Musings of a Museum Fanatic: December 2014


Off the 2014 Roller Coaster

2014 is coming to a close and everywhere you look you see the best of, here's what happened and reviews of 2014. I usually am kind of meh about those sorts of things and have the mind set of yeah we were all there we know.

This year though was such a roller coaster in my world I want to close out 2014 with a little bit of closure for myself.

January started off the year with a pretty good start. I was doing really well with my job almost a full year at full time. We found out that the artificial insemination had been successful for my brother an sister in law. Then the roller coaster hit it's first major downward turn. My Dad went in to the doctor for what was thought to be something minor but ended up being diagnosed with a tumor pressing against his bladder.

The rest of the winter and into spring was spent pushing that car back up the tracks.  Learning from my parents how strong they are and working on a plan to fight the cancer. My own car had a bit of a dip this spring when I was insanely over stressed by work that I needed a jaunt to the ER. Right at my birthday time too! Still never seem to be totally well around my birthday haha.

The spring stalemate at work continued into summer and brought with it the excitement of friends visits, trips and friend's wedding festivities. I loved that I was able to see my best friend Becky and couple that with a day in the city, a fest and seeing Stache play ... Still three of my favorite things! I finally crossed one of my bigger 101 tasks off my list in July and headed west to Seattle to represent my Gamma Phi alumnae group for the international convention.

Everyone, especially mom and I were in full on new baby mode by the middle of summer. We then had a pretty shaky low with Kevin's job telling him in one breath that things weren't working with him as a project manager then in the next saying they didn't want to loose such a hard working and dedicated person like him.  I was finally able to take Kevin up to Minnesota to see my aunt and uncle's fishing resort near the end of the summer. Since we got together I've been telling Kevin how much he was going to love being up there and he definitely had a blast. It was amazing to get to see so much of the family and celebrate Baby G with the family baby shower.

Just a week after the reunion and the day after my parent's 40th wedding anniversary we experienced the lowest low. My dad passed away. After battling the cancer and getting a bad infection he could not fight off. This low has continued for the rest of the year for me, affecting so much of daily life. A good friend of mine, who lost her mom five years ago, said to me this week that you never really get over it and the void will never be truly gone. My fall and beginning of winter has been a little shaky as I've been working through my grief and how life has been since losing my dad.

September brought multiple celebrations though. Starting off with two of Kevin and my good friend's wedding. The end of September gave us my sweet baby nephew Lane! Not gonna lie being an aunt is a lot of fun. It's great to get to spoil the kid, have fun with him and yet not have to do too much of the other serious stuff if you don't want to!

 Starting off the holiday season with Thanksgiving we've been able to see so much of both our families. Kevin's uncle Mike came up from Dallas twice, which I loved because he's definitely my favorite! It also brought with it Lane's somewhat last minute baptism, Kevin and I were asked to be godparents and Kevin has approached the role with a lot of seriousness and excitement (which has been somewhat surprising to me).

Getting to spend Christmas Eve and day with family was wonderful, bittersweet and just a little concerning what with Kevin's trip to the ER (he's all good though!!). As I hang out with my mom today on New Years Eve, just an hour away from starting to get ready for our fondue dinner, I'm a little torn about how I feel about 2014.

Overall I'm ready for 2014 to be over I think. For all it's ups there were too many extreme lows this past year that I'm just ready to leave in this past year. Even through I'm ready to move ahead I'm definitely taking the lesson's I've learned into the new year. It has really been made more evident to me that we're only living one life and to not be comfortable in bad situations, let the drama consume me, get bogged down in stuff, etc. etc. 2015 will be a better year and a year of major changes!



Last Sunday Kevin and I board the Metra for our annual trip to the Christkindlmarket! This Chicago Christmas staple started in 1996, based off the Christmas markets of Germany.

This year it was abnormally warm which brought out quite a lot more people, so it wasn't quite as magical as when it's snowy but we still got to enjoy our yearly favorites. Every year we have to make sure to take a photo in front of the Daley Plaza Christmas tree! One year I'll actually be smart and get someone to take a photo of the entire group. This year was not that year.

After four years we've come to realize that we need to visit the large ornament shops first. Later in the day the lines get even longer and it's not as much fun. My favorite ornament house is definitely the K├Ąthe Wohlfahrt of America. There are always a bunch of crescent ornaments here. It's always tough to splurge on just one of the wooden works of art. The glass ornaments of the other two large ornament buildings are always a hit as well. It's a wonder all the different sizes and shapes, I love to see the different Chicago ones each year. Someday I'll actually splurge on the amazing Bean ornament with the skyline painted on it.

