Musings of a Museum Fanatic: I'm Going to Disneyland!


I'm Going to Disneyland!

Well I hope I'm going to Disneyland!  At the beginning of December the Pampered Chef announced it's trip that you can earn in the year 2014 and it happens to be Disneyland.  If you've hung around here for a little bit you've probably seen my love of Disney (I'm working on an entire Disney week for after the new year!).  Disneyland has never been the first choice on my Disney park list but I feel like I would love it since it is Sleeping Beauty's castle there and it's out west.  I've never been further west than Nebraska!

The idea of a trip like this really gets my brain and butt in gear!  I want to earn this bad boy!!  Plus having the satisfaction of actually earning something that cool would be amazing!  So I can combine an awesome Pampered Chef trip, being really a really awesome Pampered Chef consultant with crossing items off my 101 list ... sold!  Since I'm trying to start my 2014 off on the right foot I'm sharing the January special with you early.

YUP! January is a double your free product month!  When I started out my Pampered Chef business the first month was a double your value month and my mom made out like a bandit.  She got I think $375 worth of products for $90.  The pile of products was huge!  

Not only can you get more free products if you host right away at the beginning of the month you can choose a free product right off the bat!  I love my Simple Slicer, it's a great tool I use a bunch.  Plus you could get one of my FAVORITE products for less than $20 the Manual Food Processor.  I use that guy for so much it's ridiculous.  So pretty much the Pampered Chef is trying to give you everything but the kitchen sink in January.  

Oh wait here is the kitchen sink ... this is just something that I am personally doing no other consultant.  If you book a catalog show with me now in December for the New Year I'm giving you $10 right off the bat. I don't like $10 extra in free products ... said no one ever!  

Online and Facebook shows are so incredibly simple!!  I'd love to help you start off the new year with some fabulous free products and you would help me start off the new year on my way to the west coast.  

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  1. if disney land is anything like disneyworld in florida, YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE A BLAST!! good luck!!

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