Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Bloggy Bigs & Littles what what!!


Bloggy Bigs & Littles what what!!

Have you ever...

felt completely lost in this blogland and didn't know what to do?

wanted to shout from the rooftops, "I've got it! I know how to blog!"
or "I have not clue what I'm doing"

thought, "Gosh, I want to ask So and So a question, but their blog is too big for them to want to talk to little me"

wanted to help a new blogger with the design of their blog? Or offer some advice on how to grow their blog? Or even wanted to know how another blogger created a design on their blog?

Well, this might be just the place for you...


What is Bigs & Littles?
This is a partnering of bloggers to teach, to learn and to grow that lasts two months. In the Bigs & Littles Blogging Network big & little bloggers are matched together. Each of us regardless of size or experience has something we can give back to others. Throughout this program you will have the ability to build a new friendship, share experiences, teach, and learn. 

How it works:
The signup will run from October 7th -October 11th! Once
the deadline has passed, the process of finding your partner will begin! This
process will take about a week, but depending on the number that sign up it
could take a bit longer or it could take less time. The partner list should be
out by October 15th.
Your Partnership will run for 2 months, at the end of the two months you
will need to sign up again to receive a new partner.

Why you should sign
The idea behind the Bigs & Littles Blogging Network is
for bloggers to teach, learn, and grow from each other. Furthermore, the goal
is to become close with one another and support each other, and at the end of
it all make new friends. Our vision is not only for the Littles to grow their
blogs and learn from their big, but that this process will propel them into
becoming a big themselves. Regardless if you are a big or little, there is
something that we can all bring to the table to help each other.

Read this testimonial from one of the bloggers that participated in this past Bigs & Little Blogging Network round:

Rebekah: "Bigs & Littles was such a blessing to me. I had the privilege of getting to know 2 great bloggers! Bigs & Littles is a great way to be able to become friends with someone & have the distinct privilege of asking them for help/advice on your blog"

Grab button for B&L

<div class="Grab button for B&L" style="width: 200px; margin: 0 auto;"> <a href="" rel="nofollow"> <img src="" alt="SBG" width="200" height="200" /> </a></div>

The Rules: 

1. Please follow Chelsee, BetsyKatie, Sara, Kristyn, & Erin!

2. If you are unable to continue with your relationship with your partner, please send an email here and I will make make arrangements to reassign you another partner. 

3. If for any reason you feel that your partner is not participating, please email me here

4. Please note that if you are not participating, then you will be unable to participate in the future(This is only fair to your partner, and not malicious). 

5. Have Fun & Make Friends!

*Feel free to Grab our button and use it on your blog!

I hope all of you are super excited about this news and sign up. Please email us if you have any questions or concerns!

Also, Tweet us using hashtag #bloggybigsnlittles


  1. how can I sign up? I liked and followed everyone :S

    1. The sign up starts next week on the 7th so keep an eye out for the posts that day. There will be a google doc for you to fill out and submit! : )

  2. This is such a great idea, and I'm so glad I found your blog! I can't wait to get to know new bloggers :)