Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Cotton Sateen Belted Trench by eShakti


Cotton Sateen Belted Trench by eShakti

**I received this coat in exchange for a review but all opinions are 100% my own**

Earlier this fall eShakti connected with me and I definitely jumped at the chance! All the time I see bloggers sporting fabulous dresses and tops from eShakti. Their modern styles with a vintage twist are so eye-catching. I've been checking out the Twitter page regularly so I can keep up with the newest trends and you could definitely see the change from summer to fall.  Since it's definitely fall here in the Chicago area I thought it would be best to invest in a new jacket. Especially one I could wear out to nicer functions, since I am an adult now and everything right?

They have so many fabulous jackets to choose from it was a bit overwhelming at first. Luckily Kevin helped me narrow down the selections to the navy blue Cotton Sateen Belted Trench. It was perfect! I always feel like a trench coat is one of those always classic, makes you look so sophisticated and adult type coats. Plus it's blue! I've never had a blue coat before. 

I loved the custom ordering through eShakti it was a snap! Although I will recommend having someone who is well versed in a measuring tape measure you and not your husband. Maybe it was him or maybe my loosing weight has finally gone to my stomach area but it's nice to have a little extra room what with Chicago sweater/sweatshirt weather upon us. Seriously though being able to customize the sizing is an amazing tool. Since I'm still not twig size yet it feels amazing to order something and have it fit without altering! I have a feeling I'm not the only who's bust, hips and waist don't fit the same designated size range right!

I'm a loving this coat a ton. The details are fabulous. I noticed the buttons on the sleeves before but didn't notice them on the epaulets and the little bit of ruching on the shoulders. These details and ones like the princess seaming make the otherwise masculine feeling coat very feminine. I've already been getting compliments on the coat and not just from Kevin!

Kevin and I are still working on our model/photographer relationship

For style tips and to see the pieces in action be sure to head to eShakti's Pinterest page. I love seeing how people style each of their outfits and get ideas from there. I've been enjoying a new way to wear my bright scarves with the vibrant blue of the coat. It gives my summer scarves a new life in the fall! I am definitely going to be hooked on eShakti from now on! If you haven't checked them out yet seriously head to their webpage or Facebook and see : )

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