems.  I'm trying to figure out why I've got this feeling but for now I'm just going to leave you with and hopefully you get a little nostalgic smile when you watch this video that came out eight years ago!!


Schmidt Family Reunion

I know I've been bad and totally left you in the lurch about my trip to Boston.  I thought it was only fitting to start off with the most important part (and why we went to Boston!) The Schmidt Family Reunion!!  This is the family from my dad's mother's side, with me so far?  Well my grandmother had eight siblings who in turn had from 1-4 each, who then in turn had 1-4 kids each ... so yeah I have a lot of aunts, uncles and cousins.

Oh I was talking to one of the outlaws (what we lovingly refer to the people who married into the Schmidt family ... Kevin is an outlaw!) and I guess it's really weird that we call people who are older than us aunt and uncle even though they are really cousins.  Honestly I did this for years with one of my first cousins, who is my dad's niece but only seven years younger than he is so it makes her much older than me and I only thought it proper to show some respect to her : ) Hopefully that all sorta makes sense!

We started off that Saturday (the official day of the re-union with the Duck Boat tour for those of us who did not wish to golf.  Golfing is kind of a big deal in the Schmidt family world.  Since we were in an "exotic" locale ... usually the family reunion is in the Midwest ... most of us decided to do that instead.  There were some of the die hards (who are crazy) who golfed 18 holes mid-day on a 90 degree day.  Nuts I tell ya!
The Duck Boat group.  Kevin and I up front with Lou, Bethany, Mom & Dad behind

We headed back out of the city itself to Walpole, MA.  It's kinda like where we live in relation to Chicago, a third tier suburb.  Most of the afternoon consisted of hanging out, catching up, lots of kids running around and being all crazy like.  Like usual there were the lawn games.  There used to be a big deal volleyball tournament between the 3rd generation (my dad's generation) and the 4th (mine) but since most of the 4th generation has younger kids who still like to disrupt things it tends to only be a few rounds.  Although I think it's cause the 3rd generation is wimping out ... just saying : )

Bethany and I perfecting our no paparazzi poses.  Dad needs to work on his angles.

There was quite a bit of basketball.  My little cousin (just to Kevin's left) was his new BFF it was cute.  

Egg toss!  A new one for the Schmidts.  Look at my extension, such beautiful form.  Kevin cracked the egg on the return throw so it broke : (

The best part of the day, besides spending it with family, was hands down the boil.  It was awesome.  Cousin Doug went to Rhode Island, only a 20 minute drive, for the oh so fresh and delicious.  I have a couple recipes that are very similar and I definitely want to give them a go when the price is right on seafood.

Look at the concentration!

You can't go wrong when you're getting a whole lobster and more mussels and clams then you can eat in a week.  Everyone should be very proud of me I tried mussels and clams, I think I'll stick to my clams in my chowder and give the mussels to Kevin.
Our wonderful hosts!

Then came the other favorite part of the day ... the singing!  We are a very musical family.  We sing and play guitar a lot.  I did take a video of one of my favorites but my camera is not working at all.  I will keep trying to figure it out and hopefully have it for you next week.  Happy weekend everyone!


Empire Records Pinterest Edition

I've noticed lately that I seem to be getting around and today is no exception!  Head over to Just Jacq to check out three of my favorite museums in the entire world!!  Last night Empire Records finally got here!!! I mentioned Kevin and my failed attempt to procure a copy this weekend after I found out he had never seen it before.

Well he has now seen Empire Records, he didn't immediately love it but he didn't hate it either.  Honestly watching it again with him I was like he probably thinks this part is ridiculous or what is he thinking during this part.  I might have to just make him watch it over and over again until he loves it!  That won't backfire at all right? : )

I decided to check out what kind of fun things Pinterest had for me by way of Empire Records and oh Pinterest you did not disappoint!  Of course there were all the usual screen grabby kind of stuff and quotes, I'm just like get me to the nice and wacky stuff please!!
Empire Records - Polyvore
I have no idea if these are actually really but seriously I want to buy them all!!! Honestly I think they are named perfectly love it. 

Empire Records
Seems like a legit To Do list.

