Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Now It's Time For Carols!


Now It's Time For Carols!

Every year it feels like the Christmas decorations come out a little earlier, the stores put out their Christmas sections just a few days before they did last year and the Christmas carols take over the radio well before any of us are truly ready!

It feels like every year I'm never prepared for any of that to happen. We all know that retailers can get pretty greedy when it comes to making money so the Christmas decorations that were up before Halloween weren't really a surprise for anyone. For me it's when the carols start to take over those certain radio stations that it really is time. Maybe because when the carols come out it usually is right before Thanksgiving which means Christmas is now imminent.

With Thanksgiving a week later this year the crunch between the two holidays is even more tight and the fact that Christmas seemed to come really early even more pronounced. So now that it's actually December I feel like I can actually sit back and enjoy Christmas carols. Anyone else finally ready?

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