Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Shopping my closet


Shopping my closet

Even though I'm almost through my 101 task of wearing each piece from my closet and jewelry case I've been trying to figure out different outfits.  Being super awesome lately and not buying anything new has really got me going with trying out different combinations ... not all of them successful either!!

Since I haven't played around on Polyvore lately I decided it was time to play around again : )  For some reason it looks so much better on the website then it does somewhat crumpled on the bed.  

Working with What I have

I have everything in this outfit but the mint pants.  I keep seeing ladies wearing the colored pants this season and I'm a big fan.  I feel like this would also work with the darker coral skinny pants I'm seeing.  Good thing I've got Kohl's & Old Navy rewards coming to me soon!

Pops of Green

It's almost boot season here in Chicago!!  I'm super excited although it means I have to pull them all back out from storage at my parent's house, it feels like I just sent them over!  Now all of these pieces I actually have.  I feel like this would be a perfect casual outfit for the fall.  The colors are perfect transition.  In addition to the green I have a red bubble necklace or a large coral statement necklace that would change the whole look up too.  Obviously with a different colored purse though!!

I feel a Pinned It Now Wear It challenge coming on ....


  1. Hey Betsy! I just did a Spin on a Pin post. Check it out, maybe you would want to participate. Also, mint pants are a YES!

  2. These are great looks!!
    Thanks for linking up for Passion For Fashion!

  3. I love these, especially the bow..I ordered a ring the other day that was like that. I can't to see what look you come up with!

  4. Yes! Now that you've pinned it you have to wear it and show us a picture! Great outfits and awesome idea to shop your closet. I've been trying to do more of that lately. It's amazing how pairing different things together can give your old clothes a completely different look:)

  5. i love boot season, its truly my fave :) love both of these outfits. ive been considering a no spend situation and shopping my own closet, any tips? xxthanks so much for linking up to passion for fashion, hope you'll join us again on friday xx