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Gift Ideas with Anjolee

This is a sponsored post from Anjolee, however all opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Since moving back home after college I somehow became the official personal shopper for my parents. Even now I am still going out and getting items for my parents, especially when it comes to items like Christmas or birthday gifts. In my usual fashion of starting to shop really early, my dad and I have already started to brainstorm ideas for my mother’s anniversary later this summer. Since this isn’t just any anniversary, it’s their 40th, we need to come up with some really great ideas. Anjolee and their selection of customizable jewelry is the perfect opportunity to get my mom something amazing and unique to her likes.

One of my favorite parts about ordering with Anjolee is that you can completely customize the piece you want. Have a passion for everything platinum? They have you covered. Don't like diamonds but like sapphires instead? No problem. Like a small stone? Go for it! Must have a rock the size of your head? Well I don't think they have them that big but you get the point!

Anniversary Ring
This is obviously one of the most obvious choices is to get a totally blinged out anniversary ring. Since my parents rings are definitely a vintage look that you can’t find anymore I would suggest going a different way and getting a different one. The intertwined style of ring is always a popular and beautiful choice, even if it’s not for an anniversary. The Stylish Woven Diamond Eternity Ring would have to be my top pick for sure. 

If there is one type of jewelry that the women in my family love to wear it would have to be bracelets. Bangle bracelets would be a great way to add a stacking element to ones she already has or start an entire new stack! Combining a couple of the bangles with some of the gemstone bracelets would make a great combination. Really you could go either way with a birthstone or a favorite color and it would still be stunning. 

Like me my mom tends to have pretty simple taste in what she likes and earrings are no exception. I love the selection of simple solitaire earrings that Anjolee has for customization. I'd probably have to get them in a red and light blue for mom since it's her favorite color and birth stone. Although she does love opals too, three pairs of studs it is! The Round Bezel Set is a lovely pair that will go with any outfit. This is probably the pair I'd get for myself, someone please let Kevin know!
Anjolee has a style of necklace that will fit anyone's taste and budget. The typical anniversary necklace is usually the Journey Pendant. I've always loved the thought of those pendants how they grow from small to big and mimic ones journey through life. Not exactly sure though if that would be mom's cup of tea but I do think she'd go for something like the Open Leaf Design Diamond Pendant would be perfect for my mom. She has always loved jewelry and accessories that have a nature look and feel to them. 

With Anjolee's wide selection and ability to customize you'll be able to find something to please everyone. When you're looking for a fine piece of jewelry for that special someone for any occasion anniversary, birthday or even just an I'm thinking about you present you cannot go wrong with Anjolee. 

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