Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Thanksgiving Old Navy Outfit Ideas


Thanksgiving Old Navy Outfit Ideas

Since becoming an adult I have found it necessary to step up my game style wise for family get together type occasions.  We have on one hand my sister in law Bethany who being the awesome retail person she is always looking fabulously put together even when she's just sporting jeans and a tee.  There are the extended family who since they're older have a developed style that just screams I'm an adult and I have my life together plus then there are those people who just just really want to outshine and show up.  

Thanksgiving is definitely one of those holidays where I want to put that best foot forward.  I know it's a week away and I'm already planning my outfit nuts right?  Although in blog world probably not, I'm probably late to the game haha.  Thanks to Old Navy and their awesome bajillion extra rewards points they're giving away like candy when you use your credit card right now I can take myself on a little shopping spree.

I pulled together some super cute blouses and sweaters perfect to wow the in-laws, get oodles of compliments and just make you look so darn cute.    

Thanksgiving Top Ideas

I did purchase the black blouse in the lower right corner but I'm still debating if I want to keep it.  I'm not sure if it's the cami I tried on underneath it or what but it doesn't look quite right on me.  There will be much debating over this top between now and then.

I usually try to be a little casual (i.e. my really nice jeans and nice top) on Thanksgiving since we're running from one end of the suburbs to another.  Wondering though if I should forgo that tradition and step it up a notch since I'd really like to shine this year ...

Thanksgiving Dresses

Thanksgiving Dresses by betsy-giles featuring a sweater dress

It seems that the sheath sweater dress is in this season.  Not sure how I feel about that since they tend to give me no shape and as other bigger gals will attest you need something that highlights the curves not put a bag over them.  Am I right?  Even though all these dresses are super cute might have to stick with tradition and go for the dressed up jeans look.  Must not forget though that every outfit needs the right accessories too ...    

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  1. Really cute picks! I love Old Navy and the reward points. Nothing makes me happier than getting something for near free with the little reward coupons. I definitely hear you about feeling like you need to step up your game for family get togethers now. Before, I'd just roll down the stairs in my pjs, but now it's like I need to be somewhat put together:) Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!