Musings of a Museum Fanatic: October 2013


Someday I will ...

Today I'm getting all thought provoking and maybe even a little profound with Taylor over at The Daily Tay.

Someday I will actually live within the city limits of my favorite city.

Someday I will be good about my skin care routine and it will be something that doesn't aggravate my skin after two days

Someday I will cook like my mom, just able to throw things together and it tastes yummy.

Someday I will get my hair to do exactly what I want when it's curly.

Someday I will exercise on a regular basis.

Someday I will be completely organized.  Our house, the blog, myself, everything!

Someday I will visit more of Europe.  I will visit Africa and Australia and so many other places.

Someday I will stop being so hard on myself

Someday I will just be happy with how things in my life are and how I am.

The Daily Tay


Electronic Hoarding: Pinterest

One area of my electronic hoarding I hadn't looked at before was Pinterest.  Not gonna lie it was almost as bad as my 2,000 following on Twitter!!  Unlike my other social media Pinterest is somewhat of a different story since I follow a large number of people from the non-blog world along with bloggers.  When I started to actually look at who I was following I realized unfollowing some people wouldn't be so hard.

First off head to "Your Boards"

Then click on "Following"  Everyone should be really proud mine was up over 1,000 this morning haha. 

One thing I noticed about people from my non-blogging life was that there were many people who I started following who had never started pinning.  First I went through and stopped following anyone who had less than 5 pins.  

Then like I've been doing with my other social media ... if I don't recognize your name/blog you're outta here!  Another reason that prompts me to unfollow is the serial pinning.  From what I can see it's mostly brands that will pin about 20 of the almost same thing or as I've dubbed it serial pinning.  Like Target pinning 20-30 pins all at once about shoes.  Not gonna lie this is really annoying it fills up the feed with all the same things.  I will admit I go on spurts where I will pin tons of recipes at once but it's not 25 pairs of pumps where the image looks almost exactly the same.  Usually when it's serial pins like that it's never anything that interests me.  

Eventually when I've exhausted those methods I will work on the tactic of if I like what they say they stay.  Although pinning tends to be something where people have tons of different topics unlike blogging where most of the time people are talking about the same type of subject.  I could be wrong on that though but will be sure to keep you posted as the numbers go down!     


Pet Names

Like most ridiculously annoying couples Kevin and I do have pet names for each other.  Nothing super annoying we like sweetheart and sweetie.  For some reason though this weekend I made it my mission to come up with the most ridiculous pet names for him just to see how long he would take it before he was just like AHHHH!  Let's just say it didn't take very long.

I did come up with some interesting ones.  Starting right off the bat I went kinda old school 80's upper crust with ...
which turned into
Pookily Wookily
then went to
Pookily Wookily Poo

He was definitely NOT a fan of the Pookie series of names.  So I went another way ...


Then I tried the grandaddy of pet names!!

Kevinly Wevly Schnookers Pooka Wooka Poo

His reaction?

We decided to stick to Sweetie and Sweetheart from now on.  Although maybe every now and then I might bring them out.  I mean come on how can you not want to see those faces?



You say Friday, I say frYday

El rotundo efecto sicologico del viernes!!! Yeiiiiiiiy!!!!

Happy Friday! @Jess Pearl Pearl Pearl Pearl Pearl Pearl Pearl Liu Sutton @Ashley Walters Walters Walters Walters Walters Walters Walters Walters Walters Rolle



It's just one of those Fridays where 4pm couldn't come fast enough.  There may or may not be ice cream involved in my 20 minutes between grabbing my Pampered Chef gear and heading north for a show.  Hopefully your Friday was less crazy than mine and I can't wait to see everyone's costumes from this weekend.  I think I might be taking Stephanie's hole up in cocoon ideas and putting them into affect this weekend : )  


Haunted Chicago Museums

Since it is Halloween time what would it be without talking about some scary and haunted Chicago sites!  Some people like to say that Chicago is one of the most haunted cities in the world.  I'm not sure about that one but it definitely has it's own share of haunted historical sites.

Museum of Science and Industry  

Built in 1893 as part of the World Colombian Exposition, the Palace of Fine Arts (now the Museum of Science and Industry) is the only surviving building from the Fair.  Supposedly there are three ghosts that haunt it.  Clarence Darrow is probably the most famous of the ghosts.  He was the lawyer for Leopold and Loeb during their 1924 murder trial, in addition to being a part of the Scopes Monkey Trial.

