Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Pinterest you are drunk: fall edition


Pinterest you are drunk: fall edition

Since fall is full force in the real world with changing colors, smells of cinnamon and pumpkin everything and everywhere.  It's no surprise that fall and Halloween have inundated Pinterest.  Like any subject matter there are fun pins and their are the "go home you're drunk pins".  I seem to be seeing a lot of the latter lately!
Not the craziest one but still. 

Glitter chevron pumpkin
At first I was like hmmm cool but then I got to thinking that you bought three perfectly good pumpkins and painted them.  I don't know about your area but pumpkins aren't exactly like .10 cents a pound here.  That's a lot of poundage that you painted with fancy paints.  It also reminds me of the long paint legged rompers of the 70's & 80's not sure why but that's just what I think of when I see them!

Halloween Finger Food! hahaha, so gross and so awesome at the same time!  I don't think I could eat them, but kids would love this!  Made with hot dogs, ketchup and cooked onions.
These just really gross me out EW!

sooo cute! Mike & Christy: It is Halloween!!!! CRAFT TIME
I don't get this one.  It's not like she's supposed to be under the house or anything.  It's legs hanging from an umbrella?  This makes no sense to me. 

Halloween-Crafts idea-Pumpkin/carrot millipede lawn sculpture

Hopefully the winter won't bring such weird things but if we know Pinterest it definitely will!  Until then I will just sit back and shake my head at the fall crazy.