Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Getting Profound on Pinterest


Getting Profound on Pinterest

Kevin and I are still having some sharing issues since we're down to one computer now so I apologize for the craziness of my posting this week ... and probably at least for the next week too!

Aaaaaaaanyways! Like usual I found myself logging some serious Pinterest time today : )  For some reason Pinterest got super profound on me today.  Maybe it's cause I'm reading through the Happiness Project or the fact I've seen the Andy Bernard quote a ton lately but I feel like someone might be trying to tell me something.

By living out your #dreams you will make yourself better as well as the world around you.

Enjoy your life for it's only yours to enjoy!
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This last one I find really ironic since my dad has been saying something almost exactly like this a lot to me lately.  Obviously my dad is pretty awesome if he and Jack Sparrow are conferring like this right?   So for now I'm going to go get all zen and ponder life's big questions : )


  1. I really like the first picture and quote. Including the stump shouldered man slinking away to it seems some dismal place. And the older person sitting on the bench watching this poor creature pass by. It seems fitting to ask "Are yo living your dream?"

    I completely understand about computer sharing. It does keep things interesting. Thank God we are back to 2 again.

    Barbara @

  2. Sharing one computer is never fun. Esp if you got a house full of people like my house. 4 people using 1 desktop. I had to use the desktop for 3 weeks due laptop issues and it was aggravating but you do what you got to do.

  3. Good luck with the whole sharing a computer..that sounds tough!

  4. Great quotes--especially the second one. I'm guilty of waiting too long to do something and then saying I'm too old. I need to start taking chances now, though, because tomorrow I'll just be one day older. Thanks for the reminder:) Have a great day pondering:)

  5. Oh, I'm also computer sharing right now. Not fun! How is The Happiness Project? I've been wanting to read it! Stopping by from Hooah and Hiccups to say hello!