After Clarence died he was cremated and his ashes were spread over the Jackson Park Lagoon.  Since then people have said that they have seen him on the bridge along with a gentleman matching his description in 1930's clothes in the museum itself who then vanishes.  I have been to the MSI many times and all that I've felt is super overwhelmed by all the little kids running around.

Hull House
There are multiple stories about the west side Hull House being haunted.  Some of the stories are even before Jane Addams bought the home.  Supposedly Mrs. Hull, wife of the original owner, walks the house at night.  People claim to have seen a woman in the windows of the home.  

Not only is there Mrs. Hull but supposedly there was also a devil baby brought to Hull House.  Supposedly a devil baby was born near the house and was brought to the house to try and have it baptized.  Like Mrs. Hull people claim to see the face of a baby in and around the house.  I can't say either way about Hull House, I haven't had a chance to visit the museum yet.  Since Jane Addams was a big fan of supernatural stories I feel like maybe they went where they were appreciated!
Field Museum & The Art Institute
Since these are two of the biggest museums in the Chicago area I thought maybe there would be a ton of stories about them being haunted by all sorts of crazy things.  Weirdly enough with all my research I could only find a couple of small stories.  I found one claim of the Field Museum being the most haunted place in Chicago, if that was the case the then more people would be talking about it being haunted!!  Supposedly there is a "Screaming Mummy" that can be heard when the museum is closed.  I feel like this one is not totally out of the realm of possibilities since there are quite a number of mummies on display and in storage, who knows what ancient occult could be still attached to them.  

For all my research I was able to find one story of a guard at the Art Institute who saw a specter in the Japanese galleries.  It was written up as a PR story by the Art Institute though so who knows!  Overall I feel like since I've at least walked the back halls of the Field Museum and yes they're sorta creepy and old but I'm not sure I'd go so far as to say haunted but who knows when you're surrounded by mummies, and the dead animal zoo. 

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Tunes on Tuesday: Yellow Submarine

Pretty sure I've mentioned this one before but I'm a huge Beatles fan.  Out of all the the bands I love the Beatles and AC/DC are my top two favorites.  Love so many of their songs and could listen to them every day. Since not just myself but my whole family are big Beatles fans we were also fans of their movies as well.  Yup they made movies!  Now my two favorites of theirs are "Help" and "Hard Day's Night", those are for another day.  Today we're talking about a lesser known movie of theirs "Yellow Submarine".  Now during my early college years I was and still am obsessed with the 1960's.  Pretty sure my parents and I should be reversed.  While I was searching for more amazing rock operas and movies made by bands I love I came across this complete ridiculousness.

So the movie starts off in Pepperland where everyone is super happy and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is playing music then all of a sudden the Blue Meanies attack, the freeze the band in a bubble thereby freezing all of Pepperland and turning it black and white!  Side note the Blue Meanies have their own Wikipedia page which is freaking awesome.  So Old Fred who is called Young Fred is sent by the Mayor to get help in the Yellow Submarine.  Coming across a depressed Ringo Fred convinces him to bring his mates to Pepperland and rescue the people.  There is some usual Beatles ridiculousness while trying to round everyone up and then their off.

This is where things get really crazy.  To get back to Pepperland they have to go through a bunch of crazy and different worlds/seas.  Going through Sea of Time, time is all over going back and forth.  Then comes the Sea of Science and the Seas of Monsters followed closely by the Sea of Nothing.  In the Sea of Nothing they meet their new friend Jeremy Hillary Boob PhD, during their encounter with Jeremy they sing "Nowhere Man" and it definitely works for him.  After a little bit of pouting the Beatles decide to take him along and go through the Foothills of the Headlands and the Sea of Holes, in the latter the Blue Meanie who is on guard snatches Jeremy, the all dash through the Sea of Green and pop into Pepperland.

The Beatles quickly recover instruments from the Tower (where the Meanies put them) and dress like the original Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.  Their cover is blown and they have to sing and play music to defeat the Blue Meanies.  Because of the singing everyone in Pepperland is restored so they take up arms/flowers against the Meanies too.  There is a fight with a large flying glove and all the people from Pepperland are saved and happy.

