Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Return of the LP


Return of the LP

If you've been hanging around for a few weeks (or if you're new reader check back a couple of weeks!) I've been doing a Tunes on Tuesday almost every week now.  In an effort to help my blog focus and so I am not all over the place I am deeming every Tuesday Tunes on Tuesday!  Talking about everything from songs to artists to anything I can relate to music.

I was just minding my own business this week and just checking out all the email ads.  I came across a very interesting blurb in my Bed, Bath and Beyond email about how they had some of the best Beatles albums (which I think is debatable!) on vinyl!  Whaaat?  Clicked on the link and I was stunned there were ...

A whole page of LPs!  Well not a whole page ... like 30 but still!  This is so exciting.  I have always loved vinyl.  My dad has six plastic milk crates filled with them and of course some of them are mine.  I will admit some of mine are not nearly as cool as an original Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heartclub Band album.  They are more like this ...

Yes I have a Mickey disco record and I actually really enjoy it!

One of my 101 list is to procure five of my favorite albums in vinyl form so this renaissance comes at a perfect time.  I've already done some searching and have found at least two of my favorite albums.

Looking at some of the individual sellers on Amazon, a new Hard Day's Night album can go for almost $800!!!  If only my dad's copy was still in the plastic.  I would probably open it up anyways though : )  Yup I'm that kid.  So now that I've added those two albums to my list I'm almost half way through that number!  The hard part is going to be narrowing down to just three more of my favorite albums.  Oh and to sneak out my parent's record player so I can listen to them! 

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