Rex Manning Embroidery Hoop Empire Records Movie by OooohStitchy, via Etsy.
There weren't as many handy crafts done with quotes as I was hoping for.  I mean come on there are so many awesome quotes to use people.  Maybe I should work on that ... I do need to start working on a Christmas present for certain people ...

Empire Records by RONLEWHORN
Nothing particularly exciting about this one I just really like it.  I bet that would look cool in poster form ... on my wall ... I would need to get more walls though.

Empire Records Booth #yesplease
Ok so this really makes me want a do over for my wedding photobooth.  Without a doubt this is the awesomest idea!  If I had a do over I would so make little speak bubbles with my favorite movie quotes ahh so awesome.  Can someone I know do this so I can take photos with them?  Seriously good idea.  

Someday Kevin will learn to appreciate the awesomeness that is Empire Records but until then I will spare him and just keep the quoting between Becky and myself ... or on here : )  

"Joe, is it O.K. if I leave the couch? 'Cause I'm gonna leave the couch now, okay? My ass is falling asleep, so I gotta go. I'm leaving " 


Tunes on Tuesday: Amazed by Lonestar

I know I've mentioned this before but let it be said again I am not a country person but every now and then there are country songs that I really like.  Amazed by Lonestar is definitely one of those songs.  One of my friends from grade school when I was up in Minnesota was obsessed with Lonestar.  At the time I honestly wasn't a huge fan of the song just cause it was eeeeeeverywhere.

Lately the radio world seems to think I need to love it again cause literally I think I've heard it at least three times this week.  Haven't heard the song in years and one week three times I find that really amusing!  Like a crazy women I go all out and sing at the top of my lungs in my car with grand gestures as well.  Yup I'm totally that person and I don't care nope nope I don't!

So grab your partner and slow dance in the living room.  If you don't have a partner go all big gestures ballerina on this song!  I've been playing the song over and over for about 30 minutes now so I might be ballerina-ing it on my own since Kevin is looking like he wants to kill me : )


Monday already? Plus Katie from "He Calls Me Grace"

I can't believe how fast the weekends are flying by.  It seems like it was just June!  This morning it felt like fall weather which I'm not going to lie I'm not ready for.  I feel like with all the rain this summer we've barely had summer weather ugh.

Not going to talk too much about my weekend cause it was mostly boring but Kevin did have his super amusing moments.  Found out Saturday he had never seen Empire Records?!  I mean seriously who hasn't seen that movie?  How have we been together for almost five years and I haven't know and rectified this situation?  So five calls to five different stores and stops and two different movie rental places later and we still came up empty handed!  Thank you Amazon & Dad (who has Amazon Prime yay 2 day shipping) we will fix this by Wednesday and I will keep you posted.

Sunday after my fifth phone call to Dell (with them transferring me to 4 different people ugh) we decided to indulge in some Sunday afternoon cocktails.  Here is where I made my first mistake, I let Kevin play bartender.  Let me remind everyone two beers and he's half drunk, love him but he has NO tolerance.  So Kevin kinda got himself pretty tipsy and declared every Sunday afternoon cocktail afternoon.  It was super amusing and I should have probably taped him haha.
Now for my new friend Katie from He Calls Me Grace.  We were put together through the Bigs & Littles Network!  We decided it would be interesting to get to know each other bloggingly first by doing kind of an interview with each other.  Check out my interview with her too!

1.  Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging while job hunting this past winter. But, I got distracted easily by Pinterest more time than not. This led me to a few blogs and the more I read, the more I thought, “Hey, I could do that!” So I started looking into it more and next thing you know I was a blogger!
2.  What do you hope to gain from your blog experience?

At first I thought it would just be fun to design, show off my photography and be able to get creative. After I started getting into it and talking with other bloggers, I am realizing that there is a whole world here and I had no idea!
3.  What is your favorite part of blogging?

Being able to express my creativity. I love having an excuse to take pictures of inanimate objects and my food! And it is fun knowing that if I am bored, I can go online and read someone's post, leave comments to let them know I love it, or just shoot them a tweet....and there is always a blogger online to respond back!
4.  If you could meet any blogger in person (besides yours truly of course!!) who would it be and why?

Ohhh...hard question. I am not sure yet, there are a lot of great ladies on here. I don't think that I could pick just one!
5.  What are two of your favorite posts (links!) and why?

