Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Help Whip Cancer


Help Whip Cancer

Every October and May the Pampered Chef comes out with special pink Help Whip Cancer items. For each one of the items sold this month the Pampered Chef donates $1 to the American Cancer Society.  The Pampered Chef has been working with the American Cancer Society for years and years and have been able to raise so much money for a great cause.  I know that people I have lost eventually to cancer would not have been able to be with us as long as they were if it weren't for amazing organizations working and doing research to help treat and maybe eventually cure cancer.

This month the pink products are super cute!  Mom is already getting at least one of the Zebra Cake Servers and I'm definitely obsessed with those plates.  I'm not sure why but cute little appetizer plates are my new obsession!

This month I decided I was going to do something totally out of my comfort zone and host my own Help Whip Cancer fundraiser show.  I've never done one before and even though it's the same thing as a regular catalog for some reason it's much intimidating.  So until next Saturday if you need anything Pampered Chef or any of the pink products head to my website and order through the fundraiser.  If anyone books a catalog show with me before the show ends I'm going to donate another $10 to Help Whip Cancer plus a little thank you gift for you for being a part of my first fundraiser show : D  


  1. This is pretty neat. I love companies that give back!

  2. This is so wonderful! What a blessing when companies look outside themselves.