Musings of a Museum Fanatic: NY & Co. Deals


NY & Co. Deals

It seems that the 26th of December is an even bigger deal day than Black Friday this year.  I've not only seen multiple articles and posts about it but my own inbox is chock full of eye popping lower than low deals from today until Sunday.  One of my favorite stores, New York & Company is having their huge up to 80% off sale right now and I just had to look.  Which probably wasn't a good thing ...

These guys are my top picks from the sale.  With all five ringing in at less than $25 each (most under 20) these guys are a down right steal!  Kevin thinks I'm going to get arrested for shoplifting with the way I deal search & shop.  The majority of the items part of the sale are sweaters and more winter type clothing.  This is perfect for me since I've realized lately that most of my longer sleeved tops are pretty heavy bulky sweaters.  Working in a basement that has had super high humidity lately and having to bear the Chicago weather puts my wardrobe in a spot where it needs more nice sweaters that will keep me warm outside but aren't so bulky I'm sweating my butt off at work.  

Overall I'd say I have a pretty defined style of classic, clean, timeless looking pieces with a little fun thrown in. These pieces are also ones that I can use with what I already have in my wardrobe along with adding a more updated feel and replacing some old items.  Some of the old items maybe being those stretchy U neck tops that just remind you of what you wore in college to look presentable and really don't look like the almost 30 year old you are now.  A better option might be that Geometric Print tee that will probably flatter you more than the over stretched cotton of the older tops.  Am I right?    

The dress is just really fun and for $12 you can't go wrong with at least getting it to try on right?  If you're looking for a new dress seriously go check out the the ones in the sale they have a bunch for under $50.  There are all sorts of styles that are perfect for work, going out or casual occasions.    

As you can see there are a couple that would be very good for New Years Eve if you're still looking for a cute sparkly dress.  If you have a NY&Co store in you area there are always way more pieces that are 60-80% off than online.  I'm going to be good and not attempt to visit every store in a 30 mile radius I promise!  Maybe only one ... or two ... I will have to return items that don't fit right?      


  1. Definitely some cute stuff! NY&Co is definitely your store ;) I think the Loft is mine, that's where most of my stuff is from. They're having a sale right now too. Love it!

  2. I realllly love dressing up all fancy for NYE (who doesn't?!), but I'm going on a ski trip with a few friends so instead we will be cozying up in a cabin. However, that gold and black sequin dress would be perfect for our 6th month wedding anniversary this weekend! :)

    Glad I found your blog!