Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Friday Brain


Friday Brain

Yesterday I was very proud of myself and how well I had gotten things organized for the next couple of months with my post topics.  I check my list this morning and there is a nice little blank spot for today!  DOH!  That lasted oh so long didn't it?

In the spirit of Friday Free for All and my total lack of preparation for today, I'm just going to share the video that got me through this week.  January was one of those months and I'm ready for February.  I'm starting off tomorrow with the reveal of the new spring Pampered Chef products but we're supposed to get 10 inches of snow so we shall see how February kicks itself off.


  1. Enough with the snow.
    I will not accept any more.
    I am done with winter.
    There that should do it. the 10 inches will have to go elsewhere.
    your welcome!

  2. we didnt get snow like i had hoped. just ice. i'm so ready for spring its not even funny.

  3. our temps have 'warmed up' to -2 (yay?) but instead of just leaving it at that, mother nature decided that we weren't going to get let off that easy and will be dumping 20cm+ of snow on us. it's been snowing hard since 7am without any breaks. yay for canada.

    Vodka and Soda

  4. You can never go wrong with a precious cat video! Thanks for sharing! :)

    Katherine Nicole

  5. haha love the video! Thanks for sharing!

  6. lolololol that video made me giggle. I needed that today - thank you :) xo