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Me Version Two

If you're an active Weight Watcher you've probably seen this phrase this week. The past few weeks have been discussing the levels of change and this week was changing identity.  It's gotten me thinking. Well to be totally honest I've been doing a lot of thinking since the end of this summer

The thoughts started out very small. Like the one day I was looking at Facebook and thinking to myself "Man 2011 was a great year" or "Geez I sure wish I could go back to Valpo". Then things have turned into more like "Why can't things be like they were in 2011" and "Man everything was so much better in college". I've become so wrapped up in those types of thoughts that it has just been consuming. Like in my mind if I went back to those times things would be so much better. I would be back to my big weight loss, I wouldn't have wasted years attempting to get into my career field, and people I've lost would still be in my life. 

Some time this week the switch was flipped. I realized things like 2011 while pretty great there were a lot of issues. We had major issues with Kevin's brother and his fiancee throughout much of the year. College wasn't so great I wasn't happy with my love life (or lack thereof), grad school allowed me to gain back 27 lbs, the years right after I bounced between internships and couldn't land a permanent job. This being said there were great times and I really have enjoyed most of my 20's but looking back at the past years with rose colored glasses has not been helping me at all. 

Bringing back to this week, my leader posed a few different questions that got me thinking about not only my weight loss journey but my life journey of late as well. What I saw was not good. I can't stay stuck trying to get back to Me Version One. It's just not possible anymore because I want to change! I want to be that Me Version Two! 

Whew *wipes brow*. Sorry I went a little serious today but it feels good to share those thoughts with you. I've know I've been a little all over lately and I know that the focusing on Me Version One has been a big part of why. No more of that silliness!

Bring on Betsy Version Two! I'm ready : )    

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