1. What Type of Driver Are You? I think this was one of my funniest, and it got a lot of reactions from readers. It was one of the first ones that I started getting regular comments on and that made me so happy!
2. Is Google AdSense Worth it? This is a concern I have. By posting it and putting that question out there, I heard back from a lot of ladies that this is a concern most of them have. I got some advice and hopefully everyone thought about it a little more.
6.  What is your top blog goal this year?

I want to grow my content. To have posts that are worth reading and not just fluff. I hope to get better the more I write and the more I find out what is interesting to others, not just me.
7.  What is your number one pet peeve in terms of blogging?

When I look at someone's blog and I can't find the basics about them: their name, where the live (generally), a picture of themselves and their contact email. I just recently had to contact a blogger and couldn't find her email or a way to send her any messages. I went from her blog, to her twitter, to Etsy...all before being able to find a way to contact her. It was way to much work and frustrating.


You don't know me Pinterest!

This week I found a new Pinterest feature .. the "Picked for You" button.  Pinterest I'm not sure you know what you're doing on this one.  You sorta know me Pinterest but there are definitely some big misses.

I've never even read the Potter books yet.  What is with all the Harry Potter pins?  You must have suggested like 20.  Sorry Pinterest not so much!

Cute romper
A romper Pinterest? Really?  Really?  I have nothing more to say to you.

Tomato and Mozzarella Burger
I'll sorta give you this one cause I do enjoy mozzarella a lot and there are quite a few recipes I've pinned with that but straight up tomatoes like this?  Nope sorry.  No way.

Props though for realizing that 70% of what I pin is food and probably at least another 10% is blogging and Disney.  You are doing something right : )

Keep sending me the Disney and food I will actually eat pins and I think this new feature and I will get along just fine.  Now it's time for a girly movie and maybe some ice cream ... : D


Grandma's Mac & Cheese Casserole

I have a super easy and really yummy recipe for you today.  This is one that my grandma used to make supposedly although honestly I don't ever remember having it at her house only at home.  Oh well we still call it Grandma's Casserole anyways!

Grandma's Mac & Cheese Casserole


  • 1lb Ground Beef (I've tried it with ground turkey and this one honestly isn't the same)
  • 3 medium-ish potatoes
  • 1 can creamed corn
  • Milk & butter to make mashed potatoes, or however you like to make them
The 1 lb ground beef and the 3 medium potatoes are really just guidelines.  I think we had 1.25 lbs and 4 small potatoes.  It's not an exact science with this one.
Using the Boil Over No More while making my potatoes!

1.  Pre-heat oven to about 350 (little more won't hurt it).  Brown your ground beef, season with garlic and onion powders.  Drain beef then add to casserole dish.

2.  While beef is cooking peel and chunk potatoes.  Then boil potatoes.  When they are finished add desired amount of milk and butter then mash!!  I love my Mix N' Masher for this since I can mash and sorta whip the potatoes at the same time.

3.  Once potatoes are mashed to your desired consistency and taste spread them on top of the ground beef.  Then add the cream corn on top, spreading it so it's even.  

4.  Cook in oven for about 30 minutes.  Sometimes I like to do it a little longer so the cream corn isn't so watery and is heated thoroughly.


Like my Grandma's Mac and Cheese Casserole this one is a great one to save some of the leftovers and re-heat at lunch.  It heats up fabulously in the microwave.   


Out with the Old

Today I'm hanging out on not one but two awesome ladies blogs!  Head over to Chelsee at Southern Beauty Guide for a couple fun photos and an interview with me ... then meander over to Hooah and Hiccups by Samantha for my Do This, Not That list of Chicago and a Giveaway!!!!!!  I'm actually super proud of that post so you better head over and check it out.


It's now one of my absolutely favorite times of the year.  No I'm not talking about back to school, end of summer or anything like that.  I'm talking about the new Pampered Chef products!  Now that I have you all excited I'm not actually going to be talking about those today haha.  With new products comes those products that will be no more : ( 

Sorry the photos are so large but I wanted you to be able to see the numbers and the products!!  Head to my website to see more details about any of the products being discontinued ... or any of the other products for that matter!  I've got a show up and running right now cause I hate when people miss out on the guest special if they order, it's the pizza cutter!!  We love our pizza cutter, my mom actually gave us the old version and got this one when it came out and I ended up being really jealous cause I love the sideways cutting.  PLUS just for my fabulous online blog world friends a special present added to your order just because I can!
I LOVE my Medium Square Bowl and Platter and I was waiting to splurge on the Large ones but it looks like I'm going to have to do it sooner than expected.  The bamboo just makes anything and everything look so amazing and effortless.  

