Musings of a Museum Fanatic: FOOOOOREEEEEEEVER



Today was the last day of work for me until next Thursday and it took FOOOOREEEEEEEVER!!  I think days like that always do.  Thank goodness for the humor section of Pinterest to get me through the day.  
Funny Pictures Of The Day – 90 Pics

Love this guy.  My friend Rachel and I did jerky things like that on our trip to Europe ten years ago.  Fist bumped some ancient fists and whatnot : )

Dear King Henry VIII,...

hahaha really?

This person knows how things should be.  It reminds me of the whole marking the parking spot you cleared with a chair here in Chicago.  

What else is one supposed to do??

My work consists of three buildings and you can walk through the basement but sometimes it's just quicker to walk outside.  There have been many many times the past two weeks I have thought that second part.  Sometimes (when it's not 0) I walk a little slower so I can do it more.

Ain't this the truth!!!

My life lately!  Although I do get dinner on the table and the laundry is done but the house is still crazy and I'm way behind on Christmas things like decorating the tree and the Christmas cards.  You know no biggie : )


Have a good weekend!


  1. I had my last day yesterday, and it did take forever!! I was so nervous someone was going to ask me to do something that would require me to come in today. Have a great vacation! That picture of the cat is hilarious!

  2. Today was my last day and I can relate to how the day just seems to drag waiting for vacation. Thanks for sharing these funny posts. Pintrest is such a great way to kill the time. Enjoy your break!

  3. Haha, we are a little behind too. We have two more presents to shop for today. Yay for last days, I wish my work would shut down all week :).

  4. So true about jobs getting in the way; I'm having such a hard time balancing things right now.

    LOVE the Henry VIII pic!