One doesn't just go to the Christkindlmarket for the ornaments, they go for the food! Well at least that's one reason I go! I always enjoy having lunch at the market. Kevin loves to try a new item each time, last year he had a brat and this year he tried the schnitzel sandwich, which is my favorite. We must have gotten them from a different vendor or they changed their recipe, this years schnitzel had a bit more spice to it and was wonderful. We also made sure to get our hot chocolate in the mug. Which is a must do when you go to the Christkindlmarket..The color and shape changes each year. I love how this year's really looks like a traditional stein.

I always love to visit the candy shop. This year I got my usual favorites but Kevin decided to get one of the hanging gingerbread hearts. He was definitely a fan! We almost forgot to stop by the chocolate covered amazingness booth. I enjoyed my chocolate covered marshmallows & brought home a chocolate covered rice krispie treat, which was insane! I need to work on making my own. Kevin enjoyed his chocolate covered pineapple very much.

If you're looking for a Chicago tradition this Christmas or any Christmas definitely check out the Christkindlmarket. It's also a budget friendly, you can spend as little as $2 for your chocolate covered rice krispie treat up to hundreds of dollars for authentic handmade German Schwibbogens. I can't wait until our annual trip next year!


Puppy Chow

Growing up one of my all time favorite things to make was Puppy Chow. I can remember making big batches of it with my mom and brother when I was little. Every time we would make it my brother and I would argue over who got to shake the bag to mix the powdered sugar on it. Looking at these photos is making me hungry for it ... I guess I'll need to make some for the holidays this year! 

Puppy Chow


9 cups Crispix cereal (I am a purist NO Chex here!)
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips or 6 ounces semi-sweet chocolate chips
1/2 cup smooth peanut butter
1/4 cup butter
1 1/2 cups powdered sugar 

1.  Measure out cereal in large bowl and set aside. Measure out powdered sugar and set aside. (doing this for both will help later!!)

2.  Heat chocolate chips, peanut butter and butter on stove until everything has melted and combined.3.  Pour mixture over cereal, stirring until coated.

4.  Pour mixture into large paper bag and add powdered sugar.  (You can use a Ziploc bag, very large plastic Tupperware or a paper bag ... Do NOT use metal.  I tried it doesn't work)

 5.  Shake until well coated.

This is me shaking around in the kitchen.  Seriously don't use a metal mixing bowl.  It just sticks to the sides.

6. Enjoy!!


Peter Pan Live

I'm hoping that I'm not the only blogger who tuned in last week for the amazingness that was Peter Pan Live. I grew up watching and loving the Mary Martin version so needless to say I was pretty excited for this show. After hearing about the live musical last year I was a prepared. 

Overall the show was good but there were definitely things that made it pretty ridiculous and not just musical ridiculous : ) 

I realized about ten minutes in to the show that I should go online to Twitter and see what people were saying. I was soooo not disappointed. What ended up happening was that I was waaaay more focused on what people's reactions were on Twitter than actually watching! So worth it. Here are some of the favorites I grabbed from the #PeterPanLive.

So apparently my Tinkerbell hating people are on Twitter! Love it. There were definitely some great Tink posts.

This. On so many different amazing levels.

Probably by far the best tweet all night! 

Did you watch Peter Pan Live? What are your thoughts on it?


Choose Your Own Adventure [Link Up]

Not Entirely Perfect

Holy cow I can't believe I'm already linking up to share how the past month went! That one went by in an instant. Looking back at my goals for November I did really well!

1. Organize my Pampered Chef papers - Unfortunately I'm not totally finished on this one, I found a stack of my PC materials hanging out in a box in our storage room and some at my parents house but I was able to get the rest of it sorted and in their proper folders. I've also typed up the labels for the folders. 

2. Work on my magazine hoarding issues - OH my gosh I rocked this guy out! It took a little bit to figure out what I was going to do since the ones that were being stockpiled were the recipe mags. With a little advice I decided to pull out the recipes I wanted and send the magazines on their way. Surprisingly there weren't as many recipes that I was keeping as I thought.

3. Pack more boxes - Kevin and I both rocked this one! Since we're putting the condo up for sale January 14th we definitely need to keep up on this one.

December = Simplifying

I feel like some of what I've been doing already with my organizing has also been trying to simply. Like with my Pampered Chef papers I organized them I also did things like getting rid of my monthly news bulletins from the past few years and kept only the ones from 2014. 

1. Continue to pack & get rid of stuff to sell condo

2.  Add 7 items of clothing to my "get rid of pile"

3. Simplify my blogging for 2015. Meaning I will need to do some planning ahead!