Musings of a Museum Fanatic: That One Person


That One Person

We all have That One Person who just drives us bananas ... B ... A-N ... A-N-A-S!  It might be that person you know from high school who you just can't quite bring yourself to unfriend on Facebook because they just do the most ridiculous things when drunk, or the toxic friend of yours who while she's super fun most of the time just says the silliest things or your family member who you love but is just sometimes delusional or that blogger who is just in their own little world and you sit there reading their posts like "huh?!".  Doesn't matter who they are or what their relationship is to you we all have That One Person.

My That One Person has just been face palm ridiculous today.  Now I must qualify this my That One Person  is overall pretty nice but things have happened in the past to make them not my favorite person.  That One Person is really still kinda young, spoiled but is trying to be an adult but still wants everything handed to them. They are they type of person who shares all the memes (and ridiculous ones at that) on Facebook.  Not gonna lie that REALLY drives me bananas.  There is a time and place for all those memes and I'm pretty sure it's Pinterest just saying.  If it were just images of random things OK but when the phrases or sayings on them are supposed to apply to this person I'm like whaaaaat? UM NO!

Inigo Montoya on Grammar

What is this super annoying and most ridiculous meme you ask?

Yes I know it's a little silly but That One Person you live in a town of less than 20,000 people and are college educated.  Nope sorry.  Also any part of your School of Life training has been your own choosing and you've been coddled along the way.  Not buying it.  Going to get really nit picky for a minute, you don't major or minor when you're getting your Masters.  I know that one's not your fault you didn't write the meme but pick on that is more correct please!  Also please do not insult those of us who work hard for our Master's with a not so fabulous attempt at bad-assness.  We can chat when you're able to hack the big bad 'burbs ... oh wait ...

Stick to the animal memes That One Person please!


  1. bahaha. This whole thing made me crack up. You know who my one person was, I feel so much better now that I cut her out!!!

  2. I vote you just hide them on Facebook. They will never know! I've had to do that a lot lately.

  3. Haha I think we all have that one person that drives us cray cray!