Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Wide Calf Riding Boots


Wide Calf Riding Boots

Living in the Chicago area you need to find ways of looking cute that won't freeze parts of your body parts off.  The past couple of years I've joined the crowd and have become obsessed with boots.  This year my obsession has headed the way of riding boots.  What can I say I always seem to be a little behind the crowd.  One issue I know I have is finding boots that fit my calves.  When knee high boots really became a huge thing like three or four years ago I couldn't find anything that would fit my calves.

Even up until last year only a few places would carry "wide calf" or "extended size" boots.  This year it has exploded and places I shop a lot (aka Target and Kohls) have a bunch of wide calf styles!  Plus since these types of retailers are now carrying them the average price has dipped down.  Here are just six out of the many I've already been eyeing for this winter.  I also may or may not be planning on ordering the pair from using my mother in law's 30% off coupon this week ...      

Wide Calf Boots


  1. I have the worst time finding them to fit my calves. I love those ones from Avenue!

  2. I love booths, but I am like is hard to find some that really fit correctly.