I never was a big fan of the Outdoor dinnerware so I'm not too sad about those guys but look at that little box way up in the right corner.  You can't see it very well but that is the Pizza Crust with Rosemary.  It's smack your mama good OMG.  Unfortunately that set is the only way you can get it : (  If you know anyone who loves stones or pizza I would go for it and keep the crust mix!

 Overall I'm not too sad about the pantry items that are being retired except for two, Chocolate Peppermint Sauce and the Coconut Lime Sauce.  The peppermint sauce is amazingly decadent, it's so nice to heat up a little bit and dip marshmallows and animal crackers.  If you want to get really delicious take spoonful and stir it into your hot chocolate or maybe coffee (I don't drink coffee so I've never actually tried this one).  The Coconut Lime sauce has always been a big seller for me so I'm bummed to see it go.  I've had it drizzled over grilled pound cake and with marshmallows yum yum.  I think marshmallows go with everything haha.  

These items are flying off the shelves so don't wait too long!  Any questions feel free to comment or shoot me an email.  Check out the new website too, it's really neat.



Yesterday 1990's me had a total freak out!  I found out there was a Tamagotchi app.  I KNOW RIGHT?!  I freaked out so loud Kevin was startled in the next room.  Of course I immediately downloaded that baby.

They had all these directions this time around and I was like I got this I don't need no directions!   Let me tell you it was like riding a bike.
We started off the evening like this.  Obviously he is not happy that I made him go to bed.  Well he must have enjoyed himself since he slept till after 10!

There was some whining cause I was ignoring him so I played with him for a bit and he was happy.

 I don't remember it having such huge teeth.  When he gets angry and shows his teeth it's a bit scary!

Then things took a turn for the worse.  Since this afternoon he's been calling me multiple times and giving me attitude.  I'm getting sick of your crap Tamagotchi!

And I looked just in time to see him leave me this little gem.  I think he was getting me back for all the times I disciplined him.  What a punk!

Move over Candy Crush this might be my new addiction!  We seriously need to bring back this fabulous 90's gem so getting playing.  


Gamma Phi Beta Alumnae Love

Today I'm linking up with some pretty awesome ladies, Chelsee from Southern Beauty GuideKristyn from Carolina FirefliesAmanda from Rhyme & Ribbons, and Kelly from Messy Dirty Hair (fellow Gamma Phi alum!!).  
I've talked about my Greek experience before being an alumnae initiate and discovering that one of my closest friends is also a Gamma Phi.  Since the whole point of the link up is to talk about your experience I think that I will definitely be giving a different perspective from most of the ladies in the link up.  

Currently I am the President of the Chicago Northwest Suburban Alumnae Group.  A mouthful right?  So far I haven't done much in my new position but I've been an extremely active alumnae for FIVE years!  One thing that makes me sort of sad about my friends who are Greek is that none of them are active in their sororities as alums.  There is soooo much more than just those four years it's amazing.  Don't get me wrong I really wish I would have been able to have a Big that spoiled me on bid day (not gonna lie kinda miss not getting to have all the kitschy Gamma Phi stuff!) or gone to formals but sometimes I feel if I had been an active in college I might not have been so active as an alumnae.

My first and one of two Gamma Phi shirts.

I have always been an overactive type person, meaning I tend to be involved in about four different activities and Gamma Phi has not been any different.  Being in a large metropolitan area has allowed me to be active in three different alumnae groups, Far west, Northwest and Chicago groups.  Granted I'm not super active in all three because of my other involvements but I love going to all the different events with the different ladies.  One of my absolute favorite events is our Christmas ornament exchange in the Far West suburban group.  We all scour the stores for ornaments shaped like or with a crescent.  This isn't a requirement but it's become a sort of competition to make sure you found one.  I'm happy to report that I found one this weekend while we were in Boston!!