Now I'm not one to say things like this often but if I was to ever do mind altering substances this would be the first thing I would do is watch this movie!  It's ridiculousness put to a fabulous soundtrack.    


Bedroom Updates

Since supposedly we're adults now Kevin and I decided to start upgrading our bedroom furniture.  Granted at this point we're still going for IKEA, nice IKEA but yeah.  We figured out that we really liked the Hemnes style, plus some of the others had nickel hardware and I don't want to replace them!
 We already got the grey nightstand but of course then Kevin is like "I'm not a fan of that color"  so I think we'll be going back to the dark brown.  Now we just have to decide about the bed frame.  The top one is really nice with the under bed storage.  Whenever I look at one I keep hearing Stephanie's voice in my head saying "Why do you need so much storage? You have too much stuff!" Extra blankets and sweaters woman!   Although I have been digging the whole leather/fabric headboard thing.

Does anyone any thoughts either way on the whole fabric v. non-fabric headboard feud?  I feel like I should see more on Pinterest but I only ever see the ones about window pain or pallet headboards.  Don't get me started on this whole pallet thing that is a whole other post for another day.  So for now we will keep plugging along on our quest to become more adult : )  


Pin all the things!

Pretty sure I say something to this extent every week but yay for finally being Friday and the weekend!  For most of the day and currently my brain just has been out for the weekend already so Pinterest got some fun new finds!

Ariel Pumpkin-Carving Template | Printables | Spoonful
Kevin and I haven't carved pumpkins yet this year and this one looks awesome.  Although on a second look it does look somewhat difficult haha.  It is a template though ... we shall see what happens.  Maybe I can get Kevin do this one.  

Speed Bump

This comic cracks me UP!  Back in the olden days (try 15th century olden days) they would put someone who was accused of being a witch in a lake or river.  If they floated they were guilty ... sunk and they were innocent.  I love history humor : )

I totally have all the basic elements for this outfit!  Adding this one to the now pinned need to try it list.  During our Gamma Phi shopping night this month I splurged and got a really pretty red silky infinity scarf, can't wait to wear this one.  

I wonder if I could make this on my own for Gamma Phi?
One of my things lately has been looking at wreaths for our front door.  Probably wouldn't put something like this on the hallway door but I love the idea of crafting something like this for myself with Gamma Phi things and colors.  *Craft all the things!!!!*

New England Lobster Roll - a classic New England recipe that anyone can make at home!  The trick to this recipe is simple, fresh ingredients.  So delicious!
Can someone make this for me like now?  Please?  Thanks!!! YUM!


Electronic Hoarding part 2: Email

Last week I shared my advice for unfollowing on blogger along with my three new rules about why you should unfollow or follow someone.  Today I'm taking it to your email!!!!

Stephanie let me in on this little Gmail secret a few months ago ... the All Mail button.  If you don't have Gmail I'm guessing there is something similar on your email you're just going to have to have a little treasure hunt and find it on your own!  To find it on Gmail start by looking to the left where your Folders are.

When you expand your folders you see this little button on the left that says more ... click it!!

Then you will see that lovely little All Mail button ... click it!!

Now watch as every single email, draft, sent mail and gchat you've ever done pops up!  Mine was at like 8,000 or something crazy a few months ago when I found out about this feature.  I actually had it down to 1,000 but took a break from cleaning out and look what happened 2,800.

The amount of mail doesn't seem so bad when it's all divided up but when you're looking at everything you start think why am I even keeping any of this!?  So my answer to that is start deleting.  Obviously keep important things (like emails from when Kevin and I first met which are hilarious and I will share!) but things like the mini conversation you had with a friend over email that was confirming something you don't need to keep it.  You will feel so much better after cleaning out some of those random things and it will make it easier to find the important ones when you need to!

Now to get back to cleaning ... got get that inbox to zero!


Top 10 Viral Videos

Lately I've been feeling a bit nostalgic still for my college years and for some reason something prompted me to go back and relive those fabulous early days viral videos.  There are so many good ones that I decided I need to do MY top ten list like Letterman (or is it Leno?  I don't know I don't stay up that late haha).  

