Musings of a Museum Fanatic: 6 Projects I Will Probably Never Finish


6 Projects I Will Probably Never Finish

For most of us there are those ever elusive projects. The ones that are always just sitting there on our table, tucked into the corner of our closest or hanging out in the back of our minds. These are the projects that we add to our to do list with the best intentions of "this time I will ..." or " I'm going to do it I swear".

1. Organizing my digital music files
Thanks to the wonderful days of burning my own CDs I have hundreds of songs that don't have proper names to them. The insanely never ending task of plugging in the right name then figuring out if I have a better Mp3 file than this one just goes on.

2. Scrapbook projects for myself
I print out all the photos, find cute paper & stickers on clearance but it just never seems to get done for myself.

3. Organizing any of my digital files
Like most of my projects I start out so hopeful and full of drive. I work so hard on my external hard drive then a few days later realize I've got multiple thumb drives hanging out that I keep working on documents from. Those little buggers just never seem to get taken care of and combined with the large hard drive.

4. Getting enough posts scheduled
I seem to be able to get a few scheduled but then life happens and I run through the scheduled posts. Then I don't seem to have time to work on the new ones ahead of time. Although I am hoping that since I'm starting on my topics lists now that by the time Stephanie and I have our second annual blog day I can just sit down and write. Hopefully getting myself ahead of the game then!

5. Read all the books I own
This is an especially annoying one that I know I should do better on. I've purchased these books throughout the years and I know I'm interested in the subject matter but I just can't bring myself to pick up certain ones but I can't get rid of them either.

6. Simplify my Blog Pinterest board
I keep telling myself I'll actually sit down and look through all the posts I pin and learn from them. So far I've only made a separate board for social media since the board was getting too big!

At the end of each year everyone always seems to take stock of what they've accomplished and what they've left undone. There are definitely those projects that one just can never seem to quite finish all the way! What are your projects you can never get done?

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