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My Favorite Posts

Since doing my little intro of the fabulous ladies that have been hanging out with me for a while now I've been reading their blogs and getting to know them better. I wanted to share with you guys some of their hilarious, educational and just plain interesting posts. So here are my favorite posts from my sponsors. Trust me it was hard to narrow things down to just a couple for each of these great ladies. Don't just read the couple I chose be sure to head over and read more! Also say hi while you're at it too : )

Vodka & Soda
First off Kat is freaking hilarious. She's nuts and pretty much says everything I wish I could say about things but probably won't get away with the way she does.
5 things you would never catch a chinese person doing....
how to drive like an asshole in the winter
boner-worthy christmas gifts

Grace & Galoshes
Donna is sweet and loves to share all different types of things, from cooking to crafting to what it's like being an Assistant Camp Director. She's definitely a great light hearted person.

Married Filing Jointly
Fun and always sharing a fun new craft or new tidbit Chelsea is always right there. She's also sharing some awesome link up parites, some I haven't seen before and will definitely have to join in on, there is definitely one for everyone on her list. 
Link up Parties
The 5 Apps Every Girl Needs
DIY Cake Stand

Heidi's Box of Various
Being from the UK automatically makes Heidi super awesome in my book but she just tops off the cake with her cute style, yummy looking recipes and original music.
Secret Quiche Lorraine
Pretty Dresses

My Ramblings
I think Crystal and I are kindred spirits. We are huge fans of things like life lists, crafting and cooking. She can also understand my plight with attempting to build my Pampered Chef business since she is a Tupperware consultant. I definitely feel the need to acquire more Tupperware when I read her posts : )
Thirty before 30
Direct Sales: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
Pinterest 1/10: Felt Flower Wreath

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  1. I love Kathy's blog, she is hilarious! I am always excited to find new blogs :)