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Pinterest Loving Books

Not sure if you noticed a change in my blog today .... Oh who am I kidding of course you noticed the new design!  Well I'm hoping you weren't that tired haha.  I got my non-stuff Christmas present from Stephanie a little early and thanks to the fabulous Natalie who took my random ramblings and made something lovely.


For my 101 the number that's been the hardest to define was 97 (Find a good must read book list and read them all)  There are so many lists and so many of the books on them I've always been kinda meh about.  Hence why I've never actually read them!!!  Obviously I ended up doing what any good girl would do ... turn to Pinterest!

I had already pinned a couple of different book lists but I had also pinned a bunch of different books already.  What better way to make a book list than by ones that have already caught your eye?  Duh!  After spending some time going through those must read these before you die lists and pinning a bunch more books I think I have a pretty good Read It list!  There are some I'm definitely more excited to finally be reading than others.  

The Third Coast: When Chicago Built the American Dream

Would I have a book list without at least one book about Chicago!?  NOPE!  I've read a lot of reviews and heard from a couple of my friends that this book is really good so I'm crazy excited to read it.  

Death by Petticoat: American History Myths Debunked

Continuing to be utterly predictable there are quite a few history non-fiction type books.  You know something that has the title of Death by Petticoat is going to be good.  I'm just imaging how one dies by petticoat ... are you smothered?  Did you get your head sliced off by the whale bone hoop?  So many ways to perish by 19th century undergarments.  

The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis  
This is one book off my list that I actually own already.  I've actually started it a number of times but haven't even finished the Magician's Nephew once!  Thinking I might have to go in order they're written and read the Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe first.  I have a feeling that will help me get into them more.  

I think I need this.
Cross one off the list already cause I read this guy in September! It was definitely a fun and interesting read.  Some of the items were like duh! but overall it was very enjoyable and I definitely found some new steps to growing up I hadn't considered before. 

Since my list is always a work in progress I welcome suggestions of books that every person must read.  I should probably add the Harry Potter books to my list too.  Those were kind of a big deal right?  What's your must read?


  1. Love the new design! Totally adding the Death By Petticoat book to my list, I love historical stuff!

  2. Yay for checking things off the list! I gotta update mine. The design looks beautiful :)