Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Reading Does a Body Good


Reading Does a Body Good

Last night I some how found myself looking at e-books on Amazon wishing I could read them but alas I don't have a Kindle.  I was chatting with my dad and he was all like you realize that you don't have to have one to read e-books from Amazon right?  You can get the app on your computer or phone and read them from there.  It was like the heavens opened up and a great beam of light was shining down on me.  Life. Changing.

There are so many books to read!!  So many to add to my list and read that are already on my list.

I downloaded this guy cause I saw some other bloggers chatting about it and it seemed like a good one to jump into right away since it was only $2.99.

Then I discovered there are books like this guy.  

This one is free!! Don't get me wrong $2.99 for anything is really good but free is waaaaay better!  There are so many topics to choose from.  You have tons of fiction and non-fiction, anything from mysteries to ebooks on World War II.  I'm officially in heaven!

I always love to read but lately with the way life has been on the go it's been difficult to hit up the library for books, especially since you then have to make sure you return them on time!  Being able to have it right there on my phone or computer when I want it is a great feeling.  Don't need to worry about only making halfway through before the due date is up.  Although the feel and smell of a book will always be the best thing.

Check out websites like these for free ebook downloads.
Project Gutenberg

Or look at your local library.  Usually ebooks from the library have a time limit, they're like Cinderella.

So head to one of the freebie websites or to Amazon and find yourself something new and fun to read!  I personally would recommend ...


  1. I love the kindle books. It's awesome to have them on my computer. But I really should spend less time looking at a screen, at some point...

  2. I love ebooks. let me know you find those books helpful!

  3. I just downloaded an app called OverDrive, it's linked to my library and I can borrow loads of ebooks for free! I'm mildly obsessed with it!