Through my alumnae connections I have met so many interesting and fabulous women of all ages.  One of the ladies in the Chicago group is probably one of the most formidable, hard working but caring and giving women.  She became a doctor at a time that I'm guessing there weren't too many women getting that type of degree and she succeeded like crazy!  The whole time she remained active and did so many wonderful things for Gamma Phi Beta by giving not only money but so much of her time.  She had a Gamma Phi jacket that she only wears for meetings and events because it contains probably about thirty pins from her milestones, offices, and so many other Gamma Phi related things.  I do not see how she could still be standing it probably weighs so much!!  I love that I am able to meet and be inspired by strong women like her because I am an active alumnae.

Doing crazy things at Convention

I urge any Greek woman to check out her local alumnae group.  You can be as active or as inactive as you want and you never know who you will meet!  I think as young adults in college we don't realize what all goes into organizations like this and how much people contribute.  I know it seems silly but I feel kinda like I'm paying it forward by being a part of sending those care packages to the current actives and attempting to build a strong and active younger alumnae group.  Someday I hope to have my own little legacy and I hope that the local alumnae group will be as active with her too.  

Since joining the Northwest group I discovered the larger world of the Panhellenic group and I love it!  We're already planning one of our meetings around an AGD fundraiser and I'm looking forward to going to the Panhellenic scholarship dinner in the spring.  Can't wait to meet more fabulous Greek ladies!  I feel like this link-up is almost a little Panhellenic meeting of sorts and I love it!!

Carolina Fireflies


Go home Sky Mall you're drunk

One of my favorite parts of flying on any vacation (besides using my free drink coupons) is looking at what's new in Sky Mall!!  There is usually some ridiculousness going on and this trip was no disappointment.

Let's start with the sorta cool not really ridiculous.
I would actually use something like this.  Shoot I'd bring it out with me since we take so many darn self shots ... although it might be a little hard to operate after a few.

Two foot tall Coke bottle for $159?!  No thanks!  

This statue has been in Sky Mall for yeaaaaaaaaaaars.  I do not understand how it's still in the catalog, obviously people must be buying it for them to keep it in right?  Who is buying an 8 ft. tall woman with a lamp head?  Seriously I want to see that person's house.  

Now we're getting a little more tipsy ...
I want these and would buy these if they came in adult sizes.  I would get these in each color!!  When I was younger I would put the pool rings around my ankles and pretend I was a mermaid.  Looking back on it that probably wasn't the best idea ... you know potential drowning and all.  

For only $24.95 you too can have a creepy mounted half squirrel.  I mean seriously doesn't it look like it would reach out, grab you then strangle you?  I really have no more words for this one and let's hope I don't have nightmares!!

  Everything about this from the quote at the top to the the images ... so weeeeeird!!! I do agree with Anonymous though, what is with the human hands?  One bright point is that for a canvas print it's only $49 that's pretty good.  

These are just a few of the ridiculous items that were in the catalog this time.  Go home Sky Mall you're drunk!!!


Boston Bound!

If you're reading this I'm already in Boston and have been awake since 2:30 am!! I'm going to be kinda lame till I'm back Tuesday.  Sorry but not sorry yay seafood and the Atlantic ocean!

I'm going to be posting pictures on Instagram and Twitter so follow along and I'll see you back next week in full force.

Have a great weekend!!


Goofy Party

I'm linking up with my favorite ladies again!  Also taking inspiration from the lovely Chelsee this week. Back in the day my friends and I didn't used to be big time party animals.  We had a much different opinion of what was a party!  Yeah we were goofballs but the party was always a good time!

This is how we roll through the parking lot

Toga/80's/Prom poses anyone?

Heck yeah we dress like cowboys with wood horses to go bowling.

Harry Potter glow in the dark glasses?  Heck yeah we will run around the Barnes and Noble parking lot taking a dozen photos with those. 

Strange things are definitely afoot at this Circle K.  You can't tell from this photo but this intersection is always crazy busy and yeah people were looking ha!

We're out at a bar and yet still as goofy : )  

Sometimes you gotta go goofy with you partying sometimes.  Now I will admit there may or may not have been alcohol consumed before the ridiculousness ... probably a lot in Kevin's case since we know he's two and done!