10.  Lazy Sunday
Coming at number 10 is Lazy Sunday compliments of Andy Samberg and SNL.  It's the Chronic (what?) Cles of Narnia!!!

9. Evolution of Dance

This guy is the original and the best clearly.  I appreciate his seamless transitions and use of not so common tunes i.e. Oompa Loompa song : )

8. Jill and Kevin's Big Day 

I know the pitchforks might come out because I included this one.  Yes I know it was soooo over done but seriously look at how good this is.  You can tell they were just having a good time and not out for the 15 minutes like everyone after.

7. Daft hands

Two words ... mad skill.  Anyone who says it's lame I want to see you do it!  My hands would be all discombobulated.  I'd really like to know how long she practiced.

6.  Potter Puppet Pals

I actually had totally forgot about this one before I went through my old bookmarks.  It still really confuses my why Dumbledore looses his clothes.  Some good clean Harry Potter fun with this one!

This is where things get difficult.  My top 5 are really my all time favorite viral videos and honestly it's kinda hard to rank #2-#5 they are all equally awesome for different reasons.

5.  Call Me Maybe Chat Roulette
This is a more recent video obviously but honest to goodness viral video gold.  I've watched most of his other stuff and it really doesn't hold a candle to this one.  I mean seriously the crab hopping part on the floor (2:45)? I DIE every time.

4.  Here it Goes again

Again this is some really insanely awesome skills they're pulling out here.  Not only are they all nice a coordinated but they're doing it on treadmills, I can't even lightly jog on treadmills for fear of pulling an AFV moment.  I love the fact that they did this behind their label's back and it was a smash hit.

3.  Yatta

Japanese guys in leaf loin clothes, pretty sure I don't need to say anything else.

2.  Aisha
This video holds a special place in my heart.  I'm not sure why we got so attached to this one but we did.  We were even doing his little dance moves at the end.  Picture it three white girls in the freshman dorm doing the Aisha moves.  The glory days.


1.  Numa Numa Guy
I'm pretty sure this is the original viral video and it will always be the best.


Feeling Old

The past couple of weekends I've actually been going out and doing fun things with friends.  Since moving up to the northwest burbs and Kevin leaving the band things have been a little weird with friends.  Last weekend I went out with my new Gamma Phi friend Nicole to see Stache at a local bar.  I know right?  Kevin leaves the band and they still can't get rid of me!!

Now for the old part!  We stayed out at the bar for the usual 2:30 ending time but instead of actually going to bed when I got home I stayed up and read for another half an hour.  My brain was just like "YAY this is awesome people!!" and did not want to go to bed.  Body was regretting brain's decision the next day, actually I think brain was too since the whole intelligent thought thing just didn't work that day.  Thank goodness Kevin was gone cause he would have died laughing at my granny walk.  

Around comes this Friday, Kevin and I ended up meeting one of Kevin's cousins out in Crystal Lake.  We went out to see John from IT's band and they were awesome.  It might be my new favorite thing.  They play a bunch of different stuff from some fabulous oldies to 90's and tons in-between.  Bonnie, Kevin's cousin, and I were dancing like craaaaaaazy.  Kevin was being his usual anti-social self and just watching what the guys played and all that bass gear jazz.

So that's my friend John.  I swear during the day he does look normal and not so crazy eyes.  I don't know what it is about guys and the need to make a ridiculous face as soon as they see a camera pointed at them.  They call us ridiculous with our sorority girl arms, at least we look cute right?!  This weekend I actually made it through Sunday without granny action but oh man this morning was death warmed over.  One of my weekly goals was to walk up the stairs to the second floor when I head up to get the mail and it took me at least 5 minutes to do so this morning.  It was not pretty haha.  

Because of the past two weekends I have learned that I'm either getting too old or that I need to keep my tolerance up and go rocking out more often!     


Electronic hoarding

Lately I've realized that I have a big time electronic hoarding issue!  I tend to keep emails until they pile up, my Blogger count is crazy high, I hit the limit on my Twitter number and I just tend to collect my online things in all their different forms.

A few months ago thanks to the slight encouragement (or massive amount of pressure!) from Stephanie I really started to take care of my crazy electronic hoarding habits.  I think I'm doing pretty well with my numbers ...

