Musings of a Museum Fanatic: 2015 Gettin' it Done Soundtrack


2015 Gettin' it Done Soundtrack

Starting off with a new year and new perspective one definitely needs the perfect soundtrack to kick some goal ass! I always feel that if I have the right soundtrack for an occasion then everything will go even better. Plus who doesn't feel amazing and gets more accomplished when they're rocking out to great tunes.

Here I Go Again by Whitesnake
I don't know what it is but this song always makes it to almost all my playlists. Probably because it's just one of those you want to kick, butt take on the world type songs. Really most 80's hair metal is good for that type of feeling.

Wake Me Up by Avicii
Not only is this song about finding yourself the melody and the beat make it so you just can't sit there and do nothing. Seriously just listen to this song and try to not get up and dance around the room. Impossible.

We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place by The Animals
So many of the Animals' songs have this melancholic sound to them that just want to make you to more with yourself and your life. I especially love this song. It's definitely one song that throughout my turbulent 20's has really resounded with me.

I Love It by Icona Pop
Like a number of tunes on my list this one makes the cut for it's pounding upbeat melody and catchy lyrics.

I'll Make A Man Out Of You from Mulan
This song is the perfect mash up of Disney and the push to achieve greatness. I mean come on she defeats the Huns and saves all of China, how can you go wrong with that type of song?

Shots, Shots, Shots by LMFAO
You have to have a fun, let loose type of tune! LMFAO is definitely a good pick.

Wannabe by Spice Girls

This song is probably the most perfect song for 90% of your soundtrack needs. Need empowerment ... check. Girl power song ... check. Love song talking about a guy ... check!

Stronger by Britney Spears
So many of Queen B's songs are perfect for getting your heart pumping and ready to take on the world. "Stronger" is an especially good one because it has both the beat and the song content going for it.

‘Till I Collapse by Eminem & Nate Dogg
This song has had a permanent spot on my playlist since it was released. The hook on it is so killer. The military feel to it makes you just want to snap to attention and get things done.

My Song Knows What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up) by Fall Out Boy
A recent addition my kick butt and take names playlist but Fall Out Boy in general has been a long time staple.

Now that I've got a good start to my playlist, what else should I add?!

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