Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Happy Birthday Stephanie!


Happy Birthday Stephanie!


Stephanie from over at Not Entirely Perfect is celebrating her 29th birthday today!  Be sure to head over and send her some love.  I know I've explained before how she peer pressured me into the start of my blogging career, peer pressured me into starting up 101 list, peer pressured me into getting myself (and Kevin by association) more organized, peer pressures me with purse alcohol.  Looking back at it she really does peer pressures me into a lot of different shenanigans.  Not that I really mind all that much : )

I have never noticed Ryan's face in the back of this photo before now!!!

One thing I don't I've ever shared about us is our early friendship and how we became friends.  Although now that I actually sit down and think about how we met it's not super exciting or long!

So way back in the dark ages of 2011 or P.S. (pre-Stephanie) I was a cute little newly engaged lass.  Well sorta newly engaged ... I guess it was probably about six months new at that point in time but I digress.  It was a cold October night in Lincoln Park, I'm assuming it's cold ... it's always cold in Chicago right?  So there I was in McGee's Tavern, the speakers were lugged, the basses toted and cords were already all over the stage.

Off to the side I stood just waiting for friends and fun to arrive when much to my dismay some random chick did appear.  "Are you Kevin's fiancee?" she asked, "Why yes." said I in a skeptical tone.  Who was this girl who seemed to know me.  "I'm Stephanie your new friend!".

OK so she didn't exactly say it like that but as far as my memory goes that's exactly how she said it and obviously our whole conversation was set to the tone of The Night Before Christmas because that's how we roll.  Then there was girl bonding, dancing and ridiculous pictures, some drinking, drama (not between us!), crazy annoying people, more dancing, and more drinking.  That's pretty much how we met and made it through the first year of our friendship.  It was and still is good times!!!




  1. I just realized that you were my Big last time and now she is my Big and you two are friends! lol I never connected it before :)

  2. Bahahaha I am awesome. Yup! That's pretty much exactly how it went. I said you had to be a gf cause you're all alone and you said yup that's my fiancé and I said cool, what are you drinking, let's dance. I'm just so friendly :) You love me!

  3. Haha that intro between you and Stephanie is priceless!

  4. Replies
    1. It was just one of those things where I started going that way in my head and I was like yes let's go with this haha. Sometimes you need to just go where the thoughts take you right? : )