Musings of a Museum Fanatic: 6 Must Hear Songs from Recent Musicals


6 Must Hear Songs from Recent Musicals

Woo! It's week three of my tribute to the lesser appreciated songs from musicals.  I'm sharing from musicals from 1990's to present day. A number of people will I'm sure agree but throughout the more recent years there have been some pretty big busts as far as musicals go *cough cough From Justin To Kelly cough* but here are six that made the cut! What's your take on the modern musicals?

Cell Block Tango from Chicago
This is my favorite song from this movie! It's got a lot of dramatic feeling to it and gets over looked for the more popular namesake song or the ballads I feel.

Santa Fe from Rent
Holy cow my friends and I were obsessed with this soundtrack when it came out. Especially this song. Seriously we may have re-enacted this on the L once ...

El Tango De Roxanne from Moulin Rouge

And the Money Kept Rolling In (And Out) from Evita

I've Just Seen A Face from Across the Universe
Taking a modern spin on the rock opera and musical hybrid Across the Universe has amazingly well done Beatles songs. Seriously even Beatles songs I don't particularly enjoy I love in this movie. If you never saw this when it came out at least listen to the soundtrack it's awesome.

Waterloo from Mamma Mia
I know Mamma Mia gets mixed reviews but I enjoy it so it's on my list. I just have a few words for this video ... Firth and Brosnan in those suits OMG

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