Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Free For All Friday : Drew Barrymore


Free For All Friday : Drew Barrymore

One of my favorite actresses of all times is Drew Barrymore. I've mentioned it in passing before but I think my affinity for her stems from the fact that throughout the years people have come up to my mom telling her how much I looked like the little girl from E.T. Until I hit junior high and Ever After came out I don't think that I really enjoyed or lived up to the whole looking like Drew thing.

When I started wearing my hair in the half up look and my mom would do the little braids oh yeah I could definitely see it! I began to embrace my Drew-ness. I wearing my hair that way all the time and knowing the history geek I am trying to almost dress a little bit like the movie. Which honestly wasn't that hard with the whole peasant top re-occurrence that was going down at that time.

I've always really hoped that how Drew is in her movies is exactly how she is in real life. I mean come on who doesn't want to be the person ordering all that for food just for themselves? My inner fat kid wants me to be that person. So many great food moments. I feel the same way when all of a sudden the entire bag of baked BBQ Lays chips are empty Josie.  Plus we know we all wished we could pull off the whole straight hair with a few corkscrew curls in high school. God knows we sure tried didn't we?


This gif from Charlie's Angel's: Full Throttle is like the ultimate example of how Drew is my spirit animal ... or at least my perfect bff. AC/DC shirt ... check. Cool hat ... check. Ridiculously fun dance moves with your besties ... double check!


Then there is the infamous Never Been Kissed if ever there was a movie that described my life it is this movie. It's going to get all true confessions Friday right now. I had my first kiss Sophomore year of college.  Up until senior year of high school I definitely had the sorta frumpy adult thing going, wasn't quite sure how to style my hair or do my make up quite right, etc. etc. Then all of a sudden I figured out how to use my blow dryer properly, I got a hair cut that flatter my face and was easier to manage, and I started dressing nicer. It was great! It did take a while to get that first kiss though.

Drew is also just doesn't care what you think. Some kid grabs her butt while they dance, ok she will grab it right back. Get toasted and dance like a crazy women to try and impress the cool kids? No problem. Punches her step-sister in the face ... done and done. Play dress up like LL Cool J, kick some dudes in the face, play Scrabble, make some chicken and get shot out a window? Why not.



Just because Drew doesn't care doesn't mean she totally doesn't understand us either. I mean come on getting a booty call on Myspace? Yeaaaaah .... she's been there and she can relate. Got a terrible boss/co-worker who is a pain in the butt to work with and can't handle life? She understands ... although how terrible is it to fall in love with Hugh Grant, even if he was a pain in the butt. 

The ever fabulous and quirky Drew Barrymore definitely is one of the best and my favorite actresses and should be loved throughout the land. Now to go converse with my spirit animal in the form of a marathon of chick flicks that might have Kevin seeing cross eyed : )


  1. I liked her on the Jimmy Fallon show when Adam Sandler and her sang and at the end he surprised her.

  2. I've always loved Drew Barrymore!