Blogger 602
Bloglovin 472
Twitter 699

I just checked Pinterest and we won't even go there right now!!  All three of those numbers used to be over 1,000.  What can I say I'm kind of a giveaway addict.  Albeit a somewhat reformed one now.  By no means am I claiming to be an expert in anything but I think I'm getting there with my unfollowing tactics.

First off I wanted to take you through the process of unfriending on Blogger.  I'm sure you already know how but if you have a large number like myself you might need an easier method.

First things first if you're not sure how to unfollow on Blogger head to the main page.  Click on the little wagon wheel on the right side of your screen.

If you're like me and you have a number of blogs you're following it will take a while to load. Let it do it's thing, go surf Pinterest, follow some more people on Twitter ... you know the usual.  As you can see since taking this shot today I have unfollowed more people : )

I suggest opening the blogs into a new window since then you don't have to keep letting things re-load every single time.  After deciding that you aren't going to follow a specific blog, right click on the blue "Settings" hyperlink and open that page in a new window.  

 If you've already done any kind of unfollowing you will recognize this screen.  It usually is a pop up that come up when you do anything with a specific blog.  By opening it in a separate window it allows you to unfollow that specific blog without having Blogger refresh automatically.  When you're going through and doing a lot this is key!  

My Top 3 Reasons to Unfollow a Blog

1. They haven't written anything in a significant amount of time.  I decided that if someone hasn't written since October 1st then buh bye.

2.  They write on a subject that just doesn't interest or apply to you.  Maybe some day when we start to have kids I will go back and follow more mommy bloggers but for now blogs about just their kids are not my cup of tea.

3.  They aren't "Friend" material.  Before everyone goes nuts let me explain!  I've started to think of the blogs I follow as friends I want to get to know and honestly if someone isn't a person I would want to be friends with in real life why the heck would I want to follow them online?  I know we do have those few people who I'm sure we love to hate read or stalk on Facebook, whatever you're poison is, but make sure the rest are friends!  I'm working on this one now I promise : )


Professor Bloom

I was all prepared to write today about my online hoarding issues but after a quick (or maybe long) look on Facebook I found out some devastating news.  One of my absolutely favorite and most influential history professor's from undergrad has passed away.

I started out my college years taking Core (an intro class that covered tons of different types of subjects was like a massive gen ed type course) with him because that's what my brother had done and it was one of his favorites.  I didn't end up taking an actual history course with him until junior year but Prof. Bloom was always there when I popped in to say hi or stopped him on campus to chat.  He was just one of those professors who cares about students ... whether they were his or not!

VU has lost someone incredibly special and amazing.  You mean so much to so many people and I hope that influence will resonate for a long time even though you're not here anymore.  I will miss you so much Prof. Bloom.


Tunes on Tuesday: Wake Me Up

Lately I have been so utterly obsessed with the song Wake Me Up by Avicii.  I love the pulsing melody of it and I'm not going to lie my bought of nostalgia and melancholy lately definitely has me relating to the sentiments of the lyrics. This came on the radio I think four times on my drive to my parents and I listened to the entire song each time.

I started thinking about the phrase "Wake Me Up" in songs and I realized that it's actually used a number of times in songs that were quite popular when they came out.  One I thought of was Green Day's "Wake Me Up When September Ends"  I keep seeing random memes on Pinterest at the end of last month that kept referring to that song.  So I think it's been playing in the back of my head since then!

The next song I thought of was the ever popular "Bring Me To Life" by Evanescence.  This one was a big hit when I was in high school ... I can't believe that song is 10 years old either.  It has that pulsating, fist pumping and head banging chorus that pounds out the lyrics "Wake me up inside ... Wake me up inside ... Call my name and save me from the dark."  Love it.  This video is actually a little bit different than you would expect.  This person spliced together parts of Sleeping Beauty and put them to this song.  I personally think it's pretty awesome but other people have told me I'm weird.  Don't care, like it!

Not gonna lie this last song is definitely the first one that popped into my head.  It needs no introduction just sit and bask in the fabulous 80's popiness of it.       


Sign up now for Bigs & Littles!!!!

