Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Describing a friendship Pinterest style


Describing a friendship Pinterest style

Continuing with the lovely theme of my best friend Becky this week I decided to share so many of the pins I've pinned that describe our friendship.  After looking back through said pins and said board I have realized that we are nuts and very weird : )
I think my shirt might be the one on the left ...

This one definitely applies to Becky and myself but also to most of my other friends as well.  Seriously I will smack someone for my friends ... well maybe not smack ... threaten to do so multiple times until said friend laughs sure why not.

We video chatted for the first time the other night and seriously a good 10 minutes of the end of that conversation was that.  There was also some trying to outdo each other with movie quoting as well.  There are also times when we haven't seen each other in forever that we try to outweird each other.  The weirdness and silliness we heap on the other has built up so much we just have to get it all in during that one visit.

Best friend \
This times 100.

So how I felt trying to describe Becky's birthday present to other people who are not my parents or Kevin.

YUP!  @Becky Malewitz ... I still have to remind Kevin of this fact sometimes : )   
After five years of being together I think Kevin has finally realized this fact, not that he really cares but he's finally stopped asking every now and then if I'm going to tell Becky what he just said. 

It says it all : )


  1. Those shirts are too cute! I love all of these!!

  2. These are great! You are definitely lucky to have such an awesome best friend! Love those shirts:)