Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Five Throwback Photos for Friday


Five Throwback Photos for Friday

It's been a while since sharing any old school photos or anything at all for that matter so I thought I'd do a little walk down memory lane this cold Friday.  Hopefully it's warmer then where you are.

Senior year of college we decided to make a Thanksgiving meal for the radio sports staff aka us three girls and a bunch of guys.  It turned out awesome!  I also enjoy playing with the electronic carving knife, that was fun.  

Found this old school gem on my friend Rina's facebook page.  I have no idea where we are or what we're doing ... actually it probably involved a terrible college bar but we are having an awesome time!  I also really miss that shirt, that was a really comfy shirt.  

When Harry Potter came out Barnes and Noble did like this huge thing where they gave away all these glow in the dark glasses and obviously my friend Rachel and had to do a lovely photo shoot with them.  I actually just put those guys in the giveaway bag a couple years ago.  Pack rat right here!

This is what my friends and I do when we go to the Lincoln Park Zoo.   We try and recreate the animals.  I think we were pretty successful!  Don't you?

I think I might have shared this one before but I don't care!  My best friend, Becky, and myself Halloween our junior year.  This was the first photo I put on Facebook!  Way back in 2005 ... 

Have a great weekend!


  1. ahhhh college dorms. i remember mine being riddled with drunk people passed out!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. LOL you call this Throwback Thursday! I was old when these photos were taken, but I sure do remember my college years.