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A visit to Plimoth Plantation

A visit to Plimoth Plantation by Musings of a Museum Fanatic

A visit to Plimoth Plantation by Musings of a Museum Fanatic

During our trip to Boston in August one of the most exciting places we visited (at least for me!) was Plimouth Plantation.  Just about an hour south of Boston Plimouth Plantation is just outside of the town Plymouth, where Plymouth rock is found.  The Plantation is what is called a Living History Museum or Open Air Museum.  It is a specific way of exhibiting the collections outdoors and most of the time nowadays it involves some sort of costumed interpretation.

A visit to Plimoth Plantation by Musings of a Museum Fanatic

At Plimouth Plantation there were two main areas being interpreted, the Wampanoag homesite and the 17th century English village.  What is extremely unique about these is that at the Wampanoag they interpret the history in third person (they are talking about the people) and at the village it's interpreted in first person(they are the people).  Usually if there is any type of historical interpretation an institution will stick to one tense so people do not get confused but here at Plimouth they felt that to have the Wampanoag descendants speaking about their ancestors and heritage it would be much easier for visitors to ask questions and really understand.  This was definitely the case with our group, we ended up meeting up with one of my cousins and their kids.  The kids asked a ton of questions and probably wouldn't have understood as much if it would have been relayed to them in first person.

A visit to Plimoth Plantation by Musings of a Museum Fanatic
Yup that's the Atlantic Ocean!!

A visit to Plimoth Plantation by Musings of a Museum Fanatic

Heading through the forest you come out into plowed fields with livestock and timber houses.  As you head closer you start to see people working in their gardens or going about their daily chores.  We got to see three young ladies preparing their midday meal, chopping beets and cooking a stew on the fire with a nice, heavy cast iron cauldron (a small one but still heavy!).  I absolutely loved talking with the interpreters.  So did dad too for that matter!  He talked to the minister for at least 15 minutes. After going through the entire village it was extremely impressive that they were all still in character and were so the entire time they talked to us.  The museum professional in me really wanted to ask how they were trained before starting but I knew they wouldn't answer me : )

A visit to Plimoth Plantation by Musings of a Museum Fanatic

One of the most fascinating aspects of Plimouth Plantation is that everything used at the Plantation is made in their Craft Center.  The pottery you see in the above photo, the furniture, the houses, everything!  The artisan below was working on a beautifully intricate chair and there were other pieces that we just waiting to be painted.  You were able to buy many of the pottery pieces in the shop and we went home with a little pottery jug like the green one above.  It's a perfect little vase.  

A visit to Plimoth Plantation by Musings of a Museum Fanatic
I would definitely go back again to visit since there were parts we did not get to see like the Plimouth Grist Mill and the Mayflower II, which was closed for repairs while we were there.  Since it was right at the end of the summer as well by the time we were done there were tons of people and I love to look at everything and talk to everyone so I did miss those chances with some of the interpreters.

If you want to go see everything it can be a bit pricey at $35 per adult but that's everything both villages, and the Mayflower II.  Going to just Plimouth Plantation (Not including the Mayflower) was $25.95.  Since we decided last minute I didn't look before hand to see if there were any deals to be had but I'm sure that if you do keep an eye out on sites like Groupon or check into reciprocity you might be able to find a good deal!  No matter what the price I definitely think that Plimouth Plantation is a must see!!

A visit to Plimoth Plantation by Musings of a Museum Fanatic


Tunes on Tuesday: Ten Million Slaves

In case you weren't sure about this fact ... I love history.  I'm a huge fan of old music.  Not just like the oldies from the 1960's old, although 50 years is kinda old these days!!  Today I'm talking about 1930's Great Depression era old music.  Give me that bluegrass folk type, African American  gospel, early 20th century blues music any day.

The song I'm sharing today actually isn't from the 1930's but it could be ... you know except for the whole electric guitar thing : )  This song is actually the opening song from "Public Enemies", a killer Johnny Depp movie about John Dillinger.  Dillinger is a notorious Midwestern and Chicago criminal who was killed in 1934.

Otis Taylor actually did quite a few songs from the soundtrack.  10 Million Slaves though is my favorite.  Throughout the years I've come to realize that I enjoy the songs that are more unique in their sound, they aren't usually the number one hit off the album they are like the number two song or something.  This is definitely one of those songs.

When I close my eyes and I hear the banjo I feel like I'm going to open them and see gangsters whizzing by in their Model T's with cops hot their tails.