Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Tamagotchi!!!!!!!



Yesterday 1990's me had a total freak out!  I found out there was a Tamagotchi app.  I KNOW RIGHT?!  I freaked out so loud Kevin was startled in the next room.  Of course I immediately downloaded that baby.

They had all these directions this time around and I was like I got this I don't need no directions!   Let me tell you it was like riding a bike.
We started off the evening like this.  Obviously he is not happy that I made him go to bed.  Well he must have enjoyed himself since he slept till after 10!

There was some whining cause I was ignoring him so I played with him for a bit and he was happy.

 I don't remember it having such huge teeth.  When he gets angry and shows his teeth it's a bit scary!

Then things took a turn for the worse.  Since this afternoon he's been calling me multiple times and giving me attitude.  I'm getting sick of your crap Tamagotchi!

And I looked just in time to see him leave me this little gem.  I think he was getting me back for all the times I disciplined him.  What a punk!

Move over Candy Crush this might be my new addiction!  We seriously need to bring back this fabulous 90's gem so getting playing.  


  1. hahah that's so funny! I totally had one when I was a teenager! I am not cool enough to download the app because I don't have a smart phone lol. I am trying to resist the touch screen movement as long as possible since I drop my phone all the time. what is your pet's name?

  2. Oh my. I was totally just thinking about the one I used to have as a kid. However, I remember I only wanted to play with mine for a couple of days before I got bored and tried to ignore the little creature.

  3. I used to have one when I was younger. I would get so sad when it died. haha

  4. Ah, I remember these! So much fun.


  5. Haha I remember these things! That and Furbies! :)

    Newest follower of your blog!

  6. I totally remember this! I loved mine at first, but then he got annoying:) Thanks for sharing, because I do need a new obsession in place of Candy Crush! Awesome!

  7. Haha dude I found this a few months ago and was hooked for a few weeks! My husband kept calling me a nerd!

  8. I was never into these when they were popular but that's too funny that there's an app for them!

  9. lol, this is too funny! I was OBSESSED with my Tamagotchi back in the day!!

  10. That is awesome! I miss playing with those things! They were so fun!