Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Host with Pampered Chef This Spring


Host with Pampered Chef This Spring

With most of the country either getting pummeled by bad weather or still really cold I thought it would be fabulous to think ahead to warmer weather and fantastic Pampered Chef host bonuses this coming spring.
 March will BOWL you over with all of the best Pampered Chef bowls at 60% off when you host. My two favorites are the Classic Batter Bowl and the Trifle Bowl.  With the Classic Batter Bowl you can do so much more than mixing. It's perfect for forming dips like the Seven Layer Salad Spread. Seriously that spread is so delicious I can't even begin to tell you! The Trifle Bowl opens up a whole world of decorating and dessert options.
Make your Trifle Bowl into a bright fruit bowl!
Add fruit that's in season, citrus for the summer or apples for fall, for an easy centerpiece plus you have fruit right at the tips of your fingers so there is no excuse for a bad snack. One of my favorites is putting large and small Christmas ornaments in it and wrapping a wide bow. It's super easy and cheap but people go gaga over the look. 

Not so bowled over by March and maybe looking to upgrade your cookware April is made for you. Not only is cookware on sale for hosts but you can get the new Rockcrok at the first level of sales too!!! I used the Everyday Rockcrok to make my Baked Mac & Cheese with Shrimp. It was soooo good and the one pot cooking of the Rockcrok made it super super simple. 
Maybe you don't need a wonder pot (although who are we kidding I'm sure we all do!) my other favorite is definitely the Grill Pan. Since getting ours this fall we've been using it all the time. We just used it the other night to cook a delicious flank steak no having to go out into the freezing cold required. One thing that puts the Pampered Chef Executive and Stainless cookware lines above the rest is the life time guarantee.

Can't focus on spring yet? There is still time to get your hands on some of the Pampered Chef's most iconic couples. The Deep Covered Baker and the Salad Chopper are like the grand daddy of all Pampered Chef couples, they are like the Romeo and Juliet of the Stoneware and Kitchen utensil world. Oh so different, meant to be together but without the being kept apart stuff : ) 
Spring with the Pampered Chef is going to be great and with new products and a great new host benefits program (even BETTER than the current one if that's even possible) rolling out at the beginning of March this is the perfect time to shoot me an email and book a show : )

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